Triple Centre Malaysia

Sarah Smith on 01 May 2003
This trip was a real mix of senses and contrasts, I loved every minute of it.

In Kuala Lumpur, I saw the best electrical storm ever from 20 stories high in my hotel room. Thankfully, I was out of the rain, but the sight of the lightning at night over the tall skyscrapers, famous Petronas Towers and the neon of the city will stay with me forever. Fabulous!

In total contrast were the delightful rolling hills of the Cameron Highlands where the tea plantations go on for miles and miles in almost Lake District-like surroundings. I visited a working tea factory where I watched the whole journey of the tea leaves being picked by hand to being bagged for my morning cuppa! Fascinating! Hillside hikes are also recommended for an afternoon of adventure.

Kuantan is a coastal resort with wonderful beaches and a welcome break from all the buzz of Kuala Lumpur. Great to twin with the capital for some relaxation before your flight home. Take a canoe trip into the dense jungle past huge flowering lily pads to visit traditional Malaysian villagers in their mud huts. Remember your mosquito repellent!

TIP: Get used to bartering in China Town KL, you can bag yourself a genuine-fake bargain!