Jamaica 50

Sandra Burnley on 17 September 2011

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Well what can I say about this beautiful country? It has left a place in my heart!

This was my first taste of the Caribbean and has left me hungry for more. I can’t put my finger on it as it’s a combination of the people who are wonderful and don’t take life seriously or the climate or the wonderful warm seas (it really is like swimming in a bath) the lush vegetation or the fabulous hotels we visited.

We had a couple of nights in Ocho Rios and stayed at the wonderful Clubhotel Ocho Rios, which is a Riu property and what a fun place this is to stay - the minute we got there they had a beach party which had fire-eating, wonderful music and some of the best dancing I have ever seen - those Jamaicans really can move!

We also swam with the Dolphins in Ocho Rios, which was a wonderful experience. From there we headed down to Montego Bay where we saw more amazing hotels, visited plantation houses and even went to the bars and a club. I say ‘even’ because since I came back many people have said that they thought Montego Bay was unsafe! I have to say I did not feel uneasy at any point during our visit even though it was the early hours though I would recommend if you go into the town to go with others you will have a great time but don’t go too early as they don’t get started till the early hours.

For the last couple of nights we stayed in a beautiful hotel the Couples property in Negril. This would be an ideal place to stay for a honeymoon as the location, food and spa were fantastic. The entertainment was a little quieter than the Riu hotels we saw but excellent. The highlight of my trip was the River Tubing! If you go try it!

I did not know what to expect and am a bit of a softie but you basically float down the river in an inner tube, it’s very safe and you have a guide who looks after you. The scenery was beautiful and we had a lot of fun.

Anyone thinking of going to this country I would say try it you will love it. Many of the other agents that came said it was their favourite Caribbean Island. Lastly I have to mention the trip to Ricks Cafe on a catamaran. You must see the cliff divers they are amazing although my heart was in my mouth as some of them are quite young.

I will be back asap!


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