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Yes I love to travel. Yes I have been around the world and back. Yes I have decades of experience and knowledge and I promise you I will use all of these along with my time and expert research to deliver your perfectly bespoke holidays totally tailored to suit your needs and desires. That is why I am a Travel Counsellor!
I love a challenge, before children I never had a straight forward package holiday, I was always wanting to visit somewhere different, off the beaten track, travelling by various modes of transport! Loved a city break soaking up the cosmopolitan vibes and now with my two children I feel our holidays are more energetic than ever before! Absolutely loving the waterparks, theme parks, all-inclusive, kids clubs, mini discos and the sense of adventure as we explore the resort and destinations.

Just to name drop a few destinations I have encountered to various extremes Australia and New Zealand, Far East Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Laos, Indian Ocean including Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Middle East, The Americas including Brazil, Mexico, various Caribbean Islands, USA including Hawaii and Alaska and Canada. Europe is on our doorstep and great for a quick weekend away or a mid week escape as well as the traditional package holidays.

Back to you – please get in contact with me by either filling in the form below and I will contact you or just pick up the phone and give me a call. I would love to hear from you and help you make your holiday dreams a reality, whatever it is on your bucket list we can tick them off together. You will never be alone throughout your holiday you can contact us 24hrs a day every day of the year. I am here for you!


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Dubai, A World Beyond Imagination

21 July 2019

Are you ready to hit Dubai, a true city of the 21st century where history and culture meets action and adventure, meets luxury and shopping? Whether you're on a quick couple of days itinerary or have time to spare, don't ever think you've done Dubai, simply because Dubai is always outdoing itself. Trust me, I've been three times now and each time the city had expanded graciously but unrecognisably from before! I just spent a fun filled city break there in July's heat (reaching the high 40s, I warn you, go prepared!) so here is my top must see’s for you! Please note, I can personally tailor your booking to your needs, if you're looking for adventure, or grandeur, culture or a mix! Desert Safari Get ready to feel the heat and ride the sand dunes in Dubai's surrounding deserts. This is an absolute must do for those out there ready for a thrill! Take a 4x4 or quad bike and let go, surf the sands and once you've had your fill, enjoy a camel ride and allow the beauty of the desert to sink in, as generations of Bedouins have done before you. Burj Khalifa Dubai is also a city known for breaking records and this time I'm talking about buildings. Visit the tallest building in the world and enjoy the view of the ever-evolving city or try your hardest to squeeze all 830 metres into one photo. To give you an idea to scale, Paris' Eiffel Tower is a mere 300m in comparison. Atlantis Water Park Go experience the thrills and pools of the world-famous Atlantis Water Park, a maze of adrenaline slides and drops, relaxing pools and tunnels where you can slide through beneath sharks and rays above you! This adventure park on a manmade island is guaranteed to give you a fun filled day for all the family! Lost Chambers Aquarium Get your view of the deep blue safe behind glass at the Lost Chambers aquarium in The Atlantis. You'll be overwhelmed at the magic of this place, endless amounts of fish, sharks and rays to marvel at. Enjoy a coffee and get lost at sea watching, or if you're feeling really brave, get your diving gear on and enjoy a scuba session! Souks Indulge yourself and visit Dubai's world-famous souks... but get ready to barter. Dubai's souks will open your senses and transfer you to new worlds of perfume, spices, jewellery, oils, teas and much more. Locals will persuade you in and shower you with their products but with great prices and their charm, how can you resist? If you're feeling daring, hit the local markets but in those times needing air con, a more relaxed atmosphere and easily accessible toilets, go to Jumeriah Madinat. So there we have it, I'm not even beginning to scratch the surface of the opportunities and adventures Dubai holds for you but give me a call on 01603856590 or email at to hear more and how I can make this your dream holiday of a lifetime. Book your trip now!

The Christmas Adventure of a Lifetime

04 February 2019

“Do you have your toothbrushes?” “MUUUM, where’s my pink scarf?” All packed, anticipation on our faces and passports in hand - me, my mum Nanny Cuckoo, son Xavier and daughter Lily, all excited and ready for our trip. Buzzing with energy helped from a few in-flight snack purchases and the fact we were going to Lapland! We flew from Stansted at 7am for a short 3hour 15min journey to our Christmas destination. Due to such an early start, it was far more convenient to drive and stay in Stansted the day before, enabling us to simply walk (or for us, skip!) to the terminal that morning. What a great start to the holiday, I always have fast track passes for Stansted Airport to relieve the stress and amount of queueing so early in the morning! On arrival at Ivalo Airport we disembarked the aircraft and walked to the terminal. The air was icily cold and added to the excitement of what was ahead. We were met in the baggage reclaim area by reps and cheeky elves to guide and entertain us to our transfer coaches. Even the airport arrival was magical! Once onboard we were told exactly what was happening throughout our stay and the time of our welcome meeting that afternoon. The transfer time to our hotel the Holiday Club Hotel in Saariselka was just 20 minutes. Once in our resort, we stopped outside a shop where we jumped off the coach and collected our outdoor snow wear, all in all a very clever and smooth operation. You were given a large bag that would fit up to 2/3 outfits in, so for our family we were given two large bags. In an orderly manner we walked along and there were staff that looked at you, guessed your size and handed you a snowsuit to put straight in your bag. Next stop was boots where we told them our shoe size and they gave us boots (but one size bigger) along with a pair of thermal socks. The last stop was mittens with thermal liners. Once these were all collected and put in your bag, we went back to the transfer coach to the hotel which was less than 5 minutes away. What a perfectly smooth operation! As we entered the hotel another rep “Ranger” handed us our room key and an envelope with further information on and told us to let him know of any clothing amendments. Now for some more fun! We all tried on our new snow outfits - mine and Xavier’s fit perfectly but Nanny Cuckoo and Lily needed some changes. No matter - the Ranger was there to collect the suitable sizes and after our dinner we were given our new gear. Everything was so well organised! After dinner Xavier wanted to go tobogganing and Lily swimming. Nanny Cuckoo took Lily to the beautiful pool where the water was lovely and warm, had a slide, jacuzzi and wave machine. This meant Xavier and I tobogganed! The toboggan run was a good 10-minute walk and once there we grabbed our sledges and had the most hilarious fun ever! Only on our last run did someone tell me how to steer my sledge properly whereas previously we were simply crying with laughter hoping everyone would get out of the way! This was the most hilarious, side splitting fun, both me and Xavier red faced from the giggling, cold air and my terrible steering! When we arrived back at the hotel Lily and Mum were still playing in the pool (so calm in comparison!) Xavier joined them for the last 15 minutes before it closed. Feeling totally exhausted but exhilarated we returned to our rooms and promptly fell fast asleep in our cosy beds. Next day: adventure day! We were given a time to be at the hotel reception to get on our dedicated coach to take us on our search for Santa and other activities. We were given our set time for the Husky rides, the only scheduled activity, all others we could do at our leisure. We headed straight to the ice bar to admire the incredibly intricate ice sculptures, then onto the igloo Fantasia to meet some more cheeky elves and learn about their jobs and how they get along with Father Christmas. “The Big Man” as they call him! Every minute was fun, entertaining, informative and well structured. The igloo interior was breath-taking, the seating was made from ice blocks with reindeer skin rugs over them for us to sit on, the lighting twinkled, and the elves were funny and interesting. As we left, Lily asked to have a photo with the girl elf who acted so excited to have a photo with Lily, Lily was made up and Chuckles became her favourite Elf. The whole experience was full of magic. We then stopped in a tepee for some hot berry juice, pancakes and cookies to recharge before heading off on our Husky ride. These refreshments were all free, delicious and unlimited. To get to the huskies we had to catch a snowmobile sleigh train, which ran continuously and there was a lovely crackling fire to sit around whilst we waited for a couple of minutes and a friendly Ranger chatted and played with the kids. The sleigh train ride was an adventure in itself, whizzing through the magical forest! At the Husky Centre the children were taken to one side by some elves to play games whilst the grown-ups got a lesson on how drive the sleigh. It all sounded very straightforward and simple, if a little daunting! My mum and two children happily seated in the sleigh as I took my position at the back to drive. This activity had to be the highlight for me - it was truly a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. Who said Lapland was just for kids? I’ve had the most fantastic time here too! Imagine, the cold air on your face as the huskies pull you through the snow to the giggling and shouting of your loved ones - this really was the Christmas adventure of a lifetime! At the end of our ride we were able to coach the dogs and take photos with them, they were so loving and their fur so soft we wanted to scoop them all up and take them home with us! I wonder what our cat would think... By lunchtime none of us were hungry and we were having so much fun we simply grabbed ourselves another hot berry juice and a pancake and headed to off to find Santa. There was a 40-minute wait here, although I’m happy to stand in a queue (the kids probably wouldn’t) however this was not a problem as Xavier went off and played ice hockey whilst Lily decided to make an ice sculpture of her own and play in the snow. Never once did they say, “I’m bored, is it our turn” and when it was our turn they quickly jumped into our snowmobile sleigh excitingly in search of Santa, crossing a frozen mystical lake. On arrival we had two elves meet us who played jokes on the children and made them giggle, then they asked Lily to open the door to a wooden lodge and to our surprise Father Christmas was in there waiting for us! We sat down and he chatted to the children, showed them their letters he’d received and talked about their presents. (I had also spoken to my snowmobile ranger and asked if he could give the correct pronunciation of Xavier and he passed this message on so Xavier was over the moon that Father Christmas said his name properly as none of the “others” ever had, proving further still he was the real one and only Big Man himself!) We could take as many photos as we liked and one of the elves took plenty of great photos on my phone of the four of us with Father Christmas. Again, another magical highlight! After Santa the children had a couple of turns on the mini skidoos as there was no queue for these and had a great time tobogganing again, then we went for our reindeer sleigh ride, met the real Rudolph himself and learnt plenty more things about reindeers, especially how to catch and fly them! The reindeers were beautiful and added again to the magic of this World of Christmas. After we had completed all of the many exciting activities on offer, we headed back to the ice bar for a delicious Hot Chocolate (mine and Nanny Cuckoos with a cheeky Baileys in) before grabbing a transfer coach back to our hotel. Tonight, was our Gala night but as we were there with two other lovely families we decided to stay at our hotel, and all go swimming after dinner that evening and spend our spare time in the morning tobogganing and shopping. I could write pages and pages on this whole experience, the food at our hotel was delicious, hot and plentiful, the staff were all so lovely and friendly, in fact everybody around was so happy because we were all having the time of our lives making the best memories for our children - I really cannot recommend this holiday enough. At the end of our trip we had to put all our snowsuits, boots and mittens back in the bags and leave them at reception, it was so simple and easy, then we just had to play in the snow some more until our transfer coach came and took us sadly back to the airport for our flight home. This holiday is one that I, Nanny Cuckoo and my children will never forget, the magical Christmas Adventure of a Lifetime. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions and I hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventure!

Thailand: Why you should visit the Land of Smiles this year!

30 August 2018

If you're looking to holiday somewhere exotic and affordable, with everything from pristine white beaches to bustling cities, hiking jungle trails, diving areas and adventure sports to feed your inner adventurer then Thailand is the place for you! Don't be put off if you're looking to book accessible travel, as I can directly contact and communicate with the people and companies that specialise in the equipment you may need to hire to make your trip achievable. I can also find hotels and transport that are suitable. Please just let me know your requirements and I will make sure your trip runs smoothly so you can enjoy yourself. Whether travelling with your family, partner, friends or going solo, Thailand has so many aspects that will capture your heart. It is hard to know where to begin but here are my top 6 reasons of why you should go! 1. The People. It is not very often I would start a blog post on the people, but there is something about the people of Thailand that is so utterly welcoming and friendly that I had to mention it first. The Thai national motto is 'Mai pen rai' which translates to 'don’t worry' or 'it’s okay', and this couldn't possibly give a truer reflection of the locals. At every turn, you're greeted with a genuine smile and "Sawasdee" ("hello!") so be sure to smile brightly back! Thai people also have a very innocent sense of humour, if someone so much as bumps their head on a low hanging stall they all burst out into a giggle, tapping their neighbours and sharing the fun. Making fun situations in everyday life, even the man working on our Bangkok water ferry was leaping from boat to shore and swinging around the poles fuelled by our own laughing. There is also a great sense of community here too, you will often see the young helping the old, families all sitting and eating together, and the locals being eager to help you. When trying to find our hotel, we took a wrong turn (or two!) and asked an older lady outside a restaurant where our road was. She soon shouted over two young boys, probably grandchildren who checked their phones and within minutes we were helped on our way. 2. The Food. One for the foodies too, Thailand has one of the most incredible ranges of dishes from delicious curries to aromatic street food tempting your taste buds with every street turn. Each province has its own unique dishes, so you'll never have to have the same meal twice and for those of you who like a spicy kick you're in the right place. Don't worry everything is freshly made to order so if you're not feeling the heat just say and you won't get it! I travelled to Bangkok in February this year and the prices haven't changed much since I was there 20 years ago! You can still get a fresh pad Thai for 30 baht, which is less than £1. If you like fruit you're in for a treat, you can buy fresh mango, watermelon, dragon fruit and more. It's sweeter and fresher than you can imagine and cheaper than chips - literally! 3. The Weather. If you're looking for some sunshine then look no further, the weather in Thailand is sun sun sun. With three major seasons, you're able to visit any time of the year and still enjoy the sunshine. Do you want to chase the sun and avoid winter this year? Book in November and arrive in 24 - 32 degrees. 4. The Adventure Aspect and Wildlife. There's just something about Thailand that brings out your inner adventurer and with its vast amount of terrains, Thailand boasts the opportunity to jungle trek in the north, dive in the southern islands, visit elephant sanctuaries, zip line through trees, kayak rivers and more. Day trips are cheap and easily booked, in Bangkok you can visit the floating markets and train market or become certified at diving in Pattaya. There are many jungle treks and overnight stays in the north where you can let your inner explorer free, let me know your needs and I can find local guides and tours to suit your adventure. Try something different! Be sure to watch a Muay Thai match and if you're feeling fit, why not book a session to learn Thailand's traditional fighting sport! If you're one with nature then you must visit some of Thailand's national parks, home to an abundance of wildlife. The elephant sanctuaries are also a must see - get up close with these gentle giants, just make sure you're visiting one with a good reputation and a non-profitable organisation. Thailand has mostly banned elephant riding instead be ready to get in the mud and help bath them! A little tip when feeding them, break your bananas in half and double your feeding time. 5. The Beaches and Diving. If you're a big beach fan then Thailand is certainly the place for you, with over 1500 miles of beautiful coastline to choose from you're spoiled for choice. There are still plenty of secluded stretches of white sand away from tourist spots to enjoy, or if you're wanting to party hit up Koh Phangan for the full moon parties. If you want to go diving or become certified at diving, Thailand is one of the best-known places to do so. Visit Pattaya and see the sea turtles, Koh Tao or the Surin Islands and get your diving certificate for cheaper than most countries. 6. The Incredible History and Temples. Thailand’s architecture is something to behold, with over 40,000 Buddhist temples across the country you are bound to come across one that will take your breath away. The most famous is the Wat Phra Kaew found in the capital, Bangkok. Visitors can enter but must be respectful by removing their shoes and hats. You must also be careful when taking pictures as some disallow photography. Women must make sure their legs and shoulders are covered so wear long trousers (there are plenty of stalls selling cheap loose patterned pairs) or carry a sarong or shawl. You will often see monks too wearing bright orange robes, you can engage in conversation but make sure you do not make physical contact with them. Overall, Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country with more reasons to visit than I could possibly list. Whether it be a relaxing break, family holiday, an adventurous excursion or a special place to enjoy a honeymoon or anniversary, Thailand is full of wonders just waiting to be discovered. Call me on 01603 856590 for more information and I can create a personal bespoke package just for you!

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

22 March 2017

Sri Lanka and the Maldives are two very different yet equally beautiful countries I have been lucky enough to visit. I backpacked Sri Lanka first then re-visited on a Familiarisation trip, so I have seen the island from 1/2 star to 5 star luxury. The main highlight for me on both trips was the incredibly extensive sightseeing opportunities the island offers; from buddhas and temples at Polonnaruwa, Dambulla Caves and Sigiriya Rock, Tea Plantation, Spice Gardens and elephant orphanages where you can bottle feed the elephants, help wash them or simply take a ride on one! I also visited Kandy and Galle’s cricket ground and took a boat trip along the river on a water safari, however there is still so much to see and do that I plan to revisit again in the next couple of years. The food in Sri Lanka is hot and spicy (my kind of food!) and the seafood is delicious, a fresh catch from the locals that day! The fruit is in abundance and is so bright, colourful and sweet you could never get enough of it. I was even eating Dahl, a curry lentil dish, for breakfast! But to all those who like to stick with what they know and like, don’t worry because there is plenty of international food on offer too. In the Maldives I stayed on Bandos Island, a small and fairly low key location. I felt totally at peace here, my bungalow looked out to the ocean yet I also had a private garden and I could still hear the waves lapping the icing sugar sand. I had so many favourite things to do here such as paddling in the shallow water and seeing so much marine life or putting my sunbed in the sea so I could lay and watch the little fish trying to nibble at my toes (not that I was being lazy or anything!) At night time on my walk to the restaurant I would take my torch to the sea and shine it on the sand where all the nocturnal creatures were scurrying about. I thoroughly enjoyed the water excursions to uninhabited islands for a barbeque lunch where the monkeys would join us for theirs too! Male Island shopping is great for some real designer bargains as well as those not quite so designer items (even more of a bargain though!). I visited other islands for lunch and had amazing snorkeling experiences, though unfortunately I do not dive but I didn’t feel like I had missed out here as my experiences of the surrounding reefs was more than satisfying from the surface. Overall, I can only describe my visit here as a relaxing cultural and indulgent experience, a fantastic twin centre combination which I would recommend to anyone. From the beach lover to the active hiker, this holiday suits all needs.

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