The Paradors of Galicia

Sandra Burnley on 07 June 2010

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This was a very exciting trip as I had heard about the Paradors of Spain but never been fortunate enough to visit one this area of Spain was very new to me I have been to Spain many times but this area is unlike any other I have been to especially in terms of scenery...its very rugged and green.

We flew direct from Stansted to Santiago de Compostela which was a quick and pleasant flight. After a delightful lunch at the Parador de Ferrol we visited the city of a Coruna where we visited the Tower of Hercules an ancient Roman Lighthouse.

We spent the night at Parador Vilalba where we were lucky enough to have rooms in the medieval tower which were out of this world ...would have been lovely for a special occasion!

Next day we visited the walled city of Lugo before another wonderful meal at the Parador de Monforte de Lemos. It has to be said that this area is famous for its gastronomy and I could see why...all the meals we had at each Parador were wonderful the area is renouned for its sea food due to the many estuaries or "rias" that flow into the sea.

That evening we drove to the former Benedictine monastry beleived to date from 6th or 7th century now Parador de Santo Estevo which would make an ideal restreat for someone wanting to get away from it all. Its location is 28 kilometers fro the town of Ourense where Julio Iglesias was born and where the family of Fidel Castro come from.

Next morning we were up bright and early to visit the Parador de Tui in the town of Tuy set on the river Mino which borders Portugal ...this was in a lovely setting.

We then travelled on to Baiona we visited the unique Parador there which was in the most unique and breathtaking setting one of my favourites again the food was delightful and the rooms comfortable. In the eveing we stayed at the Parador de Pontevedra.

On our final day we were lucky enough to visit Santiago de Compostela the destination for thousands of pilgrims for over 1000 years...Santiago is the capital of Galicia...we visited the stunning cathedral here . This was the highlight of our trip and not to be missed.I would urge anyone to visit.The Parador Hostal dos Reis is next to the cathedral once a hospital now a 5* Parador this is a must. As well as the cultural delights Santiago is great for shopping.

We had our last evening at the Parador de Cambados before our flight home next day. The highlights of the trip for me were the scenery, the food but in particular the standards in each Parador ...all rooms really well furnished, beautiful linens and great service throughout with a more personal feel than you may expect.The prices are all fixed and very reasonable.

I had a lovely time and next time I visit Spain I will make sure I visit more of these wonderful Paradors.

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