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Firstly, congratulations for landing safely on my page, which means one of two things, you misspelt ''Kuoni Kettering" in Google, or you’re very serious about your holidays and you're looking for travel done differently. If it's the former, then there isn't one in Kettering (see I'm helping already). If it's the latter, then let's grab a coffee and make a start...

It’s a travel service, travel agency type-thingy but it’s different?
Essentially yes, it's about fantastic personal service. Which means you can contact me at any time and you'll always get me. It means that I remember that last year you wanted to go to Borneo but your eldest broke his leg on the stupid skateboard that you told your mother she shouldn't buy him for Christmas. I remember that you prefer American Airlines business to BA... because of the ice cream sundaes...

Right, well that's all good then. But it's not really just me looking after you and the two of us chatting endlessly on WhatsApp over which is the nicest bit of Bali when I should actually be getting my son ready for school. I'm in cahoots with the multi-award winning Travel Counsellors, a company that provides a global network of travel goodness (GNTG, it's a thing, promise) that means you and I can just relax and get back to discussing Disney Dining packages while they sit quietly in the background, doing what they do. They use their financial muscle so that I can offer you incredible deals, and absolutely guarantee every penny you spend through their financial trust. And as we debate why some of the lounges at Dubai airport really are so much better than others, they’re doing exciting things like the ATOL bonding, and making sure there’s always someone on the end of the phone for you if you need it. No matter what the time, or the time zone.

You don’t do ‘normal’ holidays then?
I most certainly do but I suppose in essence what I do is make normal trips amazing! That Virgin South Africa trip where you liked everything except day 6 of the itinerary? Then I'll break the whole thing down for you and we'll get rid of 'day at leisure', build in a Blue Safari and repackage it all up for you. I've got access to all the major travel suppliers and can add all the extras too, so the car that means you can get you to Gatwick while you finish the presentation you've been procrastinating over for 3 weeks, or the lounge that takes you closer to gin, and further from the airport Frankie and Benny's.

We’ve got this far then, and you’re probably thinking why me? Not in the unexpected-item-in-the-bagging-area-for-the-fourth-time-kinda way, but in the who-is-this-woman-who’s-made-me-a-fake-coffee-and-rambled-on-about-holidays-for-three-paragraphs-kinda-way. I’m Beth (Hi!) Without giving too much away, I started my career in travel back when everyone thought Let Loose were the new NKOTB.

Travel makes me me, and I’ve visited dozens of countries across five continents. Bluntly it’s an obsession I bore my husband with every evening. So if it can’t be me experiencing what it’s like to peer over the grand canyon, or feel the bounce of the seaplane skimming the azure that surrounds my paradise Maldivian island then I’ll do all in my power to make it feel for you like it did for me.

So, with coffee dwindling and muffin finished (there was a muffin?!), I hope I've given you a sense of what travel done differently with me and with Travel Counsellors can mean.

PS: You can contact me about literally any kind of trip, that honeymoon you’re finally planning (can’t believe he took so long to ask you!), that annual cruise around the Caribbean (I’m a bit of a cruise expert/bore to be honest – love a cruise), a romantic weekend getaway to New York, that long imagined Canada road trip, or just a beach to plonk yourself on (anywhere) for two weeks in the Summer.

Maybe worth saying as well, there is no fee for my service. The many many travel suppliers I use sort me out, which is why I had a coffee AND a muffin!


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