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I am privileged to be a Travel Counsellor based in Cheshire and have travelled extensively with my family over the past 30 years.

I am a cruise specialist as well as an avid cruiser and have been fortunate to travel on many different cruise lines across the world. With increasing popularity cruising offers a great holiday for everyone; singles, couples and families - there is a cruise out there to suit you.

With me it's personal and I really care about my customers taking care of the end to end process including completing the online check in procedure and then print and post your travel documents. I am not the internet, I am so much better than that, and you will always have a friendly voice on the end of the phone 24/7. Exceeding your expectations comes as standard with my personal service ensuring your holiday is stress free and enjoyable. See what my customers say on my customer testimonials page.

Whether it is the trip of a lifetime, a well deserved short break or a more energetic sporting holiday I would be delighted to assist you. Just a few of the services I offer are: -

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Delights of the Danube - A quick guide to river cruising

06 April 2022

Wow, what an amazing trip I’ve just been on - my first river cruise on the Danube! Yes, you might know me as an avid ocean cruiser… but last month, I shook things up and did something different. And I loved it. So, in this blog post, I will share with you my experience - and answer some key questions about river cruising. Keep reading to learn: - What to expect when river cruising - What the cabins, dining and entertainment are like - What excursions you can go on - Why it’s super convenient - How to book a river cruise Firstly, what’s so great about the Danube river? Do you love exploring new destinations? On a Danube river cruise, you truly get that opportunity. In fact, the Danube is the second largest river in Europe and passes through 10 countries…so, on a typical 7-night cruise, you can expect to visit 4 countries. That’s a lot of sightseeing in a week! How do you board a river cruise? Boarding was so easy - especially when compared to ocean cruising. It reminded me of checking into a hotel. When you arrive at the dockside, you wander down to the door of your ship where you are greeted, and your luggage is tagged and set aside. I found the check-in smooth and quick (even when checking all the relevant paperwork), and our cabin key was issued within minutes. What are your cabin options? There are typically three types of cabins onboard river cruises. - Standard cabins - on the 1st deck, with a small window which is usually quite high (great for letting natural light in but not great for viewing your surroundings) - Balcony cabins - on decks 2 & 3 - Larger suits - on decks 2 & 3 If you’ve been ocean cruising, you can expect the cabins on a river cruise to be very similar - just fewer of them. There are only between 100 and 150 cabins on a river cruise. We started our journey from Budapest, which is absolutely stunning. The buildings are lit up at night, showcasing Budapest’s breathtaking architecture. How does dining work on a river cruise? Most river cruises are full board - and some even include wine and beer with your lunch and dinner (mine did - yippee!). All ships have a main dining room. And, there’s an increasing number of brands adding additional speciality dining options for customers - which is excellent for those looking for alternative options to traditional dining. On the Danube river cruise I went on, there was a delicious well-stocked buffet with hot and cold offerings - and an omelette chef. For lunch, we had another buffet-style lunch packed with delicious locally inspired dishes such as Hungarian beef stew when we were docked in Budapest. Overall, I was so happy with all the choices - and the river cruises cater well for food allergies and intolerances. The star of the show was the evening meals - outstanding! The a la carte menu had three to four choices each time. Travelling with a fussy eater? Don’t worry - there will likely be an option for them. What are the entertainment options while river cruising? This is probably the biggest difference between ocean and river cruising - because of space. A river cruise typically has a nice lounge bar within the ship, and in some cases, an impressive outside bar that raises up and down (to get under the bridges) on the top deck. We enjoyed a fantastic band playing every night, which made for a great evening atmosphere. However, here is the really exciting bit… as you are mostly docked during the evening in a lovely destination, you have the freedom to go onshore and explore the local bars and restaurants instead. Get a real cultural dining experience and head out to a local restaurant or bar - a fabulous way to truly immerse yourself in each destination! What types of excursions are there on the Danube? All Danube river cruises offer tours. And, more and more companies include them in the overall costs - making it truly ‘all-inclusive’. Generally, excursions will be graded in terms of physical effort. So don’t worry if you’re not sure whether it’s for you. Grade 1 is a sedate walking tour or a bus tour, and Grade 4 is likely to be a hike up to a point of interest. If you’re not sure, speak to me before you book - or you can talk to someone on board. And here’s something for the cycling enthusiasts, most cruises have bicycles on board! What a fantastic way to explore a destination! Simply take these out independently or book an organised bike tour. You can even take short distance stops between cities where you can cycle alongside the ship to the next destination - which is super popular as cycling really immerses you in the scenery. Whatever excursion you book on, they are designed to immerse you in the local culture - from wine tasting with a local family to practising your culinary skills in a local restaurant. Remember, you always have the choice to do your own thing too - if you prefer. How convenient is river cruising? Very! I loved just walking on and off the ship at leisure. Here’s a bit of history for you… as the rivers used to be motorways many years ago, there are many cities situated on these rivers. That means when you dock up, you are there. Nothing more than a 10-minute stroll, and you’re in the heart of the city - no buses or transfers needed. Your ship acts as a transfer between these amazing places. You unpack once, and you get to see multiple cities. See, super convenient. What river cruise is right for you? Honestly, there’s a cruise for everyone. I visited 10 ships during this trip, and they all offered something different - from family-focussed (a whole deck dedicated to families) to 5-star luxury boutique-style ships. Don’t worry about suitable excursions as ships will always be tailored for their audience. So if you’re on a family-focused cruise, you’ll have options to visit a science museum or chocolate factory (yum yum!) for example. Yet, you’re likely to enjoy gastronomy tours and wine tasting for more adult-focused cruises. There’s also a brand of river cruise whose target audience is as broad as between 21-and 50 - so there really is a cruise for everyone. How do I book a river cruise? I’d love to help. Get in touch today to discuss your river cruising options. I can advise what’s right for you and help you book an amazing river cruise holiday you won’t forget. Overall, I’d really recommend this fantastic way to explore the delights of the Danube.

Family cruising - all you need to know

17 June 2019

Cruising has often been perceived as being for people of a certain age and boy has this changed over the past 10 – 15 years! We took our first Caribbean cruise as a family when my boys were 8 and 11 and they absolutely loved it, so let me tell you a bit more about cruising with family and answer some questions you may have…. 1. How do I choose the right cruise to suit the whole family? This is a really important point as choosing the wrong cruise will affect both your enjoyment and your likelihood of cruising again. As a Travel Counsellor and avid cruiser, I can really help choose the right cruise for you. In order to get it just right, there are a number of questions I would ask you, such as: - i. What activities your children enjoy taking part in when on holiday and whether they enjoy kids’ clubs? ii. Do you like the idea of formal nights on a cruise or would you prefer casual/less formal dining options? iii. Would you dine at set times or prefer flexibility? iv. Do you have an idea of where you would like to visit on your cruise? iv. Do you have a preference regarding the size of ship would you like to sail on? vi. Do you mind flying to the cruise departure point or would you prefer a UK cruise departure point e.g. Southampton? All of these questions enable me to build a picture of the right cruise lines and itineraries that would be best for your requirements. The good news is that whatever your preferences, there’s always a cruise to suit you and your family. 2. Will there be enough for the children to do on the ship and are they safe? If I told you that the following activities are available on selected ships would you believe me? Rock climbing walls, outdoor go karting, sky diving, outdoor trampoline park, laser tag, wave simulator, ice skating rink, waterparks, virtual reality gaming, bowling alley, arcade, rollercoaster (Oct 2019) These are just a selection of onboard activities for children (and adults!) on several cruise ships. From my experience, if anything we were not onboard long enough to take full advantage of all these activities hence booking another cruise as soon as we got back! Just to be clear most of the activities above are also included in your cruise fare! With a small selection at an additional cost. Safety on-board is paramount to all cruise lines and the cruise industry. The ships are designed in such a way that all decks are safe. One of the best things about cruising is that you can let your children once they are a certain age discover the ship and activities in the knowledge that they are safe. I’ve seen many fellow cruise passengers use Walkie Talkies so they are in constant contact with their children, alternatively your children may choose to stay with you. As soon as you embark the ship your children have a wristband attached which has their information on and there’s plenty of staff around the ship to help with children (and adults!) who get lost. 3. My children are fussy eaters or have food allergies? Unfortunately, food intolerances and allergies are on the increase and I’m pleased to say that for children and adults most, if not all, cruise lines offer Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian food choices. All menus have an ingredients key which also advises if the dish has milk or nuts in it. Any allergies would be noted in advance of your departure, so the cruise line is aware. Similarly, with fussy eaters there’s a selection of home comforts on the main dining room menus such as roast chicken breast or pasta with a tomato sauce. Most cruise lines will also adapt any meals once they know your likes and dislikes, so you can enjoy the dining experience just like everyone else. 4. How can we enjoy the evening entertainment with the children? If like my boys they’re not fussed by the evening shows, the kid’s club often run into the evenings where they will lay on activities such as teen disco’s, gaming competitions, science at sea activities to name but a few. Sometimes they might even want to be in the kid’s club at mealtimes which means you can enjoy a nice meal and the evening show without having to worry about them. 5. What if I have a child with special needs? A number of cruise ships provide the ideal holiday environment for families living with Autism, Down’s syndrome and other developmental disabilities. This includes sensory films and toys and dietary menu options. You will find specially trained staff, extra assistance, specialized respite sessions and private activities available. Here’s just an idea of what to expect: - i. Autism-friendly films – Presented in a low lit, low volume environment where guests are is encouraged to talk and walk freely during the film. ii. Toy lending programme – You will be provided with a tote bag of autism friendly toys to be used in the play areas or in your stateroom. iii. Priority check in – Priority boarding and check in ensures no long queues Cruising is also a great option for passengers with mobility issues or who are wheelchair bound. There’re several accessible cabins on every cruise ship specially adapted for wheelchair users. The ships are designed to be wheelchair friendly to ensure everyone has a great vacation. Cruising with family is one of the most enjoyable holiday experiences I have had, and this is mainly due to there being something for everyone. You get to have a great time and relax in the knowledge that your children are entertained, happy and safe. Let’s face it – if the kids are happy then everyone’s happy!

Why use a Travel Counsellor for my holiday plans ?

05 June 2019

I have written this blog as it’s a question I get asked a lot – “Why should we book with you and not the high street/internet?” What do you charge for your service? What do you do that’s different to everyone else? So here goes…. The travel industry and the way we research, and book travel has changed significantly over the past 5 – 10 years. Gone are the days of using guidebooks from the library to research your trip and solely having a travel agency to book your flights and accommodation. There’s a huge amount of resources available from booking websites, travel apps and travel companies which can be mind boggling. Unfortunately, not all are legitimate, and they don’t all take the stress out of booking travel! So why entrust your travel plans with me, a Travel Counsellor? 1. I’M A PROFESSIONAL There are lots of things we could probably attempt ourselves, but (from experience) a professional will certainly do the job better. I’ll give you an example – if you wanted your living room wallpapered you have 2 options – 1) Buy the wallpaper and do it yourself 2) Get a professional in to do it. Which option do you think will have the better outcome? You think by getting a professional in it will cost more than doing it yourself but if you put a price on your own time and the fact it will probably take you at least twice as long as a professional I would say it works out less. I have over 20 years travel experience and this combined with my ongoing training with Travel Counsellors has given me a significant amount of industry knowledge as well as key contacts in the business. 2. I ADD THE HUMAN ELEMENT AND AM AVAILABLE OUT OF HOURS Every client I deal with is unique in their own way – an online search engine can’t identify this and does it even care! I listen, get to know you and suggest some options for your holiday. Together we define what you want from your trip and end up with a holiday that’s perfect for you. I am available evenings and weekends which is when most of my clients are free to chat. I can do home visits if you prefer face to face contact or meet in a coffee shop. I’m your contact from your initial enquiry until the time you get home and I really do care about your experience. Happy customers recommend me to their friends and referrals are what my business is based on. 3. I SAVE YOU TIME AND HAVE THE RESOURCES Your time is valuable. There was a report that said holiday research takes the average person an equivalent of 4 working days! I’ll do the research for you or build on yours – sometimes it will take me a few days to narrow down the options. I am also using industry leading technology to build your itinerary and where required I reach out to our partners we have in many countries to assist us with more complex itineraries. Did you know that on average I spend around 5-7 hours researching and preparing quotes for the first stage of an enquiry? Would the high street do that? 4. 100% FINANCIAL PROTECTION Travel Counsellors offer the highest level of protection you could wish for because it’s fully independent. Set up in 2004, it sits alongside our ATOL cover and financially protects every part of every trip, no ifs or buts. 5. ROUND THE CLOCK SUPPORT Things happen – that’s just the nature of travel! At Travel Counsellors we have a 24/7 Duty office staffed by an incredible team who have a constant eye on what’s going on in the World and at the touch of a button can work out which of our clients may be affected. This generally happens before incidents hit the news. We’ll give you a call and make sure you’re OK and adapt any travel plans if required. MY FEES There are no fees! I get paid commission when I make a booking from the suppliers in the same way the industry gets paid. Therefore, getting the customer requirements right at the start is so important to ensure time is not wasted on researching the wrong thing. Don’t be offended if I ask you “Have you already got a price and what is it?”, or “Are you looking to book this experience in the next week?”. This enables me to make a judgement call on whether it’s something I feel investing 5-7 hours researching is likely to result in a booking. I might not be able to beat the internet on price, but the internet certainly will not beat me on service. By using a Travel Counsellor, you will receive great service from the start of your enquiry with someone who cares. This doesn’t stop when the booking is made. The relationship will continue not only up to departure but also when you return. We want to know you had a great time and capture recommendations for future travellers. We believe by giving this service we will create customers for life.

What is expedition cruising all about?

01 June 2019

Expedition cruising in growing in popularity and attracts passengers of all ages seeking adventure and exploration. Expedition cruising is much like traditional cruising, but with more emphasis placed on the experience ashore, excursions and ports of call – many of which are much more off-the-beaten-track than mainstream cruises. You will generally be onboard with National Geographic or photography experts as well as an on-board expedition team comprising scientists, scholars, naturalists and more. Expedition ships are smaller than ocean ships, so they can navigate and gain access to ports most other ships can’t reach. This makes the itineraries exciting and unique with destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. Zodiacs are used to in many places as opposed to tender boats to get on and off the ship at Aside from offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences, expeditions also promote environmentally friendly cruising. Following the introduction of the Polar Code in January 2018, expedition ships holding a Polar Ship certificate are required to comply with specific standards concerning the ships’ construction, equipment and training of the crew when operating in the Polar Regions. This ensures that the ships are safe, and staff pay attention to environmental pollution. You will often see on expedition cruises at several ports the ships staff (and sometimes customers) collecting plastic from the shores placing them in large containers ready to be removed. Hurtigruten are launching the first hybrid ship with 0% emissions and with hybrid technology aim to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%. There's a variety of expedition ships on offer ranging from 4* to 6* experiences so there is a cruise for everyone. The more informal ships will not require you to change attire for your evening meal and will generally include beer and wine at mealtimes whilst the more luxurious ships will have a formal dress code for dinner with evening entertainment. The 6-star experiences are generally all inclusive but don't just include beverages this will also include all excursions. If you want a once in a lifetime experience visiting unique destinations expedition cruising is for you. It's certainly been added to my bucket list!

3 Generations Family Break

01 April 2019

In September 2018 we took a 6-day trip to Toronto with my two grown up sons aged 17 and 20 and also my parents who wanted to tick Niagara Falls off their bucket list! After a relatively short flight (just over 6.5 hours) we arrived and collected our hire car. The transfer to our accommodation which was in Jarvis Street and the centre was only around 45 minutes and driving around Toronto is relatively easy. We chose to hire a car as it worked out with 6 of us cheaper than paying for 6-day trips to Niagara and gave us more flexibility. Out and about Toronto has a lovely feel to it as a large city and whilst there are similarities to New York it felt less hectic – September was also a great time to travel as the weather was generally sunny with mixed cloud but consistently around 21 – 22 degrees. After the first day of finding our feet and exploring on foot the local area we had booked to see a Blue Jays game – a must if they are playing whilst you are there. The tickets were relatively inexpensive at around 30 Canadian Dollars and what an amazing experience and atmosphere. My Mum and Dad loved it especially when they started playing 60’s music before the game started and in between rounds. The Blue Jays won which was also a bonus! As we tend to do in most cities we visit, we took the open top bus tour which was a great way to see the city and the key landmarks. They are always very comfortable and informative and included a boat tour of Toronto islands which is a must. You can also get a ferry to the islands and hire bikes which we would look to do next time. Then for the main event - we drove to Niagara Falls but stopped off at a beautiful and quaint town called Niagara on the Lake. Parking was available, and it is a popular stop they make if you take a bus tour to Niagara Falls. It almost takes you back in time with its boutique kind of shops one of which is an all year-round Christmas store. There are a small number of hotels here and I would love to stay for a few days if we visited again. One of the things we didn’t do this time but is also widely available on the route to Niagara is wine tasting. Ice wine is a favourite of mine from Toronto and is made from the grapes when they are frozen. It’s really sweet and drunk in small quantities - be sure to pick yourself up a bottle. When we arrived at the falls it was cloudy which was a shame however the look on my Mum and Dads faces was priceless. We ventured onto the Hornblower for a boat tour that takes you right under the falls which was great but just a warning – even with the ponchos provided you do get wet! Food We had some great food in Toronto ranging from Oriental to the traditional Poutine which consists of French fries topped with cheese curd and gravy which was a favourite with my sons! There are some lovely high-end restaurants as we discovered when we were trying to book for our anniversary meal. We settled on STK which is a specialist steak chain and had the most amazing experience and food and were treated like royalty which made our anniversary really special. You can also book a table at the restaurant on top of the CN tower with amazing views. Prices generally for food and drink I would say are comparable with most major cities in Canada and the US if not slightly cheaper given a more favourable exchange rate. Hotels There’s a large selection of hotels ranging from major chains to smaller boutique hotels. As expected for a city the prices are more expensive right in the centre but as you move towards the outer areas you can get more for your money. Getting around on public transport or taxis is really easy and they have an underground tunnel of walkways so in winter months you don’t need to be exposed to the elements. I would recommend Toronto as either a short city break destination as an alternative to New York or as part of a multi-centre vacation. It felt like a really safe city to be in and was easy to navigate around – I will be back…

MSC Bellissima – A brand new cruise for all ages…

12 March 2019

A brand-new arrival, MSC’s Bellissima is a welcome addition to their Meraviglia class of ship. Boasting a 2 deck inside promenade with a striking 80-metre-long LED dome, 20 bars and 10 restaurants and a desert themed water park there is absolutely something for everyone onboard. I had the privilege to be on her inaugural sailing from Southampton to Lisbon on the 4th of March. Let’s talk statistics – 19 decks which accommodate up to 5686 passengers in 2217 cabins. 70% of the cabins have balconies and every cabin has the new innovative Zoe – your personal cruise assistant (she’s MSC’s version of Alexa). You are looked after day and night by 1564 crew members. The ship The wow factor hits you from the moment you embark with its magnificent crystal staircase. Each step actually cost $10,000! Bellissima had a warm and welcoming feel onboard and boasts the longest LED screen at sea. Each day there was a different theme ranging from natural wonders and beautiful monuments to time travel and wizardry. MSC have a constant sales approach whether it be for photographs, drinks packages (which most people had pre-purchased) or excursions. I expected this on the first day but didn’t expect it to continue throughout the cruise. Cabins I stayed in a balcony cabin which had a great layout with modern furnishings. The bed and pillows were really comfortable, and we had Zoe our in-cabin assistant who came in really useful when trying to locate the hairdryer! You don't get towel shaped animals as you do on other cruises but hey it’s not a deal breaker. The shower comes with a shampoo and body wash dispenser which is useful. Dining The Marketplace is the main area for breakfast, it’s buffet style and well stocked from yoghurts and fruit through to a full English breakfast. I'd recommend the caramelized bananas. They use ceramic mugs for your coffee and tea rather than plastic ones. Fruit juices are also available. Breakfast is also served 'a la carte style' at the Posidonia restaurant between 8am and 9.30am. The Marketplace is the main area for lunch, and I believe this beats most cruise ships hands down. The food was varied and fresh and the pizza is to die for. They had pasta stations, grill and rotisserie options and ethnic specialities including Thai, Indian and Chinese dishes. There’s also a bar in the Marketplace. In the dining room for dinner there are two sittings, one at 6.30pm and the next at 9pm. The 9pm sitting worked fine for us as we enjoyed a drink or 2 in one of the bars before dinner. The menu selection was good with around 5 - 6 starters and main courses to choose from. Out of our 5 nights, 3 – 4 of them we had amazing food. A couple of things that let the food down was serving mashed potato from an ice cream scoop and serving Risotto on a plate not in a bowl. It did taste really good, but presentation is important. The Lasagne was disappointing as it was 95% pasta and 5% filling. The waiter offered me an alternative and I opted for the prime rib which was great. Overall the food was good in the dining room – If I were to travel again on MSC I would opt for the speciality dining package and would also try the Marketplace buffet for an evening meal to mix it up. There are 5 speciality restaurants onboard – Teppanyaki, Sushi, Spanish Tapas, Steakhouse and a French Bistro. I was lucky enough to try samples from all of them and it is definitely worth the 29 – 39 Euro supplement or to purchase a package. The Teppanyaki was my favourite but they were all a high standard. Bars There are 20 bars onboard and as you would expect several them are situated on the promenade. These include a champagne bar and they all serve great cocktails, beers, wines and spirits. We purchased a premium drinks package which was great value and you could have any drink up to the value of €10. Drinks were reasonably priced for example a glass of Pinot Grigio was only €5 which is good compared to other cruise lines. Our favourite bar was the sky bar. It was located on the 18th deck and overlooked the pool and huge TV screen. A nice touch was how they brought a bowl of nibbles with your drinks and all the servers we encountered were nice and friendly. The bars and lounges on the promenade decks could have done with more seats and this was evident on a cruise that was not at full capacity. Children’s facilities Whilst I wasn’t travelling with children, I did take the time to look at the facilities offered, and this is where MSC exceeds expectation. Most of deck 18 is dedicated to children’s clubs and play facilities with the aqua park situated on deck 19. They have 5 children’s clubs in age bandings ranging from Baby Club Chicco for under 3 years through to Teen club which is 15-17 years. In addition to the children’s clubs the Bellissima has an arcade with a mini 2 lane bowling alley, a full-size sports court, a virtual reality maze and F1 simulators. Some of these activities are at a cost (mainly the virtual reality maze and F1 simulators). Entertainment Entertainment was plentiful with a singer, pianist or group playing throughout the day and night around the ship. We only got to see the evening show, Pink, a music through the ages kind of show and shown in the aptly named London theatre. One of the key features of the Bellissima was their headline act performed by Cirque Du Soleil – it got booked up within hours of sailing away and we missed out which was disappointing but good to know to book earlier. There is a cost for Cirque Du Soleil which was €15 per person including a cocktail. Communication was my biggest disappointment on the Bellissima. Every evening we had our cruise news which was great as I always enjoy reading this. There didn’t appear to be a cruise director on the ship and the ship’s announcement system was used no more than twice a day. Unfortunately, we experienced bad weather on this cruise and passengers would have appreciated communication as to how long it was set to last. MSC need to improve this in order to reach the high standards of other cruise lines. Overall All in all, we had a great time on board Bellissima and would recommend it based on it’s reasonable prices, fabulous itineraries and family facilities. It compares well with other cruise lines on food, facilities and entertainment but be prepared to pay for extra’s and be sure to book your shows early.

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Sent by Vaughan Paterson

What an amazing professional service! Dawn was recommended by a friend and I wish I'd come to her years ago. She doesn't mess about she just provides a brilliant service. I'm especially pleased to know that Dawn will fight for me if anything goes wrong with my flights. You can't put a price on peace of mind! Thanks Dawn

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Dawn was a pleasure to talk with and very clear on everything that we asked about. Even answering questions about other travel plans I have in these uncertain times. 5 stars all the way

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Dawn listened to all my requests and came up a perfect itinerary with a contingency plan. She was very professional but also reassuring and thoughtful. I will definitely be contacting her again for future travel and have already recommended her to friends

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I would definitely recommend Dawn Hilliard to my friends and family. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the travel industry. She listens to all your requests and formulates itineraries tailored to your budget and desires. She is extremely approachable and friendly.

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Dawn is a fantastic travel agent and I would highly recommend speaking to her. She knew exactly what we wanted and helped us achieve it, cannot thank her enough for all of the clear information she gave us. Will be definitely using her in the future :)

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Dawn is always so quick to respond to our enquiries. She provides us with options that meet our exact requirements and is super thorough with everything. It really takes the stress and hassle out of holiday booking to have someone like Dawn taking care of things

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Dawn was extremely helpful in sorting our holiday for our wedding and has helped guests too. She was so lovely and nothing was too much trouble . She replied so quickly and it is reassuring that she is only on the other end of the phone . Could not recommend enough

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First time using a travel counsellor, would recommend it and importantly would highly recommend Dawn she’s been ace. Thank you

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Dawn, our Travel Counsellor, could not have put more effort in to make sure our holiday went smoothly. Given the covid restrictions and regulations I don't think we would ever have made it out of the UK without her. She changed our booking ( necessary due to changing Covid regs) spending hours on the phone to the Tour Operator and then completed all our passenger locator paperwork for us to get to our holiday and also get home. Her help saved us hours of time and the cost of the holiday was the same as it would have been booking direct. I could go on but it is fair to say that using Dawn of Travel Counsellors is a complete no brainer. I will book all my holidays through her from now on. Thank you Dawn


You know when you meet a do'er in life it makes your world so much brighter - Dawn is one of life's do'ers . Very professional and always willing to sort things- I couldn't speak more highly of the absolute support Dawn provides on everything to do with travel - she is an expert in her business . I would recommend using Dawn for all your travel needs - you won't look back - she always goes that extra mile to make sure you travel with no worries or concerns . When you think of the absolute pandemonium / red tape / and constantly changing rules that have beset the travel industry - Dawn is always there to guide you through - her knowledge within the industry is second to none . Dawn has a lovely professional nature about her too which is so reassuring - you know you are in great hands . Massive recommendation from me and like I say give her a call your travel experience will never be the same - you won't look back . Steve Fuller ( Business traveller for 35 years )

Sent by Samuel Johnson

One of the most helpful travel agents I’ve come across and can’t comment enough on how much I would recommend Dawn to friends and family. Everything I have asked has been done and Dawn has gone above and beyond for me

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Dawn was fantastic and sorted our trip even when I changed things she never missed a step. I have already recommended her to a friend and will carry on

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Great suggestions made for my changing requests. Really pleased.

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Dawn was friendly, helpful and answered any questions we asked. We have a great deal for our trip that meets everything we need Would recommend Dawn to anyone looking for good sound holiday advice and service

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We are so grateful to have Dawn’s support in booking and rearranging the travel date of our 2020 summer holiday to 2021. Dawn saved us hours by us not having to attempt contact with TUI at this very busy time and kept us updated along the way. This is why using TC makes so much sense. We highly recommend Dawn to anyone who wants to enjoy taking the hassle and worry out of booking a holiday.

Sent by Anne-Marie Lindsay

Dawn has now helped me to plan a number of holidays from Lapland, flights to the US, holiday to the Canaries and most recently a very exciting trip to Florida including Royal Caribbean Cruise for Easter 2021. Dawn really takes the time to get to know you, your family your expectations and what’s important to you, and comes back with some amazing options. Her ability to understand and translate these into wonderful holidays truly makes the difference and I can’t thank her enough

Sent by Jan Hellens

Just couldn’t have done it without the help and patience of Dawn! We both had a real challenge booking my special 60th birthday celebration for 48 family members! Thank you so very much I can now sleep at night again!!! Xx

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Great service, friendly and personal yet professional and efficient. Would have no hesitation recommending Dawn.

Sent by Keith Hadaway

Dawn I would like to thank you on behalf of all my family for the recent holiday to Florida that you so expertly organised. Given that my wife and one of my sons are control freaks it was a huge step to let someone else take control of the main elements of our trip. This you did with great professionalism and expertise. You were able to put us at ease every step of the way and answer our many questions either by phone or email. The whole trip went off without any problems at all. Everything was organised down to the last taxi to take us back to the airport and everything ran like clockwork. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding whilst dealing with our requirements and requests. Kathryn and I would have no hesitation in using your services again and referring you to our family and friends.

Sent by Ian Bell

A big thank you from me for arranging a river cruise holiday for my mum and my daughter at very short notice. Last Wednesday after just talking about the idea of a holiday and then putting it off, my mum went and got her passport and announced, "Well it's still valid we could go now!" Timescales were tight, it was very last minute - It had to be in the next 4 weeks and had to be scenic, Rhine or Danube. This is mums first holiday in over 10 years after being a 24 hour a day carer for my father, who passed away earlier this year. We needed an expert! I talked to Dawn on Thursday morning who contacted my mum straight away and found 2 options that fitted the bill. My mum had decided by the next morning which one they wanted, and it was all booked and paid for within 24 hours of the initial enquiry. Dawn took time to understand the sort of holiday that mum wanted and my urgency to get something booked. Her responsiveness and attention to detail are flawless even down to reminding us of the other important things to do like travel insurance. Thanks so much for making this happen. Knowing that this is sorted and that someone is on hand to look after whilst they are away is already making me feel more relaxed and they are both so excited!

Sent by Jane Povey

Excellent, professional one to one knows exactly where you are with everything. Nothing too much trouble. Cannot fault any aspect of Dawns service.

Sent by Daniel Oliver

Dawn gave us a great service from start to finish, she made the process of booking our holiday very simple compared with booking all aspects separately as I have done before and our holiday actually cost less than it would have done booking everything separately. We had a great family holiday and look forward to working with Dawn again on our next holiday. Thanks Dawn! x

Sent by Rachel Wright

Excellent service from Dawn. Great options, quick turnaround on quote and competitively priced. Will definitely use again. Thanks Dawn :)

Sent by Richard Woodroffe

Fantastic service! Just asked Dawn to research flights for a family holiday. But she also booked the tickets for me, arranged payment, gave me passport advice, provided me with a full itinerary and sent me information about the entry criteria for the country we’re visiting. She just took all the hassle out of the process - would definitely recommend her services!

Sent by Karen Green

Just booked our summer holidays and I am sharing as Dawn Hilliard was amazing. We had no idea where we wanted to go, but we gave Dawn a little list of what we did like from our hols, and she came up with a handful of options for us in no time. Spoilt for choice, but settled on flights, villa and hotel including private transfers in Corfu. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks Dawn

Sent by Dan Beecher

I can’t thank Dawn Hilliard enough for sorting my trip to Australia and New Zealand for me. Dawn made it so simple and stress free, and I highly recommend her personal and exceptional service. If you are holidaying/travelling this year, Dawn is the lady to help you out!

Sent by Deborah Bulcock

Dawn is super helpful, cheery and efficient. A real pleasure to work with and I don't know how she puts things together so fast. I can highly recommend Dawn for all your holidaying needs!

Sent by Karen Rose

I can’t speak highly enough of the service received from Dawn. I’ve made 2 enquiries which have both resulted in a booking. The reason for this is Dawn listened to my requirements, despite being ever changing, and worked with the budget I set. She’s very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful with suggestions on locations and accommodation. Booking was a pleasure as everything is taken care of and sorted for you. I will definitely be using Dawn again for future holidays.

Sent by Sue Goodier

First time using Dawn and she has been very helpful and gave us different options of what we were after. She listened to everything we wanted. She was extremely quick coming back to us and everything was booked so easy. Would recommend Dawn to all my friends and definitely will use Dawn again.

Sent by Naynesh Patel

Fantastic service provided by Dawn. Dawn planned my entire trip to Hong Kong and Vietnam and provided clear and concise information. Very flexible and patient.. highly recommend Dawn for all of your holiday needs!

Sent by Kevin Cook

Thanks for all your help Dawn - saved me so much time with your swift, efficient but personal service. Its great to know that you have everything in hand just waiting to check us in for our flights in due course. We are now looking forward to a great break in Cape Verde and will send you some pics of the sunkissed beaches and bright blue sea.

Sent by Nic Hyde

Wow! Why have I messed about with online bookings for so many years! We asked Dawn to find a holiday with very specific requirements for very complex needs due to medical and physical restrictions. Boy! The most straight forward booking ever! Plus found the most amazing destination that meet all our needs! Can’t wait to experience the luxury destination/resort! Thank you so much! Can’t wait for you to find us our next Dawn .

Sent by Sam Challenger

The customer is at the heart of everything she does, fabulous ideas, hotels, flights and transfers arranged.

Sent by Susan Hilliard

Efficient, friendly service. Nothing is too much trouble. I will definitely use Dawn Hilliard for future holidays