Animal Adventures in Canada

Amanda Rudham on 15 July 2022
Canada is a country with an extremely diverse ecosystem with lots of wildlife. Here are just a few of the animals you could encounter on your Canada holiday with some advice on where to travel for the best chance to view them.

Canada is home to 33 species of whales and these magnificent creatures can be spotted in a variety of different locations. For example, the west coast provides the best opportunity to see orcas and the east, sperm, blue and minke whales. In Nunavut narwhals and killer whales can be seen and in Manitoba you will find belugas. Off the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador, and in Nova Scotia, you might even be able to spot humpback whales! These amazing animals can be viewed by helicopter as well as on boats of various sizes and zodiacs. However, for an extra special experience, I highly recommend kayaking or paddle boarding alongside beluga whales in Manitoba. The best time of year is July when tens of thousands of them gather to feed and give birth while the water is warm.

Canada’s numerous bears are also a must see. You can spot black and grizzly bears and maybe even the rare ‘spirit bear’ if you are lucky. If a bear sighting is essential to your trip, I recommend visiting ‘Great Bear Rainforest’ in British Columbia which is home to a large number of American black bears. If grizzly bears are more your thing, take a trip to ‘Khutzeymatee Grizzly Sanctuary’ between May and September as you are almost guaranteed to see them. Polar bears also roam Canada and can be found in Manitoba. They are particularly prominent between October and November but can also be seen at other times in the year. Opt for a trip on a tundra vehicle or even on foot with a specialist guide for an unforgettable experience.

In addition to polar bears, Canada is also home to other arctic wildlife and Manitoba, Newfoundland, Labrador and Nunavut are the perfect places to spot them. There is the possibility of seeing arctic foxes, walruses, caribou and seals as well as many other creatures. You can see these incredible animals by land, sea or air with an expert guide to enhance the experience. I recommend taking an arctic cruise from Baffin Island in Nunavut to see a diverse set of wildlife as the area is home to narwhals, polar bears, caribou, ringed seals and killer whales.

Canada is a great destination for any keen ornithologists as it is home to 451 different species of birds, most notably puffins and eagles. In Newfoundland’s ‘Witless Bay Ecological Reserve’, more than 260,000 pairs of Atlantic puffins can be seen and in British Columbia, ‘Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park’ has an astonishing number of wintering bold eagles that congregate annually. If you would like to see a variety of birds, I would recommend a trip ‘Sirmilik National Park’ in Nunavut as it has hundreds of thousands of birds from over 70 different species that either nest there or pass through.

Even if animals are not central to your trip, you are bound to see some amazing wildlife no matter where you are. Canada is home to so many remarkable animals which means there is something for everyone whether you want to embark on an arctic trip to spot a polar bear or if catching sight of a moose while travelling from city to city.