My cruise - Mykonos

Suzanne Barney on 30 September 2014
I have been to Mykonos when I worked on Naxos but it has changed so much and grown. There is a new marina and much more in the way of buildings that I hardly recognized it. We berthed a fair distance from the town so had the option of free shuttle bus or boat taxi for 2 euros. We went by boat as it took us into the centre of town near the windmills. There are a myriad of streets in Mykonos so it is hard to find your way to anywhere and you tend to go around in circles. But it is very pretty with white buildings, narrow cobbled streets and green shutters. Very picture postcard.

The plan was to go to the beach as it was my birthday. My Greek came in use as I was able to get directions to the bus station and we opted for Agios Ionnis beach which just happens to be the famous 'Shirley Valentine' beach and only 15 minutes from the town. There is an abundance of choice in Mykonos for beaches unlike its neighbour Santorini.

The water was lovely and so clear I could see fish swimming in the water and really peaceful. There are now three tavernas on the beach but it’s still a lovely spot. We didn't stay for lunch as we had decided that we needed to curb our appetites as the food was so good on the ship.