Top tips to reduce the impact of jet lag

Claire Spicer on 10 November 2019
Some top tips for reducing the impact of Jet Lag –

Tip No 1…..Drink loads of water and limit caffeine and alcohol (sad but true!) Flying can leave you feeling dehydrated. The more hydrated you can stay, the better prepared your body will be to adjust to a different time zone.

Tip No 2…..catch some zzz’s wherever and whenever you can, but not for more than 4 hours, and not as soon as you arrive somewhere. The sooner you can adjust to sleeping in sync with your new destination, the quicker your body will sync to the new time zone. A power nap can help keep jetlag at bay, but don’t sleep for more than 3-4 hours.

Tip No 3 – if you are feeling tired get outside and do some exercise or go for a walk, explore a new city. Natural daylight will help your body adjust to a new routine following most flights. Being exposed to light can help teach the body to feel more awake. That's why it's a good idea to introduce some light into your room when waking up.

Tip No 4 - Leave the curtains slightly open to make waking up a little easier. If you can go for a walk for an hour when you wake up in a new destination that will help your body adjust even more.

Tip No 5 – Try to adjust your time to bed, and wake time, a little to the new time zone a few days before you go. Easier said than done with all the last minute packing and preparing to do I know! Easing into your destination's time zone by adjusting your sleep schedule a few days before you arrive will help.

Tip No 6 – change your watch as soon as you begin your journey so you start to sync with your new time zone

Tip No 7 – remember travelling is tiring and when people are tired, they become sensitive to things that might not bother them normally. Be kind and patient…it helps everyone.