Where have you been all my life?

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 27 February 2019
“How come I haven’t heard of you before?”. “Where have you been all my life?”. “You are truly a hidden gem!” These are just some of the things I hear from new clients.

This is because, in my opinion, I run my business with THE best travel company in the world, deliver THE best service in the world and offer world-beating holiday products.

I’m not just saying this; we have an unrivalled Global 96% Net Promoter Score, which means we are rated higher than Apple, Amazon and even BMW!

So, why are we so special?

Do you want to book with someone who can look after you, on a one-to-one basis?

My clients initially come to me not knowing what they are getting into, but they soon realise that they have come to the right place. My customer service in unrivalled in the travel industry, I have over 19 years’ experience and skills, have personally visited many destinations, experienced many types of cruises available and all with fantastic HQ support.

They also love the fact that I take my time to get to know my personally and by building a relationship with them I can ascertain what they want from their ideal holiday, their likes and dislikes. I want them to be 100% satisfied with the holiday they book with me and I will spend this time, even at nights or weekends to ensure this, when it’s more convenient for them, not me.

They are then so happy with their holidays and the booking procedure with me that they are more than willing to recommend my personal travel services to their friends, family and colleagues. This is why we don’t need to advertise and my business has grown substantially over the last five years.

Is state-of-the-art technology your thing?

We do not sit on our laurels when it comes to business – we are constantly investing millions into it. With fantastic live booking and airline systems, we are the envy of the trade.

We launched our MyTC smartphone travel app a few years back and this is being constantly upgraded. If you haven’t already downloaded the MyTC app, feel free to do it, register and fill in the preference centre, for up-to-date travel, holiday and news updates.

Watch MYTC video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTmdYgAcIYM&t=6s

You want to know you are fully protected, right?

With us, you are financially protected and this is unrivalled in the travel industry, we have even won two Queens Awards because of it - no other travel company has won any!

In these days of uncertainty, with airlines and other suppliers going bust, what is one thing that we must be certain of? You can travel safe in the knowledge you will be thoroughly best cared for by us and you won’t be left in the lurch.

With us and only us, your hard-earned money that you have paid for your ideal trip with is secure should any element of your holiday fail, you will be reimbursed straight away. Unlike the many other travel companies, you will have to fight to get it back and this could take months and months, that is if you get it back at all?

On top of that our amazing duty office, which is manned 24/7, you will have a friendly voice at the end of phone that will be able to assist you with any concerns you may have. We had even sorted out clients’ flights when Monarch recently went bust, before they had even woken up from their slumbers! This is how ‘on the ball’ we are when our client’s needs are paramount.

Variety is the spice of life - I don’t know who originally coined this phrase but when it comes to booking with me, it certainly rings true.

With many other travel companies out there and high street travel agencies, you are bound to stay in their own properties and use their airlines, but with me, I can offer thousands of options for clients to tweak to ensure that their requirements are fully met.

Cruising is now becoming a major seller, with my clients finding that there is definitely a cruise out there; whether it’s across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean or on gorgeous rivers such as The Danube or The Rhine and even magical experiences such as the Galapagos or Northern Lights cruises, there is something to suit them perfectly. Gone is the misnomer that cruising is something you do when you’ve won the lottery - it is a fabulous cost-effective way to experience more and only unpack once.

I’ve had some strange requests, such as heliboarding (jumping out of a helicopter onto a mountain and snowboarding down) to families staying with Vietnamese families, while learning to cook, play football with local kids and getting to know their culture. As I like to say ‘travel is the only thing that makes you richer’.

I am finding that yes, I can book your long weekend hot tub break in Cornwall, your ski trip to Vail Colorado, that stereotypical beach holiday but I can also push the boundaries out for you so you can experience some fantastic travel challenges too, like climbing up to Machu Piccu or cruising on a tall ship while doing Yoga, to diving under the ice of Antarctica in a mini sub!