Flying Local

Suzanne Barney on 11 June 2019
This would be my third trip to Mauritius. On previous trips I flew with Air Mauritius from London which is the direct flight. This time I flew from Birmingham as there are some great advantages of flying local. The best thing was flying on the evening flight that meant I had a full day to work, take the cat to the cattery and pack without too much stress. Rather than leaving the day before and staying overnight in a hotel.

The A380 Emirates operate from Birmingham is a lovely aircraft. There is plenty of legroom in economy and the entertainment system is excellent (if you can’t sleep) with games and the latest films to keep you occupied. The flight wasn't full on the Birmingham - Dubai sector so we had an empty seat next to us so we could spread out. Most people travelling on this flight are using it to connect to another destination as well as stay in Dubai.

There is a dedicated screen on the entertainment system when you land to see what terminal and gate your connecting flight will be from so you can organise yourself accordingly (they think of everything). The hold luggage goes straight through to your next flight, so you only need to have your security check with your hand luggage when you go to your new terminal.

The trip to Mauritius is split 7hr/6hr which I think is a really good way to do it. The connection is about three hours which gives you time to get to your new terminal and have a look around the duty free. They also had some lovely 'bed style' chairs if you wanted a kip.

The Mauritius leg of the journey was very busy with lots of different nationalities on the flight so no empty seats on that one. You arrive refreshed as there is only a three hour time difference late afternoon just in time for sunset to start your holiday.