Universal Studios Express

Suzanne Barney on 22 June 2017
We were going to get use of our express passes - and go on all the fun rides in Universal we so far hadn't tried. I was with the brave Gang of 5 who went off to do the exhilarating rides. So we decided that we wanted to do the Mummy, Transformers, Spiderman, Popeye Water Ride ( that's the photo where we look a bit wet), the Hollywood Ride (that's the big one), the HULK (again not for the faint hearted), Jurassic Park, Despicable Me, and Kong.

You get the picture they are all great rides and takes me back to my days doing 'Back to the Future' 25 years ago. The technology on these rides is amazing and the queues can get long with the express pass you are still waiting for 15 minutes which is hard work when it is so hot, I would say triple it if you are on normal passes.

On a normal holiday I wouldn't do so many rides on the same day I would pace it out and enjoy the ambience as there is so much going on. The rides still go on later so if you are staying on site wait until later when it is cooler and sample the rides as by then the crowds will have gone. The water rides do not operate when it rains and the pools close to which is a bit of an odd one so good to check the weather forecast.

In the evenings we enjoyed different restaurants and venues on the City walk which is just outside the park. Pat O'Briens with its dueling pianos, took a few casualties the following day with its potent hurricane cocktails.

We ate at a few interesting locations Toothsom chocolate factory. A replica restaurant to the one in Jaws, replica of Mo's Bar from The Simpsons for lunch. My favourite night spot was Rising Star the karaoke bar which made me feel I was on X-Factor, as I had a live band and backing singers and no voice by the end of the evening

It was a crazy few days fitting everything in including shopping at the mall before we got on the plane. The malls are excellent by the way so leave some room in your suitcase.

Orlando still has its magic, we were in a bit of a bubble staying just at Universal but there was enough to see and do. It has changed so much since I visited 25 years ago and I can't wait to go back again!