Beautiful Barcelona

Martin Ross on 30 January 2018

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Barcelona is best known around the world for the 1992 Olympics and Las Ramblas, but the city itself holds a magical aura about it that makes it a fantastic place to visit.

Take to the city on foot to take in the beauty of its splendid architecture including of course the work of Gaudi. However, if you are an architecture fan, there are many other architects whose work you can observe while visiting this beautiful city. If you enjoy serene and quiet places, Barcelona has a majestic mountain to offer to its visitors known as Montjuic. You can get to the top of the hill on foot to get a bird eye’s view of the city and to take pleasure in the tranquillity of nature.

Did you know that Picasso spent the early years of his life in Barcelona? This is yet another attraction of this magical city that makes tourists, particularly those who admire art, go crazy with excitement. You will be able to see many landmarks that are still present in almost their original shape to picture the city as seen and enjoyed by the great artist.

For any football fan, the chance to watch some of the world’s greatest players at the Nou Camp is an opportunity not to be missed.

Everybody loves to eat great food and taste the local cuisine of a foreign city. Visit a restaurant in Barcelona and order some specialties of this city. A traditional place is recommended for enjoying such a feast, such as Can Pineda, Petit Comite, Can Valles, and Ferrum – only to name a few. Check out their seafood, desserts, hamburgers, wines, and the traditional mouth-watering tapas.

Barcelona makes a great city break for under £500. Get in touch to find out more about taking a trip to this cool and historic city.

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