Gorgeous Grand Cayman

Sarah Smith on 12 May 2001
Stingray City has got to be a 'must do' for anyone visiting this more tranquil Caribbean island.

We were taken by speedboat out into the Caribbean sea, no land could be seen for miles yet the sea was shallow when we stopped and delightfully warm. We held chunks of dead fish in our fists for the stingrays to sniff out. Without sight they have to smell their food and slowly come out from nowhere, the size of humans but soft and fleshy to touch as they glide up to your outstretched arm with their mouths wide open! The fish is gone from your fist and you let out a breath, phew!

Highly recommended island for beautifully long sandy beaches, colonial buildings and architecture, and top notch hotels.

TIP - Stay out of Georgetown when the American cruise ships are in, it gets really busy!