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Hi everyone, welcome to my page.

I’m thrilled to have recently become a Travel Counsellor, so that I can use my extensive travel experience and expertise to create unique and exciting adventures for you and your Tribe. I love nothing more than researching new destinations to explore, so please feel free to contact me with any travel requests – I’m always up for a challenge.

I’ve been lucky enough to embark on a number of adventures. Backpacking from top to tip of South America, self-driving the stunning routes of Australia and New Zealand and winding my way through South East Asia’s bustling cities and backwaters. This passion for discovery hasn’t abated and as two tickets became five following the arrival of my three young adventurers, I’ve continued to try and see new places and take on new challenges. I firmly believe that travel is good for the soul. No matter where you go; from kayaking at dawn through the Amazon rainforest to relaxing with penguins on a South African beach; from exploring the backstreets of a Moroccan souk to chatting with pickers on the emerald green Sri Lankan tea estates, there are always new and exhilarating places to discover. The possibilities in travel are endless and I try to impart this sense of wanderlust on my children. No matter where we go, we always learn something new and return home with huge smiles on our faces and life-long memories to enjoy.

Having spent the last 5 years flying solo at Tribe Family Adventures, I decided to join this supportive team of award winning independent agents so that I can offer my clients a broader variety of trips, alongside the best possible service and financial protection. I whole-heartedly believe that arranging a trip, whether it be a family adventure, honeymoon or a special milestone celebration, should be a fun and exciting experience. Discussing what makes you tick, enables me to create an itinerary exclusively for you, revolving around your interests and passions.

By booking with me, through Travel Counsellors, every part of your trip is 100% financially protected either through the Travel Counsellors Financial Trust or ATOL. You’ll also benefit from human contact, 24/7 - I’m here for you whenever you need me – before, during and after your trip.

If you would like help creating the perfect adventure for you and your Tribe – whoever that may be, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to help make any travel dream you have a reality.

Can’t wait to hear from you.



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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Responsible Travel Pledge

06 December 2023

Inspired by the remarkable Palau Pledge (written for visitors, by the children of Palau), I've created Tribe's responsible travel pledge, which I hope all my clients will informally sign up to and embed within their trips. Recognising the impacts we can have on a destination (both good and bad), plays a crucial role in responsible travel. We all have the ability to help make travel a force for good if we respect and support the communities, wildlife, environments and habitats we encounter. Please do get in touch if you want to find out more - I'd love to share my ideas and learnings on this ever evolving journey.

Animal Welfare Commitment

06 December 2023

Pause and Reset: A time for change COVID-19 challenged us to pause, reset and create change. The pandemic shone a spotlight on how our treatment of wild animals can create a catastrophic impact on our health, our liberties, our industries, and global economies. It’s now thought that around 60% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic (originate from animals), with over 70% of these originating from wild animals. The exploitation of wild animals is not only cruel, but exposes us to diseases like COVID-19, which puts our lives and livelihoods at risk. Wildlife tourism accounts for a huge proportion of the travel industry. The pandemic highlighted the need to ensure that the ever-growing demand for wildlife encounters are responsible and mindful. When done respectfully, wildlife encounters can play a major role in protecting animals and their habitats. Unfortunately, we know that a huge proportion of wildlife tourism takes place in captivity - up to half a million wild animals currently suffer to entertain tourists around the world. Animals in these wildlife attractions are either taken from the wild or bred in captivity, so that tourists can swim with a dolphin, ride an elephant and take selfies, driving a multi-billion dollar global trade in wild animals. We only know what we know and in the past, I’ve been guilty of being swept along with unnatural animal interactions. It’s only through education and open conversations that we can work to make a positive change. As a member of the travel industry, it is important that we do what we can to help keep wild animals in the wild. By committing to be a wildlife-friendly travel business, Tribe Family Adventures will continue to eliminate wildlife entertainment from our supply chain and only offer responsible wildlife experiences to clients. ----- Tribe Family Adventures’ Animal Welfare Policy: Tribe Family Adventures is fully committed to responsible tourism and protecting animals who are impacted by the travel industry. We have developed this animal welfare policy as animal encounters have become increasingly popular as part of people’s holiday experiences. However, some animal related activities, such as elephant riding, photo opportunities with tigers or watching dolphins perform, lead to suffering through cruel treatment and inhumane conditions. We believe that all animals should be respected for their intrinsic value and that the best way to experience animals whilst on holiday is by seeing them in the wild. When under human care, both domesticated and non-domesticated (wild) animals, must have ‘a good life’ by enjoying good physical and mental health. The conditions they are provided must favour positive experiences over negative ones within an environment that encourages making choices and enables them to express the widest possible range of natural behaviours. Tribe only works with suppliers if the animals under their care are provided with the highest possible welfare in line with the Five Domains of Animal Welfare: 1. Nutrition – animals must have access to sufficient, balanced, varied and clean food and water. 2. Environment –factors that enable comfort through temperature, substrate, space, air, odour, noise, and predictability. 3. Health - factors that enable good health through absence of disease, injury, impairment, and good fitness level. 4. Behaviour - factors that provide varied, novel and engaging environmental challenges through sensory inputs, exploration, foraging, bonding, playing, retreating and others. 5. Mental State - by presenting positive situations in the previous four functional domains, the mental state of the animal should benefit from predominantly positive states, such as pleasure, comfort or vitality, while reducing negative states such as fear, frustration, hunger, pain or boredom. Tribe also recognises that the needs of wild animals can never be fully met in captivity. Where wild animals are kept in captivity the facility must not only provide them with best possible welfare conditions, it must also contribute towards a shift away from exploitative practices and be supportive of phasing out keeping wild animals for commercial purposes. ----- Wildlife Experience Guidelines: Tribe Family Adventures does not sell or promote venues and/or activities that offer tourists any of the following experiences: • Close interaction with wild animals, such as, touching or riding, including but not limited to elephant riding, swimming with dolphins or walking with lions. • Watching wild animal performances, including but not limited to dolphin shows, circuses, orangutan boxing. • Staged photo opportunities with wild animals, including, but not limited to big cats, sloths, or primates, tiger selfies, dolphin kissing, or selfies with orangutans. • Watching staged animal interactions, whether it be for sporting or cultural events, that cause animals to suffer or die, including but not limited to bullfighting, crocodile wrestling, dog fighting, rodeo and elephant polo. • Visiting facilities where captive wild animals are bred and kept for commercial products, including but not limited to crocodile farms, civet coffee farms, bear bile farms, turtle farms, • Engaging in trophy, canned hunting, or sport fishing. When not in conflict with any of the above guidelines Tribe Family Adventures does offer and/or promote the following venues and activities were tourist can experience animals: • Genuine animal sanctuaries, rehabilitation facilities and rescue centres that have the highest possible standards of animal care. For example, sanctuaries certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) or elephant venues following World Animal Protection’s Elephant-Friendly venue guidelines. • Responsible, wildlife watching where a visitor can observe animals in their natural environment from a suitable distance without interrupting their natural behaviours or disturbing their routines. For example, whale watching experiences certified by the Whale Cetacean Alliance (WCA). • Zoos and aquariums that are accredited by members of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and national zoo and aquarium accrediting bodies which do not hold cetaceans in captivity and do not use wild animals for direct contact activities with visitors or have them perform in shows.

Mauritius: An Indian Ocean Family Adventure

28 September 2022

Formed as the result of a catastrophic explosion in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the tiny island nation of Mauritius is often described as ‘heaven on earth’. It’s not hard to see why; this paradise island boasts endless stretches of powder soft sands, turquoise waters and luxury accommodation. However, there’s more to Mauritius than meets the eye. I was lucky enough to travel to this beautiful rainbow nation with my Tribe in June 2022 and was taken aback by what it has to offer. With just a small amount of effort, you can explore the islands rugged interior, geological quirks, unique wildlife and rich history in a relatively short space of time. I’ve listed some of the many highlights below, have a read and get in touch if you’d like me to help make Mauritius the next adventure for your Tribe. Our highlights: - L’Aventure du Sucre, Pamplemousses If you visit just one museum in Mauritius, make sure it’s this one! In its glory days, this plantation was one of the biggest producers of sugar on the island, but today the factory has been transformed into an informative museum and visitor centre. Through a series of interactive zones, you’ll learn the fascinating history of the islands colonisation, slavery, indentured labourers, its rum trade and the overall importance of the sugar industry to Mauritius. The experience ends with a series of sugar and rum tasting. Cocktail masterclasses are optional. My children had a great time exploring the sprawling site and loved how the old factory had been transformed . - Dolphin watching off Flic-en-Flac beach Whilst we didn’t feel comfortable swimming with dolphins, we decided to join a small boat trip from Flic-en-Flac beach off the islands west coast, to try and catch site of these beautiful creatures in the wild. The choppy ride was somewhat nail-biting, but it was well worth the wait when a small pod of dolphins appeared beside our boat and played around for a few minutes before heading off to find their next audience. There are plenty of dolphin watching operators along the west coast – just try to ensure you pick one with sustainable and animal-friendly credentials (something that I would be happy to advise on). - Le Morne Brabant and the Slavery Monument For some of the best views of Mauritius, hike the UNESCO protected site of Le Morne Brabant , which has a fascinating history as a former sanctuary for runaway slaves. Piercing the sky line of Mauritius south-west corner, this karst-like mountain makes a spectacular backdrop to the soft sands of Le Morne beach. There is a poignant Slavery Monument (a collection of excellent sculpturers) at the foot of the mountain, opposite the beach. Reward yourself after an early morning climb with a fresh coconut to drink while sitting on the sand. - Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel – Geo Park This geological wonder, surrounded by tropical vegetation and waterfalls, is a must see attraction in the south west of the island. Undulating strips of multi-coloured sand have spontaneously settled in different layers creating a geological oddity. There’s also a giant tortoise enclosure to visit here – a big hit with younger adventurers! - Walking in Black River Gorges National Park The islands biggest and best national park is hugely important to the island, as it’s the last protected area for many native species on the island, including giant fruit bats. There are numerous walking trails marked out, from family-friendly to hard-core hikers. It’s a refreshing tonic from lazy beach days and well worth a trip. We meandered past a local running club, a gaggle of school children and countless amphibians on our morning trek, which was beautifully shaded by the forest canopy. - Ile aux Aigrettes This nature reserve island off Mauritius’ SE corner is managed by the Mauritius Wildlife Trust, which offers guided tours explaining the islands varied flora and fauna. The trust has rejuvenated the island, restoring some endemic species after it was destroyed by colonial military activity and industrialisation. Although the Dodo will sadly never return, we spotted pink pigeons, fruit bats, giant tortoises and skinks in our 2 hour wander. A real highlight of our trip to Mauritius. - Snorkelling in the Blue Bay Marine Park Off the SE coast, very close to the international airport, this accessible marine park is a fabulous place to dive, snorkel or enjoy a glass bottom boat trip. It has a rare and diverse array of coral, which attracts shoals of tropical fish. This is particularly great for those with young children, as less confident swimmers can stay on-board and see fish swimming under their feet, whilst older children can jump in the crystal clear waters and snorkelling around. Trip Details: - We travelled as a family of five (two adults, three children – aged 9,7,3) on a self-drive trip. - We stayed at Anantara Iko, Marguery Exclusive Villas and The Oberoi Mauritius. All fabulous properties on an island packed with incredible resorts! Mauritius truly was our little slice of heaven for two weeks and I would love to help plan a trip for your Tribe. Please do get in touch!

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Really friendly and helpful! Really appreciate all the help that Emma has provided.

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Now we are back home, my wife and I wanted to say a massive thank you for organising such a memorable family holiday. Genuinely did an incredible job with all the logistics and keeping us up to date with changes. The goodies kept the kids occupied on the plane and the hotel was by far the best hotel for kids we've ever stayed at. Thank you!

Sent by J Summers

Emma is a fantastic organiser . She really listens to what you want and guides you through any choices , often adding extra really great things ! She is quick to answer and very accessible! We would never use any other travel consultant and have already recommended her to many of our friends and family.

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Very friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable! Would highly recommend.

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Emma was amazing, filled our families brief completely with an amazing itinerary. Can’t wait to go!

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Emma was amazing and did everything she possibly could to secure our holiday, going above and beyond. We'll definitely be using her again.

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Emma was great, she listened to what we wanted, made some great recommendations and secured us a holiday that we're very excited about.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for booking our trip and holiding our hand through the whole process. We have had a fabulous time and you made it really easy and stress free, which is what I needed. 10/10 for your service.

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Emma, thank you so much for the kids travel packs. I let them have a look at them and they were so pleased with everything in there, especially the fidgets which were such a hit! It will be perfect to take away with us. The boys wanted to say thank you so much too!

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Absolutely fantastic service - flexible, accommodating and very prompt. Couldn't ask for more.

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For anyone wanting help with a family trip, I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Emma. Juggling kids and work, I was struggling to do my usual research into holidays, so having Emma listen to what we wanted, come up with options and tweak them to what we wanted was just perfect. Can't wait to use Emma's knowledge on future trips - who knows where we will end up - there's so much inspiration in her posts!

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Emma provides excellent prompt service and helped us work through some challenging scheduling constraints to organise a great family vacation. 10/10

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Emma provides fabulous, faultless customer service. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering any type of trip.

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Our experience with Emma at Travel Counsellors has been amazing! Emma is able to use her wealth of travel knowledge to recommend and find incredible accommodation and travel adventures tailor made to us. Whilst perfecting our holiday Emma has been friendly, patient and passionate about her work. We are already recommending her to our friends and family!

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Really committed to sorting the best accommodation, places & things to do, to suit your needs. We are thrilled with our trip! Brilliant! Thank you Emma.