What's on your Bucket List?

Su Dillon on 26 March 2019
What's on your bucket list?

Until very recently I didn't actually know where the phrase came from. I heard about bucket list but didn't know the literal meaning. Well here's what I'd love to see and do before I kick the bucket

Number one for me is Canada. The reason I've not done it yet, is that I believe I'd need 2-3 weeks to see it all and obviously with the cost involved I'd want to start in Toronto, go up the CN Tower and take it over to Niagara Falls and sail on the maid of the mist. From here travelling by rail as I believe it's the only way to see this sprawling countryside and ultimately travelling through the Rockies and seeing Lake Louise by the Rocky Mountaineer, ending in Vancouver and Victoria to take in the city sights and whales watching. Then (oh yes I’ve not finished yet) taking a cruise up the coast of Alaska. The wildlife and scenery I'm led to believe is amazing.

Number two is the long one....and maybe the lottery win! Being honest, Australia never appeared on my radar but having sold it and doing lots of training over the last 10+ years it's a firm favourite now. To fly this far I would need to go business class, so at the moment this one is a dream...

Having a couple of stops en route, maybe Hong Kong and Singapore, both of which I've visited but only for one day so not long enough. Once over in Oz I'd like to take in the sights of Sydney, watch the sunrise and sunset at Ayers Rock, look up long last family in Perth, snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef and have a cuddle with a Koala!

Number three…Northern Lights. This one was on my husband’s bucket list and already visiting Iceland and not being successful I'd like to go further north. Maybe into northern Norway or Sweden, go dog sledging and ride snow mobiles in search of the lights. Not quite convinced I'm up to sleeping in the Ice Hotel but it would be a sight to see I'm sure.

So these are my dreams, what's yours?