Tenerife Eventually!

Su Dillon on 01 December 2021
Since December 2020 we've had 4 attempts to get over to our loved Tenerife Others may have given up but we had the belief...

That when it's was meant to be we'd make it and it would all be worth while. We've just enjoyed 10 fabulous days in the sun in true Canaries winter style

So there's a few forms to complete and need to be jabbed or take a test. But we all want to stay safe don't we so it really is for the best

They can be time consuming but I'm more than happy to lend a hand Once you've been away once they're quite easy to understand

Airports are less crowded and much more of an organised flow But If flying from a busier airport I'd add on fast track at security just so you know

Flights were not fillled up so there's more space once on board On both journeys we had 3 seats for 2 of us so we really scored

Masks need to be worn on board but they keep the air flow cool The small inconvenience is all worth it when you're sat by the pool.

We took our own pack up it's not as mad as you think When the trolley comes you only need pay for a drink!

So whilst you're eating and drinking it's ok to remove the mask It breaks up the journey so it's not such a task...

Take your headphones or a book ... pass the time in the air Or have a little snooze you'll forget that the mask is even there

Rules on testing changed twice for our trip it can be a nuisance But did we think of cancelling... no not a chance...

Passenger locator forms needed back into the UK Showing test results and vax proof it really is OK

I can help with this too . A free service when you book with me I'll upload all required documents on our app MYTC

This works without WiFi when even offline no need to worry it'll all be just fine

But if there's anything that concerns you or don't understand Just give me a call and I'll be there to lend a hand

So the question may be , is it really worth if you're worried or stressed I can hand on heart tell you ..100% ...absolutely ... yes

Please give me a call let's start planning your next trip Be that UK or overseas a train , plane or a ship