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Ready to make your dream holiday a reality? I’m Diane and I’m here to make sure your holiday is exactly how you want it to be.

Imagine Your Dream Holiday - I’ll Make It a Reality
Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next trip away or have a very clear idea of how your holiday will be, I am here to take away the hassle of searching, planning and booking. You can sit back and look forward to your holiday, knowing that you are in safe hands, that your wish list has been thoroughly researched and ticked off and your holiday will be as amazing as you imagine it to be.

The Perfect Holiday - Tailormade for You
Pampering, culture, action packed, wildlife, family friendly, beach retreat, romance, weekend break, short trip, long haul, cruising…what makes your perfect holiday?
The perfect holiday means something different to everyone, so I spend time with all my clients, getting to know what they want from their holiday, who they are travelling with and what will make the trip special. With access to an extensive range of holiday products at the most competitive prices I can recommend several different options. It’s the little things that make all the difference and I make sure every last detail, such as booking the airport lounge, arranging private airport transfers and pre-booking airline seating are all arranged to suit your party’s needs. The perfect holiday, tailormade for you.

Excellent Choice and Competitive Prices
With access to the very best offers on the market your only problem will be making a decision! Flights and hotels, all-inclusive and villas, world cruising and exotic retreats. I can also help with extras such as travel insurance, car hire and excursions. You’ll benefit from my 25 years of travel knowledge and experience at no extra cost.

24/7 Support for Travellers
My help doesn’t stop once you’ve booked your holiday, you have my support 24/7 whilst you are travelling. This means should there be any unexpected occurrences whilst you are on holiday I am here to help. You won’t be put through to a call centre, lost in a phone system of left in a call queue. From dealing with lost luggage and tracking down lost teddies, to major travel disruption I am here working on your behalf to sort out the problem. When the Icelandic Ash Cloud caused major disruption to air travel back in 2010 and most recently with the COVID-19 travel lockdown, I worked tirelessly with all my travelling clients to get then home as quickly and safely as possible.

Complete Financial Protection
Travel Counsellors are leaders in Customer Financial Protection. Your holidays are ATOL bonded and protected by the Travel Counsellors Trust ensuring your money is 100% safe.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Mamma Mia - Mum and Maria!

21 September 2023

Well where do I start with this picture perfect week away in one of my favourite countries! My Daughter and I are huge fans of the Greek Islands and also love Mamma Mia so it felt right that our holiday destination was Skopelos for our Mum & Daughter holiday. We flew into the neighbouring island of Skiathos and then took a small boat across to Skopelos and onto the Ionia Hotel in Skopelos Town. We arrived late at night and couldn't wait to open our blinds the next day to see the view and it didn't disappoint. We tucked into our breakfast full of fresh local produce before setting off to explore the resort, through little windy cobble roads, past typical white Greek buildings, blue shutters and doors, the odd cat and the sun beaming down - what more could we ask for. The harbour area is beautiful with the promenade lined with restaurants and tavernas with the buildings of the town rising up the hillside in true postcard style. We wandered around not following a particular route just following the sights, smells and views... there are plenty of little shops selling local gifts, jewellery, and beauty products made from olive oil and honey. A few days into our holiday we picked up our little hire car a micra we nick named "Milly" Milly was just perfect, we played ABBA songs and off we set on our road trip, there's not that many main roads on the island they are very winding with breath taking views. We visited Glysteri Beach, which is where Sophie and her fathers jump off the rocks after their sailing trip, Kastani Beach, Amarandos Cove, Agnontas, and not to mention the Chapel of Agios Ionnis where Sophie and Skys wedding took place. This little chapel is perched on the top of a rock overlooking the sea and is reached by just over 200 steps - all of these places we visited were just as we imagined and a little bit more - Oh how I wish we were back there in our happy place. Maria and I love a good sunset and enjoy sea kayaking and booked on a sunset kayaking trip which was one of our favourite evenings, we paddled down the coast, stopped at a few little beaches and then sat out at sea with the sun setting around us - special lifelong memories were made that night. Even if you are not fans of the film, Skopelos is a beautiful unspoilt and very traditional Greek Island and well worth a visit. It can be twinned up with other islands too so if you feel it could be too small for you, you could have a few nights there and the stay on Skiathos which is where you fly into - that's my plan for when I return!

Top Tips When Travelling With Children

03 December 2019

Travelling with children can be a daunting prospect, no matter if it’s your first or fifth child! When you book a family holiday with me I take care of all the little details, from pre-booked seating on the flights to arranging for a cot or kids bed in your room or car seats on the transfers/car hire to top family hotel and destination recommendations. Just call me to find out more. Here are my top 20 travel tips based on personal experience. 1. Bring a change of clothes for your little one – and for you! Take warm clothes for everyone as the air con on the plane can be very chilly, especially after a week in the sun. If potty training, it’s extra important to take spare clothes for the journey - the excitement and distraction of the flight can mean kids often forget they need the toilet before it’s too late. 2. Technology can be a great distraction to keep kids entertained on a flight, just make sure it’s fully charged and to take a charger with you (with appropriate plug adaptor). To avoid travel sickness don’t let kids look at iPads/gadgets for too long at a time. Encourage them to look up and around and if they start to feel queasy put the tablet away! 3. If still in nappies: create a nappy pack. Put one nappy and two or three baby wipes into a nappy bag. Loosely tie up the bag. Create as many as you think you’ll need for the journey. When you need to change a nappy on the plane, you just pull out one of your nappy packs without having to rummage around which makes you feel more organised and relaxed. 4. Gift wrap an activity pack; little ones love this! Fill a small bag with gift wrapped activity and reading books, pens and small toys so that every half hour or hour they can open one and play with it - great for preventing boredom setting in. 5. Always make sure that you take a favourite toy, if it is small enough to travel with you. Nothing can beat that sense of security of having that favourite thing with them when at the airport, on the plane and when you arrive at the hotel and their new bed. 6. Ask kids any age to help you pack. Get your children involved and let them pack a small backpack with their things. Let them pack their changes of clothes and their swimsuits in case your luggage goes missing, as that way they can still get into the pool when you get there. 7. Prepare for popped ears! If you’re travelling with kids, try to make sure you have a drink and some sweets available for take-off and landing (or a soother/dummy if they use it) to help their ears to pop. Remind them to swallow lots and ask them to open their jaw as wide as possible during ascents and descents to assist with equalising the pressure. 8. Make sure you pack any medication for you and your child in hand luggage. If you use Calpol, then take some with you in case you need it at any point in your journey. I also always pack a mini first aid kit for bumps and scrapes - just a few plasters and some antiseptic wipes, just in case. 9. Try and keep as much as possible to your normal routine, so get children to brush their teeth, go to the toilet and put their pyjamas on before you get them to try and sleep. Their regular routine is just as important on the plane or at the hotel as it is at home. 10. Bring a sheet, blanket or pillow case from home. Bringing your child’s bedlinen from home will help them to sleep and to make them feel more secure when they go to bed. Often hotels don’t provide cot bedding, so this is extra important for babies - and if they’re used to a sleeping bag it’s a good idea to take a light summer weight one as the thicker bags will be too warm for a beach holiday. 11. Carry an ‘anything’ towel for spillages/accidents! Pack one or two medium-sized hand towels. You can use them for anything! As a changing mat, a vomit towel, to dry your hands, mop up spilt drinks - an ‘anything’ towel! 12. Don’t forget to take kid’s swimming things - armbands/floats/goggles etc. You can always buy these out there, but they tend to be quite expensive. Pool toys and floats are also a great idea to keep kids entertained in the water. 13. Footwear is an important consideration for kids on holiday. Flip flops look great but can easily cause trips and falls so closed toe sandals or crocs are best. Make sure they’ve been worn in before you go away as you don’t want blisters! 14. Take adequate sun protection. This obviously includes sunscreen- I find 'Nivea' and 'p20' are the very best. Despite being pricey they can be applied once, are non-greasy and last all day even when they’ve been swimming, saving the trauma of hourly applications on unwilling kids! Also, don’t forget a UV protective top and hat (with neck cover) which they can wear into the water, so their shoulders, head and neck are covered. 15. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Kid’s favourite sweets are always a good distraction when they are getting tired and cannot see reason! You can never have too many snacks packed! I tend to pack fruit, nuts, cereal bars, dried fruit, crisps and raisins. Also remember that when you arrive you still have the transfer your final destination as well. 16. Be aware that you can only take liquids in your hand luggage through security in 100ml containers, and these must be in a plastic bag. You can buy water for everyone once you are through security. It’s really important for everyone to stay hydrated on the flight. 17. Many parents choose to take a buggy or pram, even if their child is now walking, which can be handy as they can double up as places to rest from the heat or if up a little later than usual to lie down and rest in a restaurant, for example. 18. Take it slow. Be at the airport in plenty of time to allow for unscheduled delays like loo breaks, snack stops and the occasional tantrum! It saves a lot of stress if you’re not worried about the time. Consider booking fast track through security to save time spent queuing at the airport. 19. If you’re worried about your child getting lost simply write your mobile number on their arm so when they are found you can be contacted easily. 20. If all else fails, don’t forget to keep smiling and stay calm! Packing you sense of humour when travelling with kids is vital. The best way to ensure a smooth journey and memorable holiday is to get me to book it for you and let me take care of all the details.

Family Holiday To Mauritius

15 August 2019

I recently visited the beautiful Mauritius, which is in the Indian ocean, with my family. This was my second time going but last time we didn’t have our children with us, so this was very much a family holiday. We stayed in Beachcomber Victoria with the lovely sea view and white sand beach. It had its own restaurant which was buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also had an Italian restaurant which we went to for one night and it was amazing with homemade pizzas. The Victoria has some of the largest interconnecting rooms on the island which we stayed in. As it was so close to the beach there was water activities for the whole family. We went the kayaks, pedal boats. My oldest son went on the stand-up paddle board. There are also land activities such as tennis, football, volleyball and table tennis which we all got involved with. We didn’t always stay at the beach we visited Casela World of Adventures which was perfect for all of us. My older three went ziplining. While they were doing that my little girl went to feed Giraffes and she was so happy. I highly recommend it for all families. Another amazing trip, which was probably one of our family favourites, was a boat trip where we saw dolphins in their natural habitat. We were also able to go swimming with them which was a great experience.

Singapore with my Son

26 June 2019

After my Son finished his exams, I decided to take him on a Mum and Son break to Singapore for 5 days. Neither of us had been before and I was desperate to see what the country had to offer. We stayed at the Park Hotel Clarke Quay which was in a great location for all the sights. I decided to book us into a club room which allowed us access into the club lounge where complimentary breakfast was served and on an evening, drinks, cocktails and a great selection of snacks, ranging from local delicacies to cheese and crackers, this lounge was a lovely way to relax after a hard day sightseeing and chat to other like-minded guests if you wish to. Before we went Ryan and I planned where we wanted to visit, on our to do list was Singapore Zoo to have breakfast with the orangutans, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Hotel Observation Deck, China Town, Sentosa Island via the cable car, Botanical Gardens, an electric scooter tour, Fort Caning Park and the Battlebox – can you guess which my choices were?! We managed to fit all of these attractions in…the zoo was amazing. The gardens by the bay should be visited on a night time for the stunning light display they have along with the Marina Bay Hotel which has a light show and at weekends a stunning firework display. Sentosa Island has more of the theme park attractions on it along with Madam Tussauds – we didn’t do these but had a good look around the island and had a bit of time out on the beach. If you are interested in history and the war I recommend a visit to the Battle Box at Fort Canning Park - The Battle Box is the popular name of the Fort Canning Bunker, formerly known as Headquarters Malaya Command Operations Bunker, constructed under Fort Canning Hill, Singapore, as an emergency, bomb-proof command centre during the Malayan Campaign and the Battle of Singapore. The electric scooters were hilarious and great fun once I had mastered the throttle and break! We dined in a wide selection of restaurants from fine dining to street food – if I’m honest, being waited on was lovely but the street food in down town Singapore and China Town was delicious, nothing quite like seeing your food being freshly cooked in front of you and eating where the locals do. All in Singapore exceeded my expectations, the streets are immaculate, people are friendly and we felt very safe while walking around. I would return again in the future to explore more of this beautiful country.

Captivating Croatia

03 October 2013

From the air, Croatia's coastline is breathtakingly beautiful as deep, emerald pine woods descend to the shore, then white stone beaches and islands sparkle before the bright sapphire blue of the Adriatic Sea hits your eyes. This is Croatia's wow factor. Temperatures in July and August, the hottest months, are 28-32 degrees. May, June and September are usually sunny and between 22 and 25. April and October are often around a pleasant 16-21 and nights can be a little chillier. The sea usually remains warm until mid-October. Croatia is closer than you think too, with flights just over 2 hours 30 minutes from the UK. Where ever you choose on the coast or islands, less than a two hour drive inland will take you into a different world of national parks, forests, waterfalls, mountains and rural traditions. We stayed for five nights in Orebic which is a charming fishing village with beautiful views across to the island of Korkula, which is well worth a visit to and then onto Cavtat for two nights with a trip to Dubrovnik - this was the highlight of the trip for me. Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic" it is a perfect medieval walled city with narrow cobbled streets filled with wonderful architecture, churches, palaces, squares, museums, shops, restaurants and cafe bars. I can’t wait to return to explore much more of this stunning country.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

02 April 2012

I was lucky enough to win a stay at this luxury beach resort just outside of Aghios Nikaos. We arrived in style by private taxi and were greeted with a welcome drink and a view which was priceless. The hotel is built into a hillside and overlooks its own private bay with a small sandy beach. The room I stayed in was a deluxe sea view room with its own private pool. The bedroom and living area are open plan and decorated to a very high standard in a contemporary style. The bathroom was amazing with a separate bath and show and stocked with quality toiletries. There is an infinity pool outside and 2 indoor pools in the spa area, the spa is amazing a truly relaxing retreat. I decided to have a red grape wrap, the choice of treatments is vast and I could quite happily have moved in there! As special guests we ate in the different restaurants, each has its own style of cuisine. My favourite was the Taverna serving local specialities. The hotel caters for children but I personally think it suits couples more due to the location facilities on offer. A very relaxing, stay and I can’t wait to return.

Lapland – A magical holiday for all ages

10 November 2011

I have been lucky enough to experience four days of magic with my family in Lapland, stopping in the resort of Saariselka and staying at Santa’s Hotel Holiday Club. As a family of five this was the perfect accommodation; we had an apartment with a lounge/kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom and our own private sauna. The hotel also has its own pool. We stayed on a half board basis and the choice of food for breakfast and evening meal was excellent, something for all tastes. On the final night we had a gala dinner, which was a great family evening with entertainment and the children singing Christmas carols. When we arrived at Ivalo airport there were lots of cheeky elves running around making faces at the children and generally causing mischief! We were taken to get kitted out in our thermal clothes and our holiday began! The resort has free toboggans and we soon found the longest toboggan run in Finland at 1.2km long. It’s a fair walk to the top but it’s well worth the thrill coming down! Our trip included a lot of activities but we paid extra to go on a longer husky sledding trip. This was an experience not to be missed. We had our own team of huskies which we “mushed” through the sparkling snow in the forests; the children were warmly wrapped in reindeer skin blankets and were amazed at the speed they went. The highlight of the trip was looking for the main man himself! This was an action packed day from start to finish. We were collected early morning and taken deep into the forest where we did some more husky sledding, ice fishing, mini skidoo trips, ice sculpturing, skiing and much more. Lunch was also included on this day. Around the woodland there were tents with fires in them for warming up hands on and warm fruit drinks were on offer in these as well. We waited for a local Sami guide and then went on our own reindeer sleigh ride through the forest. This was one of my favourite activities especially when my Daughter looked at me and whispered “Mummy are we really going to fly?” It brought tears to my eyes. Each family had their own private meeting with Santa. We were taken on a snowmobile sled through the forest until we came across a log cabin, inside the fire was blazing away and there he was....FATHER CHRISTMAS. He had the letters which the children had written before we left home and he sat and talked to them, had photos taken and gave them a gift each. The looks on my children’s faces will stay with me forever and I would recommend everyone with a family to do this trip, whether you go on a day trip or for a longer stay like we did, the magic will last forever.

My customer stories

Sent by J Parker

The support we received from Diane Breton was absolutely First CLASS! She listened carefully to our needs (and was very patient with us when we changed our minds) - and talked us through every step of the booking process. We are looking forward to our dream holiday and know that Diane and your company will be there to help out should there be any unforeseen needs. Many thanks.

Sent by J S

Diane has a warm and friendly manner, Diane listened to our concerns and using her expert knowledge and contacts, put together a bespoke travel and holiday package to meet our specific needs, quickly and efficiently. We would thoroughly recommend using Diane to plan your holiday vacation.

Sent by A George

Simply the Best! Patient, thorough & proactive when asked a question then patient again when confronted with last minute 180 degree turns! No unpleasant up sells or spam mail just good old fashion personal service. All wrapped up in a killer price. The good old days...but better!

Sent by N Miekle

Made an idea into an itinerary! Worked with us during COVID and booked venues for 2 holidays. When time was of the essence to secure accommodation - Diane made herself available & secured the booking for us. Stress taken out & a lovely holiday to now look forward to!

Sent by R Zoeller

Diane is quite simply amazing! She went above & beyond, working till late in the evening to try & find our perfect holiday. I have already recommended her to others (who hopefully have contacted her). She is definitely my go to travel guru - thanks Diane

Sent by H Milner

Diane was recommended to me by a friend. I was told that Diane was brilliant. Diane was friendly and super quick in getting together some quotes for our up and coming trip to Lapland. The great thing was, that she was able to give us suggestions based on her own personal experience. She knows what she's talking about! I can't wait for our trip and I would certainly consider contacting Diane again for any other future holidays. My friend was not wrong! Thanks Diane.

Sent by Darren Williamson

There are too many superlatives to describe the most professional service that Diane delivers. We had our holiday booked, but once the pandemic took hold, we decided that it was not ideal to go. Diane rearranged our holiday to later in the year, but the pandemic spread to devastating levels and we decided that it should be placed on hold until it was safe to do so. This is about the service that Diane delivers, it is not about the business or the money, with Diane I feel that not only is she a friendly voice, but an outstanding example of a true professional that has really gone above and beyond to ensure that we have been taken care of and all aspects of our (eventual) holiday, and will be the most pleasant of experiences. A huge Thank You to Diane and I can assure that any future holidays (after the one we would like next) will be organised through Diane of Travel Consellors, as she is a credit to the company. DSW.

Sent by Helen Marriott

Diana came by recommendation and I am so ver glad she did! From the very start Diana was patient, knowledgable and professional. She took plenty of time to understand what it was I was looking for and within a couple of days came up trumps! I feel totally confident with my booking and know Diana is there should I need her; she will also be arranging car hire at airports nearer the time. I shall DEFINITELY be using Diana’s services again and can’t recommend her enough.

Sent by Ruth Armstrong

Feeling the confidence that Diane has booked our holiday is totally priceless- we need to make sure we have that ‘point of contact’ especially at these worrying times. She made sure the holiday was booked to ensure the villa didn’t go and free child place wasn’t taken. I trust her with the most complex of trips and feel our plans are in safe hands. Thank you

Sent by A Smith

As a family we use Diane's knowledge for all our holiday travel bookings. It takes all the stress away and we know from experience that everything is perfect to the last detail. I have, and will continue to recommend Diane where-ever possible. Long may Diane continue - where would I be without her.

Sent by Hayley Greenall

My husband and I were going on our first ever holiday abroad (honeymoon) and when we had heard from several people about Diane we were super keen to find out more! Well she was amazing sorted out everything for us and we would still be planning it today if it wasn't for her as we had no idea where to begin. Now we are back from Rome and we had such a lovely time. Diane gave us plenty of beautiful options to choose from and we are so glad we got her help. Will definitely be using her services again!

Sent by Laura Thomas

I don’t even know where to start Diane has been brilliant start to finish has done everything for us to have our perfect family holiday and getting everything through the door was perfect, I didn’t have to do a thing! highly recommended 5* service

Sent by J Lidster

Diane has always provided excellent service with friendly and helpful advice. No detail or queries have been too much trouble for her and we will always continue to place our holiday plans in her safe and very capable hands.

Sent by S Burnett

I wanted to let you know about our holiday! It was fabulous – the hotel was lovely, staff were brilliant, really attentive, everywhere was spotlessly clean, the food was all fresh and to a great standard, bar staff were very attentive and during the day you could get anything you wanted while on your sunbed. The spa was one of the best I’ve had treatments in. There was live music every evening, very laid back listening. Maid room service was twice a day so always loads of clean towels and beds made and turned down. It was exactly what we had asked for and needed. Our terrace room was directly onto the grass and across to the pool so very easy access for us. Nights were so quiet, no noise from other rooms or roads etc. Only point that could have been improved on were the views – no sea views, it is arranged around a quadrangle so you are only ever looking into the pool – not that it wasn’t very pleasant but you could have been anywhere. It’s only a short walk to the sea, there is a small port with nice restaurants and a couple of small beaches. Thank you very much.

Sent by Jacqueline Swift

Just a quick message to let you know we had a wonderful time in Crete. The hotel was fab! 7 days was definitely not enough. We all want to go away again together next year and we will come back to you around October again when we decide where we want to go together. Hope you are well and thank you again for your amazing help as usual.

Sent by Katie McAuley

I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging such a wonderful holiday to Dubai and the Maldives for us. We all had an amazing time and are now very depressed to be back home! All the flights and connections went smoothly and both hotels were fabulous. I would highly recommend JA Manafaru - the water villas were amazing and the island was stunning. The staff were so friendly and attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Our youngest daughter was even invited behind the bar to make the cocktails, which she loved! I will be sure to pass on your details to our friends and family and we’ll be in touch with you when we get round to planning our next trip!

Sent by Elizabeth Sourbut

Diane is very knowledgeable. She's also very friendly and helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. It gives me peace of mind to know that if anything does go wrong while I'm away, she's available back home to sort things out.

Sent by Debbie Carter

Diane was fantastic she was very patient with me as I jumped from destination to destination and juggling different dates. She was very prompt with her service. I will not book with anyone else now, thanks Diane for a fantastic experience.

Sent by Lee Daley

Absolutely fantastic, felt like Diane genuinely cared and has left no stone unturned would heartily and have recommended to anyone who will listen. Won't use a high street travel agent again.

Sent by Simon Megson

Me and my partner had our flight, that we arranged direct ourselves, 'rearranged' without any correspondence to notify me or my partner about the changes. Once we turned up to the airport to find out our flight wasn't flying we were stuck in Manchester airport with no way of getting to Rome on our trip. Diane took my call at 7:30am and within 30 minutes me and my partner were booked on a plane from Liverpool to Rome, taxi to Liverpool sorted and an airport transfer once in Rome all sorted. Without Diane I would have gone home and cancelled our trip. I will never arrange my own trip through the internet again and now do all my travel arrangements through Diane and Travel Counsellors. I highly recommend this efficient, professional and personable service.

Sent by K Davies

Diane was so helpful booking our holiday, as being independent she was able to handpick the exact airport, hotel and transfer that we were looking for. Diane and Travel Counsellors were so helpful and patient when we had a personal issue which could have meant cancelling our booking. Nothing was too much trouble - I recommend Diane highly. Thank you!

Sent by Phil and Maggie Beal

Not being seasoned travellers, we were delighted when a friend recommended Diane to us. She arranged our trip to visit relatives in Montreal last year and is currently arranging our trip to visit friends in USA this year. She manages to take all the stress from us, and as we are both retired this makes the holiday so much easier and more pleasant. We would recommend Diane to anyone who needs to have a 'hassle free' holiday arranged for them. She has done, and is continuing to do a brilliant job for us.

Sent by Maggie Beal

Diane was an absolute God-send when we needed to sort out a visit to Canada. Not being seasoned travellers we just left everything to her, and any little queries we had we were able to just ring her for advice. Nothing was too much trouble and she kept us posted on everything she was doing. I would never consider a foreign holiday again without her help. I can't speak too highly of her and the service she provided.

Sent by Stuart Booth

"Diane was exceptional from start to finish. Despite Rachael and I changing our minds on several occasions, Diane was always happy to work tirelessly on our behalf - and every-time found what seemed a perfect location! As for the final decision - Wow - fabulous! Everything ran smoothly, from transfers, check in and (free) upgrades. We cannot thank Diane enough for her help and advice and would recommend her to anyone. We shall be back!"

Sent by Sue Dickinson

This is the first time that I have used Diane to arrange my holiday, but I will definitely be using her again in the future, Diane definitely gives an excellent service and goes that extra mile, she even filled my luggage labels in for me! First class service :)

Sent by Don Cartridge

This was the first time we have approached Travel Counsellors and we came across Diane by sheer chance. We couldn't have chosen better. Diane was highly efficient and kept us fully informed at all times of progress on the itinerary. The holiday was excellent and everything went to plan - hotels were wonderful (and expecting us!) and four inter-city train journeys went smoothly - Diane having booked all our seats! Diane took all the stress out of booking the holiday and it was pleasure to work with her - we have come to see her as a friend and would highly recommend her travel services to anyone.

Sent by Lianna Joy

Diane was ever so helpful in helping us to choose the perfect holiday destination and hotel for our wedding and honeymoon and a perfect place for a big group of family and friends of various ages to come along. Everyone had an amazing time and loved the hotel Diane had picked out; some are even booking a return trip! She was always so helpful and sorted everything out quickly and efficiently! Thank you

Sent by C Cairns

Thank you Diane for making all our travel arrangements. You have been a great support in taking the stress out of having to plan and arrange flights. And yesterday you made sure I had all the documentation for early check in. You are a star!