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Hello, my name is Claire, lover of all things travel and mum of three. I love being a Travel Counsellor (which is like a travel consultant) and making travel dreams come true. My desire is to be the person you trust to take the stress out of booking your holidays, and bring joy to your life by finding you your dream trip. Now the world is more complicated than ever having trusted travel advice has never been more important.

I am here to offer you an efficient, prompt, accurate and friendly service; I will listen closely to your needs to ensure I find you a fabulous, travel experience, matched to your requirements, and if needed provide inspiration and suggestions. I understand how important your time and money are, therefore, I will go the extra mile to find you the best holiday. Combined with the fact that everything you book with me is 100% financially protected, booking with me will bring you complete peace of mind with a service you can trust.

I can book anything from a multi generational UK break to a tailor made trip exploring Borneo (somewhere on my bucket list!), and everything in between.

I am fortunate to have travelled across the globe with some of my most memorable moments being waking up in an RV in Yosemite National Park, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, touring around Sri Lanka, watching the sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock) and arriving on a cruise ship in Venice.

Many of my travels have been as a family of 5, so I have a good understanding of the challenges and needs when travelling with children, but I have also travelled as a couple, multi generational group and with friends ,which gives me many first hand experiences to draw from.

As a home-based Travel Counsellor in Clevedon, North Somerset, I am delighted to assist you with all your travel needs, whether that be by phone, mail, or we can meet face to face.

I look forward to hearing from you, so give me a call or send me an email anytime for a no obligation initial chat.

“Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets” Oscar Wilde


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

5 Go to France

24 February 2020

The week started with the family full of colds and Storm Dennis! To say I was a little apprehensive about how successful our French “Road Trip” was going to be, is an understatement. As a family of 5, and with a large age range (2 x 13 year old boys and 1 x 4 year old girl), planning holidays takes a fair bit of time and effort to get it right (which of course I love!) As anyone with more than 2 children knows finding accommodation is often a challenge without it costing the earth, or parents having to be in separate rooms – neither of which appeals to us. Finding itineraries that work for all our interests is another challenge, but I pride myself on having always achieved this – but I definitely had a wobble about this one! Essentially we were combining WWII history with Disney! Definitely a bespoke trip! So the plan was Eurotunnel to Calais, nip up to Dunkirk to see the site of the evacuation , drive down to Honfleur to enjoy the pretty town and French cuisine, before finding our hotel in Caen where we were to stay for 2 nights in a family room. A day of exploring Normandy , 4 nights in Les Villages Nature at Disneyland to include a day trip to Paris, some chill out time on the site and 2 days of Disney parks. Something for everyone I thought! Battling Storm Dennis, our journey took somewhat longer than anticipated, with the stop to potter around Honfleur permanently cancelled, and ended with 2 adults in desperate need of a glass of wine – turns out driving through a storm is pretty exhausting! TOP TIP: If you are travelling on the A86 from Caen to Paris in a high vehicle there is a section with a 2m height restriction, which phased us for a small time (we have a VW Caravelle). The hotel was great, with comfy beds for all 5 of us, great breakfast, good restaurant nearby ( wine was consumed) and really close to the amazing Memorial museum in Caen. Make sure you have at least a couple of hours to do it properly as it is done really well, and engaging for all ages. We took the coast road from Pegasus Bridge to Arramanche – war cemeteries, the floating harbour, sword and gold beaches all along the route. It is a long stretch and you can keep going to Omaha. Les Village Nature is a great alternative to the Disney hotels, whilst still giving you the Magic hours extra. It has a fabulous swimming pool on site included, busy but provides body floats for little ones. Loads of other activities to do for a charge, and lovely surroundings to explore but alas we ran out of time. If you can take bikes that would be ideal. We stayed in a Cocoon VIP Apartment which slept 6 comfortably, great kitchen , lovely jacuzzi bath and shower. Great pizzas in the Italian restaurant and had a lovely French meal at Cepages. Supermarket on site is very expensive so good to know the Val d’Europe shopping centre 10 minutes away has a huge Auchan, for all your needs. Our day trip to Paris was successful, with the Eiffel Tower now added to the kids list of places they have visited. The train from Disney was really easy and we were blessed with a morning of sunshine to walk along the Seine, past the Louvre, up the Champs Elysses to the Tour Eiffel. Then onto the bit Edie and I were very excited about …..Disneyland Paris. Clearly in half term it’s never going to be quiet, but with good planning before hand so you know which rides you want to do you can best schedule your day. You can purchase Fast pass for some rides at additional cost. If you want to see a special show, or Princess Pavillion then you must make sure you are at the park gates to get in at 8.30am. Remember to add at least 30 mins for time to get parked and get to the entrance. For maximum efficiency download the Disneyland Paris app and the Lineberty app for many of the meet and greets and don’t forget your autograph book. Our favourites: Crush rollercoaster, Mickey and the Magician show, all things Frozen, Toy Story soldiers ride, 4D cinema, Big Thunder Mountain, Stitch Live 13-year-old perspective: "You don't have to be little to still enjoy it" Adult perspective: “Forget the rides - I love the shows, parades and fireworks” 4-year-old perspective: “Going on the Dumbo ride made me very, very ,very, very happy” On reflection, I am pleased to be able to say that our week was a success, helped by a bit of sunshine every day, some yummy food and wine, and a Jacuzzi bath!!! Of course we had the usual family challenges but as we reluctantly made our way home the wise 4-year-old said: “Being on holiday is the best, but being at home is really good too”

Where will you go in 2020?

14 January 2020

2020 sees a number of major sporting and cultural events which may be of interest to travellers: For those interested in combining watching the Olympics and experiencing a completely different culture, Japan hosts the Olympics during July and August. Closer to home, the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria will be celebrating the 250th birthday of Beethoven with for a feast of events to celebrate the milestone. For a fun city break, Eurovision 2020 is to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands More widely, here are a few of my top picks for this year ahead: Montenegro – Croatia has become a hugely popular destination over the last few years, however its neighbour Montenegro, is a great alternative. With a mix of centuries-old villages, aristocratic mansions, and many activities beyond its Adriatic lapping pebbly beaches, it has something to offer everyone. If adventure is what you are after you can see amazing wildlife including brown bears and wolves in the national parks. Combine this with the sun-drenched, crowd-free coast and it’s a winner. Cruising into Montenegro will forever be one of my holiday highlights, I remain in awe at its beauty. Yosemite National Park in California has seen an increase in comfortable accommodation in the last year giving more options for sleeping in the shadow of the famous El Capitan. ‘YoYo’, as it is known in our family, still ranks as our all-time favourite holiday experience. It is a fabulous addition to any Californian road trip where you can truly experience ‘wilderness’. There is so much to do from hiking through the forests of towering redwoods to listening to ‘park ranger’ stories about bears! For a city break how about a visit to Budapest, on the banks of the Danube? The city will see seven new 5-star hotels open over the next couple of years. Visit the famous Gellart spa bath to experience its spring water pools. Also to see and experience are the opera house, churches and the market. Plenty to keep you busy! Alaska – traditionally a destination for cruisers, but this is not the only way to discover the vast landscapes, varied wildlife - from bears to whales, and breath-taking scenery. In the warmer months with long days, there is ample opportunity for hiking, fishing and kayaking. In March, the city of Fairbanks hosts the World Ice Art Championships. For my money, Rocky Mountaineer in Canada should be on everyone’s bucket list and in 2020 it celebrates its 30th birthday. The world-renowned, luxury train travels by daylight through the wild beauty of Canada’s West and is the best way to experience the majestic Canadian Rockies. The biggest trend in travel we will see this year will be customers wanting to understand more about how to travel in a more sustainable way. I have some top tips for clients about what to look out for when they are away, and of course provide advice about how to make sustainable choices on how to travel, where to stay and how to support local communities. For those wishing to stay in the UK, I can help clients find ‘close to home’ experiences. There is loads to see and do in our wonderful country. Indeed, Lonely Planet has England as one of its top picks for 2020! If you would like any help with holiday planning please drop me a line at, or give me a ring on 01275 350097 and check out my website at

Top tips to reduce the impact of jet lag

10 November 2019

Some top tips for reducing the impact of Jet Lag – Tip No 1…..Drink loads of water and limit caffeine and alcohol (sad but true!) Flying can leave you feeling dehydrated. The more hydrated you can stay, the better prepared your body will be to adjust to a different time zone. Tip No 2…..catch some zzz’s wherever and whenever you can, but not for more than 4 hours, and not as soon as you arrive somewhere. The sooner you can adjust to sleeping in sync with your new destination, the quicker your body will sync to the new time zone. A power nap can help keep jetlag at bay, but don’t sleep for more than 3-4 hours. Tip No 3 – if you are feeling tired get outside and do some exercise or go for a walk, explore a new city. Natural daylight will help your body adjust to a new routine following most flights. Being exposed to light can help teach the body to feel more awake. That's why it's a good idea to introduce some light into your room when waking up. Tip No 4 - Leave the curtains slightly open to make waking up a little easier. If you can go for a walk for an hour when you wake up in a new destination that will help your body adjust even more. Tip No 5 – Try to adjust your time to bed, and wake time, a little to the new time zone a few days before you go. Easier said than done with all the last minute packing and preparing to do I know! Easing into your destination's time zone by adjusting your sleep schedule a few days before you arrive will help. Tip No 6 – change your watch as soon as you begin your journey so you start to sync with your new time zone Tip No 7 – remember travelling is tiring and when people are tired, they become sensitive to things that might not bother them normally. Be kind and patient…it helps everyone. HAPPY TRAVELS


11 December 2019

I have a philosophy in life not to look back, or where travel is involved not to return to the same place, historically judging those who do so to be unadventurous or unimaginative. Imagine how surprised I then was to discover a place that I now return to on an annual basis - Madeira, or more precisely Funchal. I can only describe it as a little sanctuary, bubble like from the rest of the world for our brief holiday period. There is nothing particularly amazing about it - it is a rugged, volcanic archipelago off the coast of Portugal, which happens to provide a great holiday for my family. We swim in the hotel pool (same hotel), we saunter along the promenade into town, down the main street and stop for ice cream and a cheeky beer, whilst listening to the local musical entertainment. We hire a car for a day and explore another little part of the island. If you want history, natural springs, levadas for walking, mountains, it is all here - including a ferry ride to the island of Porto Santo. We have found some fabulous restaurants which we return to each time, where the kids happily eat rare beef, fresh fish and vegetables that they would complain about at home! The street art on the doors of the main street in the old town always entertain us, as do the street performers. The vibe is very relaxed, unpretentious, weather fairly consistent, food and wine amazing, people really friendly and plenty to keep everyone amused. The flowers are a favourite of mine - the scent is all around you, with a wide selection of colours and varieties. One year we were there for the annual Flower Festival which was just incredible. The designs and shapes made from petals were incredible. The Mercado dos Lavradores is always a fun way to spend a morning, particularly the fish market where you see the huge fish caught that day and how they are skilfully prepared for sale (open Mon - Sat). We have done a catamaran trip to see dolphins; botanical gardens, which you reach via cable car; Monte, which is a romantic escape from it all; followed by the iconic Monte toboggan run back down - madness but much fun! As a treat one year for a special birthday we went to Belmond Reids Palace for afternoon tea which was a fabulous unforgettable experience. A friend of mine recommended visiting at New Year as they have amazing firework displays, so that's definitely on my list for the future. I can't wait to go back!!!!!

My customer stories

Sent by Ian Hiscock

Claire is fantastic at listening to your needs, providing you with options and providing a bespoke end-to-end service. I’ve now used her on three occasions, and each time, the trip has exactly met by expectations. You’ll struggle to find someone more professional to work with.

Sent by Yasmin McGlashan

Claire was very helpful. I am the sort of person who gets overwhelmed by choice, so it was really useful for Claire to present us with just a couple of good options. She took the time to talk through what I wanted, and found some really good deals that suit our budget. I have to admit I am not great with travel (I do it for the sake of the family!), but I am *almost* looking forward to our holiday now!

Sent by Julie Burbidge

Booking through Claire has been excellent, completely stress free and easy. Provided her with a few ideas and before you know it an entire holiday is planned which can be amended as many times as you like before settling with what you want. The knowledge and expertise she has is second to none. Can’t imagine I’ll ever go back to handling a holiday booking myself - an absolute pleasure. Thank you, Claire.

Sent by Shona Russell

Just as when I used Claire before, she has been super efficient and built holiday plans using our thoughts, bringing our vision to life! Very straightforward and incredibly helpful to have someone knowledgeable navigate everything on your behalf!

Sent by Shona Russell

Just as when I used Claire before, she has been super efficient and built holiday plans using our thoughts, bringing our vision to life! Very straightforward and incredibly helpful to have someone knowledgeable navigate everything on your behalf!

Sent by Robin Warren

We had a great experience with Claire booking a holiday for us to Iceland. All transfers, accommodation and trips booked for us and some excellent and knowledgeable advice on what to do when we were there. Thanks :)

Sent by Ann Tigerstedt

Claire was really knowledgeable and understood exactly what we needed to make our first Disney trip magical and stress-free! We had the best time and it was so easy

Sent by David James

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. All your bookings and arrangements worked perfectly. We could not have had a better hotel with a magnificent view of the Danube from our 7th floor room, conveniently located next door to our family. We found the staff friendly and helpful and the breakfast could not have been better with such a wide choice of food. Thank you once again for your guidance and work in putting the trip together for us all.

Sent by Kath Jordan

Claire put together our trip to the East Coast of America brilliantly. We loved it, she chose great flights, an excellent range of hotels and was always available to soothe anxieties or solve any problems. We would highly recommend Claire to put your dream holiday together.

Sent by Sarah Booth

Claire really helped us to focus our minds and feelings on what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, to look at and consider options and decide on budgets, streamlining us to make ourselves a plan of action. She has helped us tremendously in organising one of the first of many trips (I hope) away in the next few years. The zoom call was really productive, it felt very personal and relevant in gaining trust, future ongoing discussions and decisions.

Sent by Deborah Earnshaw

Just returned from an amazing trip around Scotland all arranged by Claire Spicer at Travel Counsellors. We travelled with our Cocker Spaniel and thanks to her diligence all hotels were expecting our 4 legged friend and we were able to eat with her sitting besides us in the hotel bar or restaurant. Our hotel experiences enhanced our trip around the North Coast 500 which we extended enabling us to explore Northumberland National Park, St Andrews, Balmoral , Orkney, Skye, Bute, Argyll and Bute. It was a trip of a life time and reassuring to know that Claire was available if we needed any help.

Sent by Chetna Meisuria

A note to say thank you for everything. Claire organised my husband's surprise 60th birthday holiday to Kenya. My husband was born in Kenya but hadn't been back for over 50 years. Claire thoughtfully listened to my request and organised such a perfect trip. Claire had arranged an opportunity for my husband and I to spend time where he was born and grown up, which was so special and emotional. The hotels and the safari camp that Claire had organised were excellent choices. The safari arranged was amazing!! The animals are so close up to and very tranquil. Staff at each place we stayed made sure we were happy and everything was running smoothly with attention to detail. Such was the level of professionalism and courtesy we have come to enjoy on our trip to Kenya. All in all it's a bit of a shock to the system being home and back to reality, but lots of little sparks of inspiration were ignited on this trip and we won’t forget it for a long time. We couldn’t recommend your work or the team you chose to host us more highly - thank you again for a very special trip.

Sent by Adele Williams

Claire helped us to plan a family trip of a lifetime - enabling us to take our two young children to Malaysia and Indonesia for a nearly month-long holiday before our youngest started school. Claire put a lot of time into researching accommodation for us, and put us in contact with a really lovely local guide and driver in Bali. The places we stayed were beautiful, and the extra information Claire sent us with ideas of activities to do with the boys was super helpful. I had never worked with a travel counsellor before - having always planned my own trips, but now we’re a family a four, organising a trip of this size felt absolutely overwhelming! Claire took all that overwhelm away, acted as a brilliant sounding board as my husband and worked out what we really wanted from the trip for our family, and made the whole process very straightforward

Sent by Emma Westhead

We have recently returned from our second trip organised by Claire Spicer, the service was flawless as always. My partner and I were attending a family wedding, in a place we had little interest in or any knowledge about. Claire understood our reluctance and went out of her way to share the positives and made excellent suggestions. Claire's knowledge of places is incredible and she fully understands what you want and tailors everything to your personal requirements. Nothing is to much trouble and Claire is a true professional, patient and kind, even when she is dealing with silly questions from me. Claire also thinks of the little things you may not think off. Claire is aware of all travel issues and lets you know, even mid holiday reassuring you that any issues she will sort and it will be ok. As someone who disliked travel agents before Claire, I now wouldn't book with anyone else and I can't recommend Claire enough. Claire couldn't make travel any easier or stress-free. I can't wait to bombard Claire with emails to plan our next trip. Thank you as always for everything

Sent by Pat Fleetwood

My husband and I have just returned from a lovely week in Funchal Madeira. With the excellent help from Claire Spicer the trip went well and smoothly. Our hotel was well positioned and set in lovely gardens. The room and food was also very good. This was our first visit to Madeira as suggested by Claire and it was perfect. Thanks Claire.

Sent by Natasha Hughes

We have just enjoyed a fabulous week in Protaras in Cyprus, a location we had never been to before, but I must say it’s a perfect location with a wonderful coastline. Claire was great throughout the process. She took the time to get to know me and my family before making the recommendation of the Louis Althea Beach hotel in Protaras. It ticked every box for us. Claire provided a friendly and professional level of service and I will definitely use her again and recommend her to friends and family.

Sent by Denise Summers

Amazing trip around the National Parkins in the USA - Claire Spicer responded very well to our request for a trip around the USA National Parks. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and the fact that she was able to book us a cabin at the View Campground at Monument Valley, was what particularly encouraged us to book. All arrangements worked very well, and when Death Valley was closed due to the remnants of the Hurricane, she was able to respond to our requests and rearrange that part of the trip.

Sent by Mark Kaye

Claire has been amazing from the the day I was introduced to her continuing to after our holiday checking all had gone well. Nothing was too much trouble for her to sort out for us. Arranged an amazing holiday for my family. Claire kept us up to date at all stages (booking, selecting seats, check in etc.). A first class service that I will definitely be using again and recommending to others. Just let Claire know what you want and she will sort everything out for you.

Sent by Gayle Burch

Claire takes all the stress out of organising a trip away, so all you have to do is pack your case and your passport and enjoy yourself! Claire has so far taken care of planning three very different holidays for our family, and her knowledge, experience and expertise have ensured that we had the very best of times, every time. From guiding us through our first ever cruise - dispelling any misconceptions I once had about cruising - to planning a very special multigenerational family ‘pilgrimage’ to Malta and Gozo, to ensuring our first summer holiday as a couple since our son flew the nest was a relaxing and indulgent little piece of paradise in Madeira, Claire’s attention to detail and passion for great customer service result in a completely personalised experience. Claire also takes the headache out of all the tasks between booking and departure, such as sorting out excursions and downloading boarding passes. Honestly, now that I’ve got my very own travel counsellor, I’m not letting her go! Thank you Claire.

Sent by Dani Marcroft

Our travel counsellor Claire Spicer couldn’t have been more helpful. She sorted everything for us including checking us in for our flights. She was so friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The hotel was gorgeous too!

Sent by Shona Russell

I was just looking for a long weekend in Europe and Claire Spicer was as enthusiastic about supporting with this as a round-the-world extravaganza! She listened to our requirements and quickly built out options - and just sorted out logistics that I didn’t have time to focus on. We had a small issue with our transfer upon arrival. Claire was straight on the case and triple checked our return transfer, also negotiating some compensation from the provider for us for our inconvenience. Having her support in the background was hugely helpful. I’d definitely use Claire Spicer again - hopefully next time for something further flung and elaborate!

Sent by Amanda Hooper

We were so grateful to Claire for crafting our wonderful trip to Morocco. The experience itself was everything we had hoped for and more. Thanks to Claire’s knowledge and skills all the arrangements ran smoothly throughout the trip including transfers, excursions and guides for our multi centre holiday. Her communication and attentiveness were exemplary. We would highly recommend Claire

Sent by Caroline Gates

Claire went above and beyond. Our expectations were exceeded on every level. Claire even checked in on us to make sure everything was ok. This gave me immense confidence that should we have needed any help Claire would have been there. Claire listened to what we wanted from our holiday and came up with really helpful suggestions and tweaked our plans where necessary, making us feel that it was totally unique to us. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire for any kind of holiday. Thankyou

Sent by Tracy Graham

Just wanted to thank you personally for all your support & guidance in helping make our trip so memorable. Felt like a VIP being picked up at the airport in Athens & the taxi to the hotel so easy & the driver courteous . Hotel in Athens could not have had a better view & location brilliant to see sights in a few hours stopover. what a lovely start to the holiday. As for the cruise itself, what an experience. I have never cruised before & although initially was a little overwhelming, l was surprised how the 2,000 people can be so well dispersed ??. Loved the different location every day. Bologna B& B quirky, and I certainly loved the Italian rustic vibe. Thankyou so much & feel sure l will cruise again in the future

Sent by Elaine Enstone

Claire Spicer was wonderful with assisting me to pull off a surprise special birthday trip with my husband. So much had to be done via email so my husband didn’t over hear anything and Claire took this in her stride and was able to come up with the prefect itinerary to match everything I knew my husband wanted to see of the ancient world in Egypt. I would highly recommend Claire for all your travel needs

Sent by Lisa Trendall

The whole experience of booking through Claire has been so easy. Claire listened to my requirements and came back with some excellent options for my trip. Everything was clearly stated with all possible excursions and prices details. We had some great discussions over the telephone and Claire was very responsive to my email follow ups and questions. As a result, I have booked the holiday and will be in contact with Claire for the next trip I am planning to take. This personal interaction is so much nicer than spending hours on end going through websites myself to book a holiday. Definitely will be contacting Claire for my future holidays. Thanks Claire!

Sent by Beth Turner

Claire is the epitome of professionalism and personality. She naturally gets to understanding what would make your holiday perfect - and then somehow delivers exactly that with effortless ease. Cannot fault her customer care and after-sales care. Claire really does go one step beyond anything you imagine.

Sent by Shona Russell

I was just looking for a long weekend in Europe and Claire was as enthusiastic about supporting with this as a round-the-world extravaganza! She listened to our requirements and quickly built out options - and just sorted out logistics that I didn’t have time to focus on. I’d definitely use Claire again - hopefully next time for something further flung and elaborate!

Sent by Suzanne Easton

Thank you so much for organising our holiday in Dubrovnik. As always when you arrange our trips, everything went really smoothly from start to finish, the hotel was amazing and we all had a great time

Sent by Suzanne Easton

Thank you so much for organising our holiday in Dubrovnik. As always when you arrange our trips, everything went really smoothly from start to finish, the hotel was amazing and we all had a great time

Sent by Gayle BUrch

Fantastic service. Feel safe knowing that Claire is taking care of everything, and confident that our getaway will be top-notch.

Sent by Emma Westhead

Claire was brilliant from start to finish, it was all so easy and personal. I am someone who avoids travel companies as I like to do it all my self, due to bad experiences and liking control. Claire has me converted as it was all so easy. Claire had a wealth of knowledge and could not have suggested a more perfect holiday for me and my partner (we were not helpful with suggestions). I will continue to recommend Claire to everyone and I will be using Claire in the future.

Sent by Diana Beavon

'Holiday Fairy' Claire really does make dreams come true! Having connected with Claire via a networking group I felt an immediate connection with Claire and knew that I could trust her to find us the right holiday. We have now booked 3 holidays through her and each time she gets it spot on! Our first holiday was for me and my husband, and our first solo trip without the children in June. We wanted to go to a destination that normally would be cost-prohibitive for a family of 4 in August. We settled on Sardinia and enjoyed 7 days of waking up to a gorgeous view of the beach at Golfo Aranci from our sea view room in the small, friendly Villa Margherita Hotel. Later in September Claire found us an exclusive hotel on Zante where our 20 year old daughter and 18 year old son felt they could join us without cramping their style! With a 5* rating and no where near the madness of 'the Laganas strip' we enjoyed a relaxed week of pampering at the Contessina Hotel in Tsilivi. We were blown away by the food in Tsilivi - really great restaurants serving high quality food, most of which was proudly locally sourced.

Sent by Julie Haydon

Brilliant and carefully planned itinerary Having just spent a week in Thailand, planned and booked by my travel counsellor (Claire Spicer), I can not recommend the service more highly. The itinerary was perfect with not too long transfer times between each of the three destinations. The activities were also carefully planned to allow for some r&r following the long flight, then a few days of adventure in the rainforest and jungle, finishing with a couple of nights relaxation on the beach before flying home. The accommodation was excellent in all places, consistently exceeding our expectations. And finally, worth saying that although not looking forward to travelling to and from Gatwick, the whole airport experience was much better than expected. Claire had booked the lounge prior to departure which really made a difference and also gave us fast track security = all highly recommended! I wouldn't hesitate to use Travel counsellors (and Claire) again for a personal and professional service that gives peace of mind when travelling.

Sent by Fiona Evans

Claire responded very quickly to our initial enquiry. She asked excellent questions and gave us useful information which enabled us to refine our ideas about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. She was very patient and prompt in replying to all our queries, especially impressive when we changed our minds quite substantially about our plans. We've got a holiday planned which we are very excited about and we're really looking forward to it. We've also had a lot of information to help us prepare for where we're going, thanks to Claire and Travel Counsellors. We are very pleased with the service we've had and I am sure we will be contacting Claire for further help in the future.

Sent by Adele Williams

My husband and I had very different ideas for our big trip, and Claire listened to what we both wanted from the holiday, coming up with some really great ideas and helping us find a way forward. Booking a family holiday, especially one that’s a bit outside of the norm, when you’re also trying to keep up with running a business and staying on top of all the family/school stuff as well can be really overwhelming. Claire took all the stress and hassle away, did the research and made the bookings for us, giving us peace of mind, and the headspace to just be excited about our trip! The booking process was efficient and the dedicated app works really well.

Sent by Carly Cannings

Whilst we are fairly experienced travellers we have never cruised before. Claire gently guided us through the experience of booking our first cruise. She took time to explain our options, answer our questions and reassure us about any concerns we had. She arranged to speak to us at a time that worked for us, was quick to respond to emails and even swiftly dealt our request to change to a different cabin type after we had booked with no fuss at all. I would highly recommend booking your next trip with Claire.

Sent by David Price

We found using Claire at Travel Counsellors to be a fantastic experience with all of our holiday questions and concerns answered and then everything booked for us. We then had the most amazing hassle free holiday reassured in the knowledge we could contact Claire at any point if needed

Sent by Dave Price

Excellent support from Claire to book our fabulous week away

Sent by Charlotte Yarnley-Jones

Huge thank you to Claire Spicer, Travel Counsellor. We had an amazing trip of a lifetime around the USA and booking through you gave me the confidence I needed to take it all on! The support you gave me, especially with the impact of wildfires in Yosemite was second to none. We visited New York, San Francisco, our road trip down the East Coast then through Yosemite National Park, Death Valley and into Las Vegas. Absolutely outstanding. Thank you for giving me the confidence to take my children on this trip alone. Highly recommended!

Sent by Jodie Gibson

Claire has been amazing through all our conversations and has created a fabulous holiday for us. She was so patient whilst we worked through options , really prompt with recommendations & documents. Thank you Claire, we’ll definitely be in touch again for our next adventure

Sent by Jen Hooper

We booked our holiday to Kefalonia pre-covid. Claire was amazing, in response to personal health complications and covid changes that needed to be made, she made this process smooth and stress-free and was also extremely empathetic to our situation. Claire was so good at listening to our 'wish-list' when booking and ticked every box. The flights and short transfer were very slick, no delays and no problems. Our accommodation was small and friendly and immaculately kept and the resort was not huge but with ample restaurants to eat in the evenings. The beach was stunning, and the cove we went to every day was very small and seemed to be where the locals went. There was a bigger beach just a small walk around the cove with many more sunbeds and bar service which got busy (It was August!!!). Claire made herself contactable throughout and replied quickly before we left and during our stay. This was a holiday that at some points we didn't think would even happen, Claire was so kind in her understanding of how special this was for us. We plan to always ask Claire to help us get away from it all! We couldn't recommend her and Travel Counsellors enough.

Sent by Faye Dicker

Claire took fantastic care of us, from start to finish of booking a holiday. She understood our needs, worked within our budget and limited time restrictions, clearly knew her stuff and was so kind and friendly with it. She took time to explain the little details, like the type of of sand on the beach (so the girls knew what to expect - not sand castles!) and was completely attentive to our needs. She kept in touch in the countdown to the day and welcomed us home when we got back. She was an absolute star, it took complete care of things, it was a real peace of mind knowing we were in safe hands. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again or recommend her.

Sent by Alan Mason

Claire Spicer, works for Travel counsellors company as a Travel agent . Claire’s knowledge was invaluable . We have been on a few river cruises before, but booked the holiday ourselves , but this time used Travel Counsellors. We would recommend Claire , as Claire’s help was invaluable, we could have made some mistakes if we had booked this holiday ourselves , so we would recommend a chat with Claire before doing anything.

Sent by Gregg Newman

I wanted to take a trip to visit family in the USA, and I wanted part of the trip to be a road trip across the northern states, Minneapolis to Montana. I knew that there was going to be a lot of planning and decided to contact a local travel counselor. And I got in touch with Claire Spicer. I contacted Claire and we discussed some rough requirements, needs and wants. 2 weeks driving from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore, then off to Montana to visit family for a week, 3 weeks total. Driving a rental car and staying in hotels along the way. Claire was able to get the flights and car at a great price. She was also able to book very good hotels along the way, even some of the places we stopped at were very small towns. With an acceptable distance between to keep the driving per day to an acceptable level. I appreciate all the hard work Claire put into giving me some excellent memories and an overall excellent experience. To close, I would definitely work with Claire again for any further adventures I plan to go on. Thank you very much Claire, I couldn't have done it without you.

Sent by Kim Lowe

Reliable, friendly and professional. Great communication throughout. I would trust Claire to book any of my holidays.

Sent by Caroline Owens

Claire has been so helpful and thoughtful. Not every journey is a happy holiday, in my case she has helped me make arrangements to attend a dear friend's memorial. Having Claire make all the arrangements has taken a great weight off our shoulders at a poignant time. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire and her services.

Sent by Sally Tonwsend

Whenever we are looking to travel abroad, Claire is always our first and only stop! Most importantly, her communications skills are outstanding. She communicates through different methods accordingly, is always prompt in responding and contacts us at exactly the right point with any information she needs to share. This is always done in a friendly yet professional and efficient way. Claire is very good at taking time to listen and respond to individual clients needs. She always meets our brief, whilst readily offering new thoughts from her own knowledge and experience. She shows patience and understanding throughout this stage, endeavouring to get the trip just right for the customer. Each trip feels absolutely tailor made, not only with flights and accommodation, but also with extras such as trips, transfers, car hire and suchlike. What has really made Claire stand out in her abilities, is not only doing a great job when things are going well, but doing an even better job when things are not going well. Like many, we have had several trips rearranged and even aborted at the very last minute throughout the pandemic- Claire has admirably made stressful situations more manageable, calmly taking the responsibility in navigating us through, for which we are so very grateful. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claire to organise any trip.

Sent by Helen Moreton

I would highly recommend using Claire Spicer’s Travel Counsellor services. From before booking to after we returned, Claire has been such a great advisor and support. We wanted a special family holiday for my 40th and planned to go to New York and Disney Florida. Claire spent much time pulling together different options for us to peruse and to help us understand more about what we really wanted out of the holiday. We were about to book when Covid hit and with all the uncertainty, America felt too far away. Claire was understanding and supportive when we decided not to book and worked with us to change our plans to Disney Paris. Once again, Claire provided us with lots of advice and options, and was so helpful at keeping us in the loop with how the park was operating and what we could expect. When she didn’t have a piece of information at her fingertips (not often!) she would call on trusted advisors to get the most up to date insight and advice. It is worth mentioning that due to Covid and travel restrictions Claire had to re-book the holiday and Eurostar twice more for us, and she did it all with a smile! Even before we went, Claire sent us some Disney ears for us to wear at the park, and she messaged us on the day of travel to wish us a great trip, which I thought were such lovely and thoughtful touches. After we returned Claire was in touch again to make sure we’d had a great time (which we really did!) and to chat through how we’d found everything. If you’ve not used this type of service before I would urge you to give it a go. We have worked with Claire now on two amazing trips, and it has been so great to have all that support and advice and a lot less hassle!

Sent by Mary Kirkham

I would absolutely recommend Claire! Claire booked us a fabulous City break in Prague and when it was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid she stepped in straight away to reschedule it for us. Claire’s communication and planning was seamless. We had a fabulous time. Transfers from and to the airport in Prague were fantastic and made everything so easy. The hotel was perfect and in a quieter part of town which was spot on for us! We are now looking forward to a special holiday to New York and Claire has been brilliant in helping us pull it altogether. We cannot recommend Claire enough, and even more so with travel being so disruptive at the moment. It’s so reassuring to know Claire is on hand to get everything sorted for you whatever happens. Thank you Claire! Xx

Sent by Pauline French

Following a recommendation from a friend, Claire has enabled us to book an amazing Sailing holiday Croatia, not an easy task with little notice and lots of hoops to get through including understanding certificates required, but she has done an amazing job and her support continues. Fantastic service Thank You!

Sent by Katy Green

Thank you so much for arranging a very long over due family holiday ! Your support, knowledge and advice was outstanding and knowing that you were on hand to help us when we were missing a passport, dealing with flight cancellations provided us with so much reassurance we were able to enjoy and relax the holiday ! The little touch of the kids flight parcels was lovely ! You really are a travel queen !

Sent by Lorraine Robinson

Thank you for arranging our recent hoilday to Malta. After the Covid 19 pandemic Claire re-organised our holiday and after lots of searching for our perfect holiday Claire booked Malta. We had a wonderful time staying at the Raddison Blu spa resort near St Julians Bay. Claire has been brilliant throughout the whole process, nothing too much trouble . It was lovely to get a text message during and after our holiday. She has been very helpful and the personal touch was perfect. I would highly recommend Claire to sort your holiday, Thankyou Claire

Sent by Jo Michael

A big thankyou to Claire...who has been so patient with helping us to arrange our break away to Paris and Disneyland. As we had not travelled abroad for a number of years we had a number of queries about our stay in France. Claire was able to answer them fully and reassure us with regards to latest travel info too. She organised hotels, tickets, transfers and we were really pleased with these choices. We had a great time. Its definitely given us the confidence to travel abroad again.

Sent by Susan Roberts

We booked our cruise through Travel Counsellors Claire Spicer. I thought it would be more expensive, but it didn't cost us any more at all and Claire took care of everything for us! Not only that, Claire got us a refund of £160 under the cruises line's price promise! She advised us on all the necessary covid arrangements and testing and ensured the cruise line was aware of medical conditions in our party as well as advising us on renewing passports, GHIC cards, holiday insurance and parking . She called me to make sure everything was ok a week or so before and I knew she'd be on hand if we needed her on the trip. She even left some food essentials at our door on our return! The cruise was fab and made even more relaxing by Claire.

Sent by Mark James

Special Golden Wedding Trip of a Lifetime: Claire organised an amazing special holiday for a Golden Wedding to Florida and helped at every stage of the planning and the holiday. Even after last minute Covid complications, Claire was there to offer support, give options and organise changes. It’s the little touches which make the difference such as Mickey ears arriving in the post for all of us to wear! This is our second holiday through Claire and we have already booked our next one. Amazing service and can’t recommend more highly for any trips you might be thinking of.

Sent by Ian Morgan

Excellent Customer Service All our dealings with Claire have been of the highest level. Claire provided a stress free and fantastic holiday itinerary for us. We would highly recommend using the service, we will be certainly for our future holidays.

Sent by Helen Gilchrist

3 holidays now booked through Claire, yet to actually go on any of them but service so far has been great! Lots of knowledge of destinations, understanding of our needs as a family and really quick to respond.

Sent by Corrin Marks

We wanted to take our 6 year old to Lapland. As this trip was going to be once in a lifetime, we wanted to make sure we had all the information we needed to make the right selection and choices. Claire was very quick in responding to our questions and gave us all the information we needed to be able to book our trip with confidence.

Sent by Nicola Sproul

I was a little dubious about travelling in the current climate but using Claire to help with my travel plans alleviated many of my areas of concern. She provided me with comprehensive information about the testing and forms required and even contacted me when rules changed to ensure that I had what was necessary in terms of paperwork and tests. I felt as prepared as I could be when it came to heading off. The accommodation Claire had recommended was great and brilliantly located for sightseeing, allowing me to really make the most of my time. All in all, I felt really comfortable travelling again and was pleased to see sanitiser stations all over both airports I visited. The aircraft too felt safe, with additional covid measures which felt really reassuring. It has left me excited about where I can go next, and with Claire’s expert help I’ll have my next adventure booked soon.

Sent by Helen Moreton

Thank you Claire for booking such a wonderful trip for us. Your dedication to finding the right provider and helping us with the plans and covid requirements was fantastic. We also really appreciated the kind touches such as the hand warmers and Lapland tree decoration! We would highly recommend your travel services to others!

Sent by Jeremy Gadd

Having returned from a lovely trip to Madera, it was made all the more pleasurable, and easy, knowing the help and support we have received from Claire. At very short notice she helped us find and book the right hotel and flights for us. We felt well looked after, even our luggage labels where filled in! Excellent; many thanks Claire.

Sent by Imogen Lindon

We have just returned from a family holiday to Gran Canaria which Claire organised for us. Organising a family holiday is always tricky trying to accommodate everyone’s needs, then add in all the COVID testing and it would have been a total stress without Claire’s support. She offers such a personal tailored service that I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Claire ??

Sent by Mark James

Amazing support - before, during and after our city break. Was fantastic to have additional guidance with the extra Covid testing needed and upto date information on requirements. I'd never book a trip elsewhere having already used Claire for several bookings.

Sent by Deborah Earnshaw

Claire offers a great travel service - knowledgeable, enthusiastic and strong customer service skills have enabled us to book a great holiday . I recommend her service.

Sent by Ian Morgan

Claire has been excellent throughout. We have really valued the advice and support she has given us and look forward to working with her again for our next holiday.

Sent by Imogen Lindon

As someone who loves travelling but finds it hard to be creative in regards to pulling a holiday together and gets completely stressed out with trying to book everything for my family and all their different needs, Claire has been amazing! Not only is she friendly and professional but takes the time to really get to know you and understand what is important to you in regards to your holiday. She came up with ideas I would never have thought of and is really thoughtful in making sure all the little details are covered. My biggest fear with using a travel consultant was that it would be really expensive, but Claire was great at working to my budget and sharing with me various options to consider. Claire helped me navigate the challenges of booking a holiday during these uncertain times with 100% confidence that I could get a refund or reschedule should I need to due to the pandemic. I have recommended her to all my friends and would highly recommend using her services for all your holiday needs big or small.

Sent by Jessica Birch

Claire has been brilliantly helpful in moving our planned summer holiday from 2020, to 2021 and then over to 2022. She took all the hassle and stress out of it for us, whilst being super patient and very clear in explaining what our options were. Covid 19 has obviously impacted lots of situations, but Claire was very professional and knew all the information we needed. Her knowledge was brilliant and she managed to secure the transfer of our holiday quickly, professionally and with minimum hassle for us. Thanks Claire. Can’t wait for next summer now!

Sent by Katy Green

Claire is amazing ! She spends so much time time getting you what you want ! And trust me with all the madness at the moment having someone sort out holidays for you is very much needed !

Sent by Claire Dunkason

Claire has been an absolute superstar in helping us find and design our perfect holidays. Most importantly perhaps Claire always listens to the type of trip or holiday we’re looking for, including our budget and must have’s etc. She always comes up with great options and suggestions using her knowledge, experience and passion for travel. I should also say Claire is professional; quick to respond and thinks of everything!!

Sent by Jen Hooper

Claire was fabulous - she listened carefully to our family requirements. She really took on board that this is going to be a really special holiday for us and our extended family. She was great at finding us something tailored to our needs and within our budget. Claire booked the holiday and made the whole process really easy and stress-free. We are so excited and looking forward to our adventure next year. Thank you Claire xx

Sent by Jennifer Litherland

We booked a family holiday to Portugal for 2020 but Covid 19 put a cruel stop to that. Through the massive efforts of our Travel counsellor Claire we managed to have the most wonderful alternative family week in a beautiful villa in Majorca. She organised flight changes and sorted out the countless number of never ending issues that the Pandemic seemed to put in our way. Doing all this with a sense of humour and always with her customers'needs in mind. Thank You. Our villa was situated in Sa Rapita ( a delightfully quiet ) small fishing village with its own harbour only 30-40 mins down the coast from the airport. Boasting its own swimming pool and 4 bedrooms there was plenty of room for the 5 of us. We could even have taken our dog had we wanted to . There was everything provided that we needed and again thank you for the little extra touches like the bottle of ice cold cava waiting for us on arrival. The immediate local area was quiet ,with a 10 mins lovely walk down a tree lined street to the sea (which I forgot to say we could see from our bedroom terrace.) We ate out in a small family run restaurant which was excellent and altogether had a really super time. The stress and strain of getting this holiday together was bourne by Claire and our enjoyment is testament to her perseverance and skills. I ,for one cannot thank her enough.

Sent by Louise Green

I don’t even know where to start!! We booked our holiday using Claire as our Travel Counsellor (because why wouldn’t you?) prior to the current pandemic. Thank goodness we did, what a logistical nightmare!! Claire managed to negotiate refunds, ticket changes and in fact organise a whole new holiday in a short space of time with no inconvenience to us. I was looking for something to suit two older teenagers, my mother and myself – not an easy task at the best of times let alone during a period of intense increased workload. Not only did Claire’s suggestions hit the nail on the head but she tweaked until it was our very own personalised holiday, she managed to transform what would have been a fiasco into a pleasant experience. If I’m honest even with plenty of time I wouldn’t have found or thought of the subtleties that made this holiday stand out from any other we’ve had. Every detail was taken care of by Claire and there is no doubt, our holiday would have been inferior had she not organised it. I will always use her from now on and cannot recommend her highly enough, thank you Claire.

Sent by Jessica Birch

Due to Covid19, when the time came for us to pay the balance of our holiday, we were very uncertain as to what to do. Claire however, had already scoped out our options in a super quick and proactive way. She dealt with our questions and was very reassuring, confirming for us that she could postpone our holiday for us at the same price. It was brilliant, responsive and stress free – superb customer service. Thanks Claire

Sent by Karen Stretch

Claire helped us to find flights to Vietnam and Thailand, suggesting routes to fit our dates and budget and linking us up on an easy-to-use app which gave clear and accessible information. She is friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone planning their holiday.

Sent by Louise Green

Just used the very clever Claire Filmer @ Travel Counsellors to book a week in the sun. I don’t know how but she’s managed to keep me, mother and two teenagers happy!! All the leg work done for me. Super efficient, friendly and most of all personal service. You hero!

Sent by Lucy Brown

Booking our holiday with Claire was brilliant. She listened to our exact needs and came up with some options for us. The whole experience was smooth, Claire worked at hours that suited us and was helpful throughout. We are now really looking forward to our holiday and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire and Travel Counsellors!

Sent by Jo Michael

Claire has been amazing for helping me to organise accommodation for two family holidays, one city break and one beach holiday. She has been super efficient and helpful and I would definitely recommend using her to plan my next break away.

Sent by Stuart Easton

Claire organised a skiing holiday for me and my son. She really listened to all our requirements and provided a range of great options to chose from. Claire has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Sent by Beth Turner

I love holidays but I can’t bear all of the browsing/researching/comparing activities that go with to find Claire who’s super-power is to do all that with precision and speed was like a dream come true! In 72 hours our extended family went from having an idea to booking a luxury Disney cruise holiday that ticks all of the boxes of eve eh one concerned. I have no idea how she did it - I’m just grateful that she did! We WILL be using Claire sanity depends on it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Beth x

Sent by Shirley Marsden

Thank you for Claire for tailoring and organising our trip of a life. You have given us exceptional service from the start of our journey to the end keeping our budget in mind. It has been a real pleasure to find someone who has been willing to listen to our requirements and make our dreams come true. Once again thank you Shirley

Sent by Beth Turner

I love holidays but I can’t bear all of the browsing/researching/comparing activities that go with to find Claire who’s super-power is to do all that with precision and speed was like a dream come true! In 72 hours our extended family went from having an idea to booking a luxury Disney cruise holiday that ticks all of the boxes of eve eh one concerned. I have no idea how she did it - I’m just grateful that she did! We WILL be using Claire sanity depends on it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Beth x

Sent by Diana Campbell

Our family booked with Claire this week. I really can't believe Claire managed to find us exactly what we wanted within four days of contacting her!! She listens and then gave us choices. Brilliant customer service

Sent by Jessica Birch

Claire was brilliant in our quest to find the perfect family summer holiday. She came up with three great options for us, based on our brief to her, and our budget. She did exactly what she said she would do, when she said she would do it - and was super helpful, responsive and professional. We have ended up with a holiday that we're all really excited about! Would highly recommend. She's taken the hassle out of the whole holiday booking process! Thank you Claire!

Sent by Ian Hiscock

As Claire's first booking, can I just say what a pleasure it was having her do all the heavy lifting on my part! She was great at finding options and sorting out all those bits that you’d love to have someone sort out. So, this is a service I can really recommend. And, of course, make sure it’s Claire Filmer you go to!!!