New To Cruise.....

Erin Cameron on 07 August 2018
Recently, a good friend and customer of mine went away on her very first cruise. I asked her a few questions to gain an insight into cruising from a newbies point of view. Having cruised a few times I’d forgotten what it was like to not know what to expect. If you are thinking about your first cruise and are just not quite sure, I hope this will help you come to a decision.

1. Did you have any pre-conceived ideas of cruising? Yes, I thought it would be more regimented - at 3 pm you will be playing bingo in the games room!

2. What were you looking forward to most? Being at sea and visiting new places.

3. Was there anything you weren’t looking forward to? What it would it be like if the sea was rough, I was worried I’d be seasick.

4. What was your first impression of the ship? What a size! I couldn't quite take in that I was on a ship not a town!

5. Did the ship live up to expectation? Oh yes and more.

6. What was the best bit of your cruise? Arriving somewhere new every day.

7. Anything you didn’t like? Honestly - no.

8. Would you cruise again? Definitely.

9. Would you recommend cruising? Yes, it’s the only way to travel and see lots of different places. Cruising is like a tapas meal - a bit of everything.

10. Who would you recommend cruising to? Everyone. I couldn't get over the huge range of ages, families, singles. It was also great to see many people with disabilities aboard the ship proving there's great facilities and accessibility.