My cruise - Turkish Delight

Suzanne Barney on 30 September 2014
I have never been to Turkey before. I blame it on watching the film Midnight Express as a child. So on our cruise we were visiting two very historical places; Istanbul the old city of Constantinople, the Eastern capital of the Roman Empire and later in the week Ephesus close to the port of Kusadasi, which has some of the best Greco Roman ruins.

As we sailed into Istanbul you realise how vast it is. They have a European side and also an Asian side. It was peaceful and dark and all we could see were the Topaki Palace minarets lit up and the Basilica of Agia Sophia. The ship docks a fair way from the sights - believe me we walked it and it was hard work.

We had a guide waiting who took us to the Agia Sofia Basilica which once was the largest cathedral in the world. It has some great frescoes but the history side is quite hard going!

We then went to the grand bizarre which has 22 gates! We decided not to go too far and get lost. It was quite touristy and compared to souks I had visited in North Africa it was a breeze. So far so good - rather than get the tram back to the ship we thought we would walk back to the ship. Big mistake - it took forever and the traffic was very busy so what we thought would be 20 minutes was over an hour!

Kusadasi was so much nicer. Great vibe, nice people and I loved Ephesus. The people were lovely and not too pushy. I will let the photos of Ephesus speak for themselves. It is only 30 minutes from Kusadasi and we did the audio tour so we could go on our own and use an iPhone for the information.

The ship was parked close to the town so tavernas and shops on our doorstep and it was fun to wander around. Changed my perception of Turkey and I would definitely now go back for a holiday in the future.