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Hello, I am Emma and I am a Travel Counsellor based in Somerset. I moved to the area 8 years ago and love everything about it. I am a mum of 3 boisterous boys who are my world.

Before becoming a Travel Counsellor I worked as an independent travel agent and before that sold package holidays for a large international travel company. I have experience planning holidays all over the world. My passion is finding you the ideal holiday and making your travels as easy as possible. To me a holiday is more than time away from home, it is all about making memories which will stay with you forever.

Being a Travel Counsellor gives me the ability to quote/book almost every flight, destination and option available. Whatever you require I am sure I can find a perfect solution for you.

I love everything Disney and have lots of personal experience visiting Florida and Paris. If you have any Disney or Universal questions, I am always happy to help. I also have a passion for Cyprus, having got married there in 2011.

For any travel requirements I am always available. All I need to get started is an idea of your perfect holiday and a budget and any special requirements.

And Remember “Jobs Fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.” – Jamie Lynn Beatty

I look forward to hearing from you and booking your travels.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

The Beautiful Island of Ischia

26 November 2019

At the beginning of October I was lucky enough to get to visit the beautiful Italian island of Ischia. Now if you’ve never heard of this island, its just off the Gulf of Naples. I flew from Gatwick, but you can fly from lots of local airports to get there, as you fly into Naples. Once we arrived into Naples we took a taxi down to Naples Port where we got a hydrofoil across to the island of Ischia. Upon arrival I knew this island was going to blow me away, the port itself was just so beautiful, with lots of little bars and shops and just so many boats, ranging from fishing boats to luxury yachts. As I was visiting Ischia on an educational trip, I was lucky enough to get to visit 3 beautiful hotels. Our first hotel was the Beautiful Garden & Villas resort. This hotel is based on the north of the island, in the area of Lacco Ameno. This hotel has only 52 rooms and is set amongst 3 hectares of gardens. All herbs and vegetables are grown on the property, equalling the most incredibly fresh food i've ever tasted. The hotel has a newly refurbished spa which was incredible and so relaxing. As Ischia is built upon hot springs all the pools have an element of natural hot spring water in them. We were treated to an incredible 3 course lunch, I got to stay in a suite which had its own Jacuzzi on the veranda overlooking the mountains of Ischia, which was just breath taking. The hotel has so much character and the staff here have so much passion for their jobs, its evident in everything they do. In the evening we were again treated to an incredible 6 course meal, I quickly realised food is a big part of Italian culture, as well as the lovely wines on offer, which a lot of them are made on the island. This hotel would make a perfect wellness break, they have complimentary yoga 4 times a week out on the sports lawn and combined with the spa, which is complimentary, would make a relaxing break. Our second hotel was The Grand Excelsior Terme, on the east of the island in the area of Porto Ischia. This hotel is within walking distance of the Corto Vittoria Colonna, the heart of the island for shopping and elegance, and only 20 minutes from the main port of Ischia. Once again the hotel blew me away, this had a completely different feel to it, being it was more modern in style, but still keeping the old style Italian elegance. Here, the service blew me away. They have a private beach which is lovely to just take in the views, and again the spa at this hotel, with its natural Thermae was just amazing, so incredibly relaxing. We again had the most amazing meal, the chef at this hotel used to work at a Michelin star restaurant. She was head chef, so the Michelin star was for her really, and you could see why. The food was to die for, and the steak just melted in my mouth. Whilst we were staying near the port we got to go on a boat trip to the island of Procida. This island was something else, only 4km wide and long, and a predominantly a fishing island. All the houses here are different colours so that the fishermen were able to remember which house was theirs after a long day of fishing. This equally some incredible pictures. We got to go on an island tour and taste some homegrown Lemoncella. This is something I wouldn’t definitely recommend doing if you have a spare day on your trip, it took 20 minutes to get to this island from Ischia and its totally worth it. Our third and final hotel of the trip was the Il Moresco Hotel and Spa, which is exactly opposite The Grand Excelsior Terme hotel, so again location wise in a good place. This hotel has a lovely feel about it but much more relaxed than the Excelsior, but still nice, I would say probably more focused on older people. The spa here again was lovely, really relaxing, and they have an inside and outside pool, the inside one is in the spa. Personally I didn’t enjoy the food in this hotel as much as the other two hotels but overall i'd still send customers there if they asked for it. Overall my trip to ischia was extremely tiring as doing two island tours and a boat trip in 2 days was quite a lot but I did love everything I saw and did. My one negative was the mosquitoes, my legs were bitten to pieces, no matter what I used to deter them. This started to really affect the trip as I had never been bitten like it before, but I think may be the recent wet weather and the lack of pesticides used on the island, just increased them, so I would probably try and go late spring/summer time. Pros – The island itself was so pretty, The locals were so friendly and the food and wine were just to die for. Cons – The mosquitoes.

Rhodes - Relaxation, sightseeing and crystal clear waters.

05 August 2019

As many of you will know, I’ve just returned from Rhodes this week, so while it is fresh in my memory, I thought I would write about our trip. It was just myself and Chris (my husband) on our first adults-only proper holiday since before we had kids. We were very much looking forward to having a break away just the two of us. We stayed at the Mitsis Alila Resort, which is based between Faliraki and Kallithea. It is placed perfectly, you can walk to Faliraki, which is about 4km away. The hotel itself is a very luxurious 5* hotel with its own section of beach. We were in an amazing Junior Suite with our own Jacuzzi on the balcony with an incredible sea view. There is a bus stop just up the road from the hotel where you can get a bus direct into Rhodes Town. This is a must do! The bus cost us €2.40 each and is about 20 minutes into Rhodes town. It drops you off right by the old town. We walked over 20 thousand steps just exploring this beautiful place. We went into the palace which was €6 each. You can pay €10 each which gives you entry into the palace, and two other monuments in the area. The palace was so pretty and it was a welcome break from the heat. Also, right outside the entrance to the palace is the entrance to the wall, which you can walk around which is €2 per person. This was great and just over 3km long and the views were spectacular. I would recommend doing it yourself other than a tour as it’s just so easy to do. We hired a car and spent two whole days exploring the entire island. We went to Lindos and climbed the acropolis, which was €12 per person (entry to the acropolis) and the rest of the area is free to walk around. The beach there is very pretty and picturesque. Being at the top of the hills you can get some incredible pictures of the white buildings and some beautiful sea views. We also drove to the very bottom of the island and visited a beautiful beach called Prasonisi. It has the sea coming in from both sides with quite high winds, so this place was a windsurfer haven. The beach was so golden it was beautiful. Another incredible trip we went on was to the Valley of the Butterflies, this place is breath taking. A disclaimer, if you don’t like bugs or butterflies, avoid it like the plague as they are everywhere! If you don’t mind, it is so worth it. It has over 17 floors worth of steps going up to a monastery right at the top. The views from up there were just breath-taking. I felt like I was going to die on the ascent, but it was totally worth it. Coming back down was so much easier, and you saw quite a lot more as it wasn’t physically draining. There were lots of little streams and waterfalls which were just so pretty. There are a lot of incredible boat trips, one in particular that we did we visited three bays; Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko Bay and Kallithea Springs. The water in these bays was so clear it looked like a giant swimming pool. Of course, we had to jump in, it was so warm. Our trip to Rhodes was just so incredible and we explored so much of the island. The locals were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us, and the food was just to die for. All in all, I would recommend Rhodes to everyone.

Bruges…Chocolate and Beer Heaven

15 July 2019

I know, I know, I probably don’t have to write anymore with a title like that, but I will, and you will see why. Me and my husband went on a mini cruise with Royal Caribbean, Independence of the Seas in April 2017 for our anniversary. Neither of us had ever cruised and we had a lot of misconceptions about it, but also we’d never been to the destinations on the cruise, which were Bruges and Rotterdam. Bruges was our first stop and honestly, if I could have stayed in this little slice of chocolatey heaven, I would have in a heartbeat. When we first arrived, we got a coach to the coach park from the cruise port, this took about 40 minutes, which was quite a nice journey. There is also a tram you can get if you walk to the main port gates. When we arrived into Bruges, we had a little walk into the main town which was so pretty, we passed lots of tulips and greenery which already made the place look so lovely. Once we arrived into the little town the smell of chocolate just hit us. We decided to take a little cruise around the riverways around Bruges, an escorted tour with a tour guide who could speak many languages, and translated everything he said in French, English, German and Spanish. I thought it was incredible. This little tour took around 30 minutes and we were shown all the landmarks of Bruges, from this little boat, which was lovely, and really peaceful. Once we had left the boat we walked into the main square where the area is just breath-taking. You can take a pit stop and sit in a little coffee shop and watch the world go by or go and explore some more, which is what we did. We did the entire day all by ourselves, but there are guided tour options if this is something you are wanting. We then needed (obviously a need not a want) to try some Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries. Wow, these were just incredible, I could have eaten 100s. I like chocolate a lot, so this was very much a necessity. Once we had devoured the chocolate strawberries, we went for a stroll around some of the quirky little shops and bars, they have the best beer, which my husband was more than happy to sample. He can confirm it was in fact the nicest beer he’s had in a long time. Time was passing now so we decided to head back to the ship but on our way, we went into a little Belgian chocolate shop, where the staff immediately started talking English the moment we came in. This meant so much, as it was clear they wanted to be hospitable and friendly, we purchased some chocolates for a gift (if they made it that long) and then headed on our way. We were still a bit early so stopped and got a Belgian chocolate waffle to share in the sunshine, watching the ducks and geese just chilling on the riverbed. All in all, we fell in love with Bruges, and will be back there again, hopefully next time for a couple of days. The people were so friendly, the food was to die for, and the prettiness just sold it to us.

Cyprus…the place that stole my heart...

18 June 2019

My reasons for loving Cyprus come from a couple of places. My first holiday abroad with my mum when I was 16 was in Cyprus which was amazing, we stayed in an apartment not far from the square in Ayia Napa, so of course we had to go and look around. That was an experience to say the least. But even though we were so close, we barely heard or saw much of it. The second reason it has such a special place for me is, it is where I got married. We chose Cyprus for a couple of reasons. All the wedding paperwork is done in English, so it doesn’t need to be translated, so many people speak English over there which makes understanding so much easier, and it’s just so beautiful. Almost guaranteed sun, beautiful blue skies, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, what more could you ask for on your wedding day? We got married in the Nissi Beach area, and everything was done for us before we even travelled across to Cyprus. It was so much less stressful than a UK wedding in my opinion, which is probably why it’s such a popular wedding destination. My final reason why Cyprus is so close to my heart is last May, we went as a large family, myself Chris and our 3 boys, my brother and his 2 children, my sister, her partner and their little girl and my mum and stepdad. It was a very emotional holiday as we had just lost my grandad and we just all wanted to get away. Being there together made it so special for us, it helped us forget the upset and sadness and just enjoy the beauty that Cyprus had to offer. This time we stayed in Paphos, the complete other side of the island, which was bizarre as having not stayed this side before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was equally as beautiful. The sea at this side of the island was slightly rougher but still crystal clear. The harbour that we visited had a lovely little castle that you could go around and again, the locals were all so welcoming and friendly. This place has such a lovely friendly feel. With all that being said and done, just a couple of tips for anyone thinking of Cyprus: They all drive on the same side of the road to us so get a hire car, there is so much to see and do in Cyprus that without one, you may miss out. There are quite a lot of ex pats over there so a lot of people speak or at least understand English, which is great, especially when you’re out and about. Lastly, take it all in, the scenery, the beauty and the locals, if I could move to Cyprus tomorrow, I would be there in a flash. My Favourite Hotels: Atlantica Aeneas Spa – Nissi Beach Laura Beach Hotel – Paphos Olympic Lagoon – either Paphos or Ayia Napa All of these are great for families.

Disney...Is it for me?

15 May 2019

Coming from a Disney fan my answer would always be yes, but for this blog I will pretend I am my husband (this will be hard)! When I first booked our first trip to Florida, my husband was not impressed. He has never seen a Disney film, he isn’t a fan of crowds, and he wasn’t really enjoying the thought of a long haul flight with 3 young children, but I reassured him all would be worth it (I was praying at this point that this would in fact be correct). To make his trip (and the rest of ours) as fun as possible, I read up everything I could about Disney and America. Firstly, I did our ESTAs (anyone travelling to the states needs one of these or a VISA, please check if you are eligible for an ESTA before applying) then I downloaded the My Disney Experience App (MDE). On here I could arrange all my fast passes, arranged my dining reservations, and just generally find out as much as humanly possible to make our trip as easy as can be. With the dining you can arrange your reservations from 180 days before your day of travel and for fast passes, as we were staying onsite, we could arrange these at 60 days before travel (offsite is 30 days). Both make a huge difference to your trip. I am a planner, so I sat there and made sure everything was written down and easy for my husband to understand. So, to the trip, as you can imagine, we were nervous about the flight and when we got there what to expect. Do you know what, we shouldn’t have been. The flight was fine (as great as any long-haul flight is with kids). Once we arrived into Disney all my husband’s worries vanished. Yes I had planned everything down to the finest details but as we all know, these don’t always work. But we didn’t let that bother us. We went on all the rides we could, ate at the best restaurants, met the best characters, had the most amount of fun I think I’ve ever had on a holiday, ever. My husband pulled me aside during our trip and said, thank you for persuading me to do this, I’ve had the best time. Now for him to say this, made me well up, he’s not great at accepting when he’s wrong haha! There is so much to see and do in the parks, other than the rides and the characters, the little detail Disney put in is just out of this world, the food is just something else (Mickey shaped waffles, I mean who doesn’t love mouse shaped food). So, if you’ve been thinking about a trip, and not sure if it’s for you, give it a go, because believe me, I never believed I’d convert my husband. But he is 100% converted! We’ve been again since this trip and have another trip booked, and that in itself is some mean feat.

Travelling with Children...Is it really worth it?

06 April 2019

My answer to this burning question is yes, it’s more than worth it. I've been lucky enough to get to take my children to lots of beautiful places, but one that made me the most nervous was when we flew to Florida. I’d heard all the horror stories of long haul flights with kids, and how everyone just tutted and rolled their eyes at parents and this just filled me with dread, but you know what, it was nothing like that and you know why? Because I didn’t let it feel like that. In the weeks leading up to our flight I made sure I had everything the children would need (as a mother to 3 boys, this can be a challenge even on the shortest of car journeys). I made sure they had adequate snacks, colouring books, small toys that they hadn’t had before and best of all, a fully charged iPad. I pre planned everything to make it as smooth a journey as possibly, from the night before hotel so no rushing in the morning, to having the outfits ready in a bag I could leave in the car, all this helped ease my stress hugely. At the airport and on the flight I made sure the boys were told everything about what was happening. That they would have to stay in their seats for the flight (unless bathroom breaks of course, I’m not that bad a mother) they were fine with this as I had lots for them to do. The flight was actually relatively easy, they napped (which they never do) they watched films, and they played on their iPad. If they needed to stretch, I let them walk to the bathroom and back. Being too restrictive and strict can go the other way so it’s about getting a happy medium when travelling with children. When we landed we explained that some countries have strict rules so no messing around and they would be able to enjoy their holiday asap, just a little bit longer and it will all be worth it, and you know what, it 100% was. They loved every single part; they couldn’t wait to go back on the plane for the return journey. Overall the experience for me was quite a pleasant one, even the flight back with my youngest being quite unwell didn’t put me off, it just made me realise how much easier life can be, if you just plan a little.

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Great service so far

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I have used the services of TC on 3 three occasions and found it so easy and hassle free to use. Emma was great and found the perfect hotel for a belated 50th birthday week away and found a work around woth flights to stay within our budget. I would highly recommend ??

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Emma is very organised and helpful, she is always available to answer any questions.

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Emma has been fantastic through out our holiday booking process, has some great patience with us as in-experinced travellers

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The booking from start to finish was superb. We didnt really know what we wanted before being shown several options from Emma. We finally decided to go for a cruise and her knowledge on this was again so informative.

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Emma was absolutely fantastic at finding us an amazing holiday! We simply suggested areas that we were interested in and she found us an absolutely amazing hotel that we cannot wait to go to! Even when we wanted added extras with transfers and different travelling times, she nailed it! Thank you so much!!! We will definitely be booking through you again!!

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Amazing just want to thank you for your excellent service. We’ve not gone on the holiday yet but it looks brilliant.

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Always happy to help me.

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Emma was super helpful and answered any queries I had before i booked and following the booking. So nice to be able to email her and know she will reply as soon as she can happily to help. Definitely recommend xx

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Emma is a very kind and passionate person. You can really tell she loves what she does which really allows her to go above and beyond to help people. I have already shared her page and recommended her as i think she is amazing!

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10/10 couldn't recommend her more! So nice and so easy to deal with

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Emma was amazing from start to finish when organising this bespoke multi trip as a belated surprise for my Mums 50th birthday. I asked for lots of quotes as wanted something different and nothing was too much trouble for Emma, even after pinning down the destination Emma was more than happy to make multiple tweaks to the itinenary to make sure it was just perfect for us all. Emmas patience and friendlyness throughout this process made it a pleasurable experience and at no point did I feel rushed or under pressure to book.something that I was not 100% happy with.....3 weeks later I have finally got this bespoke holiday booked and paid for and look forward to our adventures through Sri Lanka in September. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma for any holiday requests and will certainly be sharing her details and using her 5 Star Travel Counsellor Service.....Thankyou so much Emma you are an asset to the company and I aporeciate all your help supoort and guidence in booking this holiday.

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Emma couldn’t have done more! She was always prompt with answering any questions I had and found the perfect break for us. Much appreciated. Have already recommended her to my friends!

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She was very quick with replies and really friendly so I have no worries or stress with booking with Emma it's been the perfect start to my holiday booking and I will be 100% booking through her again so easy hassle free from the comfort of your own home.

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Emma was amazing answering so many questions and finally getting my perfect holiday

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Emma has helped with all our inquiries, she has given 100% of her time and commitment to getting us exactly what we were looking for, we are both very excited about are holiday and looking forward to what sounds like a fantastic experience, Emma Glover is definitely someone we would recommend to anyone we know that’s looking at booking a holiday in the future, well done Emma and thank you.