Awesome Australia

Sarah Smith on 12 May 1991
This was my first big trip oversees and it cemented my love for travel. Even though it was more than 20 years ago I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

I remember flying across the country as the pilot said over the tannoy ' we are now in Australian airspace' the red earth underneath seemed to go on and on for hours.

I loved the laid back lifestyle, the love of the outdoors, the BBQs, iconic sights and loveable animals.

For some real Aussie surf and beaches take the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide. We found quaint colonial seaside towns with amazing hospitality and seafood to match.

Snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef was also a highlight for me with fish and coral life made of colours I have never witnessed since.

As a 19 year old, fresh out of Yorkshire, my passion for travel and adventure had begun.

TIP: Don't under estimate the distances between places when you are planning your trip, this place is huge so allow plenty of time for your body clock to adjust!