Taking the tension out of travel

Marie Rowe on 28 January 2021

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Travel can sometimes be a very stressful experience. Not the going away and enjoying yourself part, but the planning, organisation, sorting insurances and logistics of taking a trip away are a headache many wish would just go away. For those entering their golden years, this stress is something they just don’t need. Which is where I step in. I help people from all walks of life make the most of their time off by arranging amazing holidays, from start to finish. But why would you choose a Travel Counsellor over, say, doing it all yourself?


While going on holiday might seem like a simple thing, there are a lot of moving pieces involved in making it happen. From arranging flights and hotel rooms, sorting out travel insurances, arranging things to do, making sure paperwork is in order and making sure there are no hidden surprises when you arrive. It’s a lot to keep on top of! But instead of spending your nights stressing about boarding passes or airport parking, you can sit back and enjoy a glass of your favourite wine. With a Travel Counsellor (Me!), you get your own personal, highly experienced travel guru, dedicated to tailoring a holiday just for you. Just give me an idea of what you want to do (no matter how far out it is) and how much you want to spend, and let me handle everything else! From arranging premium flights at bargain prices to sorting out your daily itinerary, my aim is to give you the most stress free and enjoyable holiday experience possible. Any questions you have can be answered quickly by a person who knows your plans and needs, instead of a robotic automatic response. Any specialist requirements can be accommodated from the very start, creating the perfect holiday for your needs every time.


Over the last few years people have been increasingly concerned with the number of online ‘cowboy’ travel agents, taking advantage of older travellers and marking them targets. And sadly, it’s true that you don’t have to go far to find the horror stories. It’s not really surprising that people turned against travel agents in general for a while, all thanks to a few bad apples in the bunch. Even taking travel agents out of the mix, the number of ways things can go wrong when booking online is astronomical – from incorrect dates to ending up in the wrong country. With me as your personal advisor, I help you navigate those murky waters, protect you and keep you and your data safe every step of the way. I help my clients avoid making those nightmare mistakes along the way – like booking transport with unreliable companies or turning up to a hotel only to find it’s not disabled friendly. I guide you through every aspect of booking your holiday using years of industry knowledge and trusted contacts, so you can be sure that you avoid making simple mistakes and just enjoy your holiday!


A holiday is an expensive thing, so you want to make sure you’re putting your money in the right places, and that you are protected should anything go wrong. We’ve all heard stories of stranded holiday makers and lost bookings, with no recourse to get their money back, or even to get home. And while the younger folk might be happy to sleep in the airport lounge overnight, for the older generation that’s just not practical or safe. Thankfully, no one does financial protection like Travel Counsellors. We take the protection of your money very seriously, so we make sure that everything you book with Travel Counsellors is fully covered, no ifs, no buts and no loopholes. Even if the worst should happen, our global 24/7 offices are on hand to protect our clients by responding to anything that could potentially affect your holiday – anything from extreme weather to train strikes and terrorism. In these cases, we help you make alternate travel arrangements that will have a minimal impact on you.

There is nothing I love more than receiving postcards from happy clients having fun on their golden getaways. As a Travel Counsellor, I work with a lot of individuals and couple over 50 who just want to relax without all the hassle that goes with it.

To find out more about me, or how I could help you plan your perfect retirement getaway, just get in touch to arrange a chat at a time to suit you.

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