We went to Las Vegas by mistake!

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 18 September 2015
I received the surprise of my life in December 2009, when my (now) husband and I went on a trip to Las Vegas.

I've let him tell the story in his own words - read on! :-) In the September of 2009 my wife Lizzie who is a whizz at booking holidays, said to me, “how do you fancy a trip to the sun for a few a days?”

I, of course agreed, but left her to deal with the challenge of finding something ideally within our budget.

I had been thinking for a while that Lizzie and I have been together for 7 years, and I’d been thinking about popping THAT question for quite a while. So when Lizzie mentioned a holiday my mind was already whirring to the potential of popping of THAT question somewhere hot and romantic.

After a few days, Lizzie came rushing through to the living room, “I’ve been looking at all the options for a short break around the Canaries, but this one has come in cheaper and the hotel is amazing”

“Ok” I said “Where to?” “How do you fancy Las Vegas?” she said excitedly I just blustered something like “Vegas, really, how come?” “I can get Las Vegas in a 5 star condo hotel for 8 days, cheaper than a week in Tenerife!”

Well if there’s anywhere on your bucket list, that should be in the top 10, then it’s Las Vegas.

So, it was booked and we started to look forward to it immensely and did some research on the things to do and see.

Now I had to think about popping THAT question . . . . . but where?

Fast forward to December, We stay overnight in Manchester and fly out to Vegas with a change at Philadelphia. I was just excited by the fact I was going there too, even though we never left Philadelphia International!

Flying into Las Vegas McCarran International in the dark, over the strip and the shadow of the Spring Mountains in the background was absolutely fantastic.

We jumped into a taxi and headed off to our amazing hotel, The Signature at MGM Grand. This is a condo hotel attached to the MGM grand itself, which can be accessed without passing through the MGM casino, which is typical of most hotels in L.V.

We were booked into The Penthouse suite as Lizzie, using her travel nous had managed to get us an upgrade!

To say this was a stunning suite was an understatement!

The whole Las Vegas experience is a huge blow to your senses, all the sights and sounds are just totally intense.

We visited every hotel on the strip, which is like having a day out at a theme park for every style you can imagine, from Medieval England, days of the Knights of the Round Table (Excalibur) to the great Pyramid of Egypt (Luxor) there is a hotel for everyone.

Also, it is within driving distance to The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, for a great day out away from the glitz and bright lights, which we did midweek.

Now back to the story of THAT question . . . .

All the time I was there I was thinking of how I could manipulate a situation where I could pop THAT question. I thought about looking for a romantic spot, like the Las Vegas sign or on top of The Paris hotel with its Eiffel tower? But my moment arrived when we visited The Venetian Hotel, on the penultimate day of our trip, with its Italian Palazzo themed style.

We had a romantic ride on a Gondola on the canal, inside the hotel. Where, the Gondolier sang 'O Sole Mio' while he punted us around. This was my chance and I took it with both hands, I looked straight into Lizzie’s eyes, held her hand and asked her to marry me! (THAT question). I daren’t risk wobbling the Gondola by attempting the one knee thing.

I didn’t have an Engagement ring with me so it was a case of using a ‘substitute’ ring, then when we got home I had a local jeweller make an engagement ring to our specifications.

We arrived back to ‘shore’ where the Gondolier announced what I had done, the crowd started to cheer and the attached photo was taken! I asked the concierge in our hotel, how much it would be to hire a stretch limo, with a driver for a few hours, with Champagne and roses, I’m thinking this would be a lovely treat for Lizzie for our engagement. “$80 dollars”, was the reply. How amazingly reasonable is this?

So, I got Lizzie into the foyer of the hotel just as the Limo turned up. The driver came in and said “Limo, for the future Mrs Brown” Well, Lizzie’s chin just hit the floor, the driver opened the door for us, and off we went, quaffing the champagne, with Lizzie all tearful.

We were entertained by some of the most amazing acts. Lizzie has a ‘thing’ for Elvis, so here she is having her photo taken with 'him'. A trip over the Grand Canyon is a ‘must do’ whilst you are so close!

We bought our trip ticket in Las Vegas, which was a short trip up to the airstrip at Boulder then we jumped on a light aircraft that flew us over this amazing, awe-inspiring sight!

We loved every second of this magical trip to Las Vegas, we gambled once with $20 and won $50, that was all the gambling we did.

I know the title is we went to Las Vegas by mistake, but that is tongue in cheek, because we had the most fabulous time and even though we aren’t gamblers, there is loads to see and do there.

You won’t be disappointed, we definitely weren’t, best mistake ever!