Fabulous Prize in Antigua

Su Dillon on 01 June 2017
After last year's Travel Counsellors conference, I entered into a marketing competition - and won a fabulous trip for 2 to St James Club in Antigua, flying with Virgin Atlantic.

Put together in verse day by day the posts I made to Facebook which sums up the trip:

Set off this morning, the journey not too quick,

But finally arrived at hotel in Gatwick.

I don't often put travel onto my timeline;

So I'll endeavour to keep it all done in rhyme.


Hopes on an upgrade - don't be absurd;

Still all checked in to the "Big red bird".

Off to Antigua, it's sure to be fun;

Sit back and relax as we head to the sun.


Arrived in Antigua, it's going to be grand;

Welcomed at the airport with traditional steel band.

Pass the famous cricket ground where Viv Richards played,

Now welcomed into the hotel with rum and pink lemonade.


Up with the lark today, lost for words;

Not really keen sharing my breakfast with birds!

Put stuff on the table, but don't leave it loose;

Came back to find a sparrow drinking my juice!


Mixology class, it's alright for some;

Tried about 8 different rums.

Midday drinking, what a disgrace;

My "Jammin' St. James" was in 2nd place!


Lovely suite, but a few trees spoiling the view;

Upgrade room - oh yes, that'll do!

Down on the beach, rum punch in hand;

Sun beating down, have a stroll through the sand.


Sailing lesson booked to go out at one;

The heavens then open, and the sun has gone!

Dash under cover, best make it snappy;

Pour me another, don't worry be happy!


The sun's back out, aerobics in the pool;

I'm on my jollies, I'm no fool!

Sun bed will do nicely for me,

With an ice cold strawberry daiquiri.


Lazy days and reggae nights;

Lovely sunset at Shirley Heights.


Up at Shirley Heights, in middle of Caribbean sea;

How funny to bump into two other TCs!

Beating drums, lots of rum and many faces;

Obviously spot a Travel Counsellor at 100 paces (Nice to meet you Andy and Gillian).


Well who'd have thought it; what do you know?

Only gone and won a game of beach bingo!


Down on the beach for a little bit of this;

Out in a kayak for a little bit of that.

Sailing lesson later, gentle breeze;

And we're out in a hobby cat.


Far too much activity for Ken and me;

So it's off to the bar for a mango daiquiri.


Last couple days of this view, with cocktails thrown into the mix;

I have left the sunbed today though - joined "Mojo" and his Caribbean aqua aerobics.


Last night in Antigua, some karaoke fun;

Think today we've both caught a bit too much sun!

Looking chilled, taxi on way - best make that daiquiri your last;

Thank you Elite Resorts Antigua, it sure has been a blast!