Going for GOLD

Su Dillon on 16 February 2019
Since joining Travel Counsellors in December 2007, I've grown my business year-on-year and currently boast just over 350 clients.

Travel Counsellors set a target every year to become a Gold Travel Counsellor, and out of more than 1,700 TCs worldwide, these forms the top 10%.

Over the last two days, I've been on a course at our Head Office in Venus Manchester along with other TCs who are ultimately aiming for this golden goal.

We had various sessions on how we can look to grow our business one step further in various ways and business practices along with supporting each other in this goal.

My biggest ask of clients is if you have been happy with the service I provide, share my details with anyone you know looking to travel - be it business or leisure, UK or overseas.

When we attend our various conferences and events, the gold TCs are distinguishable by their gold lanyards , and we were given a taste of this over the last two days - by wearing the coveted gold - and here's a lovely picture of the class of Feb 2019 (I'm second from left on the back row).