Long weekend to St Lucia

Suzanne Barney on 05 November 2020
This was supposed to be 10 nights but sadly when we arrived we received an email to say we had to come home! So we made the best of it .

When we arrived at Gatwick to leave our car it was really earie . There was no one about and our airport hotel was the same I think only 5 flights were due to fly out . We had our PCR test we were escaping and we could hardly believe it!

We had all our paper work and we moved quickly through the airport arriving at our hotel with an hour after landing Coconut bay beach resort which was only 5 minutes drive from the airport we were planning on staying here 5 nights ( due to teh proximity to the airport) then move on for 5 nights and stay at the Body hotel ion the Caribbean side of the island

This is on the Atlantic side of the island so sea was a big more 'dramatic' not really for swimming , But beach the longest stretch on the island with palm trees lining the beach to make it very picturesque. Lovely to walk along not shared with any other hotels the hotel have a beach bar on the beach and a few hammocks in the water

The hotel is split between Adult and family wings we stayed in the adult wing and we had our own adult only pool and sunbeds which were lovely The rooms are a little dated thought they were perfectly fine . We had a lead in garden view ( which was ocean view) and were on the ground floor All the sunbeds were really comfortable - big mattresses and spread out

The WIFI was good at the hotel especially as we had to change our flights and communicate with the UK

The family wing had a huge pool ( unusual for the caribbean) and a big kids club activity area and lazy river with a couple of slides. Being a family resort didn't impact our holiday

Restaurants were all good with great food and not 'huge' portions which we prefer . Wearing masks in restaurants and queuing for restaurants did not impact our holiday We had a squeeze as much as we could in 5 days so we drank more cocktails than we normally would and also got up earlier than normal When we vacated our room they had a shower area where we could get ready for the flight home we couldn't keep our rooms on .

No regrets - it was a great 5 night trip and do not regret travelling out for this short amount of time