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My name is Gary and I would like to welcome you to my Personal Website at Travel Counsellors.

If you are looking for a travel expert, here I am happy to help you. Having worked in the travel industry since 1984 and working in both business and retail travel, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are at the heart of everything I do.

Since the pandemic and Covid19 lots of things have changed around the Travel Industry but not the things that really count including my customer care to you and finding you the right holiday.

I have been a BNI Member since I became Self Employed right at the start and now meet every week at Bramhall Golf Club with the BNI Pyramid Chapter if you would like to visit us your most welcome.

Manchester's very own award-winning travel specialist, available to give you the very best in efficient customer service, personal experience and unbiased advice. My holidays include total financial protection, flexi booking cover and a level of attention to detail you never get online.

Over many years I have personally built up many close relationships with my customers. The customer testimonials on my website speak for themselves, and Travel Counsellors have 5 Star Truspilot reviews too, so please take a look.

I am always on hand and enjoy visiting with my customers at home or via Zoom , enabling me to fit around your busy schedule so I am there at a time that's convenient for you. I can be contacted on a local number, by email or via my website or whatsapp.

Manchester Canal Street's Travel Expert and "Go to" Travel Person, and now Regular Guest Travel Specialist and Adviser on "You Tube's" Television Series "Your Manchester" with Belinda and the Team .

My specialist areas are tailor made travel and cruise holidays and I have been lucky to have cruised the Nile, the Med and have recently returned from cruising the Caribbean on Ventura travelling back home across the Atlantic in style! Everyone should give a cruise holiday a try, it's such a rewarding experience with the added benefit of waking up in a new destination every day. As well as cruises, I have travelled to all corners of the world including Egypt, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cuba, St Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Penang, Malaysia Borneo, New York, Singapore, Bali Lombok and Mexico!

I am passionate about customer service and this was my main reason for joining Travel Counsellors, as we both put our customers at the heart of everything we do. I think attention to detail is very important when it comes to travel, including the best financial protection in the industry and a 24 hour worldwide duty office.

I would be delighted to help you with any of your travel plans both leisure and business - be it a one night UK Staycation, Family holiday, Around The World cruise or help to plan a dream wedding abroad or find the perfect honeymoon!

At Travel Counsellors we don't want to be the biggest - we simply want to be the best!


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Like No Place On The Planet....

20 April 2019

Venice is magical and unlike any other place you will visit, built on water, dominated by canals and bridges with stunning architecture. There’s no such thing as just getting a cab, you will either walk or take a vaporetto (small ferry). You can also get a water taxi, but this is an expensive way of getting around and not that convenient depending on where you are located. We stayed on Venice Lido and used a private launch (courtesy of Gary Manners, see below) to get into the city. Line number one begins at Venice Lido and it takes 15 minutes to get to San Marco and 40 minutes to the Rialto Bridge. It takes just over an hour to get to the top of the Grand Canal where the train station is. A good way of getting your bearings is to go the full length of the Grand Canal. Buy vaporetto tickets from shops marked as “Tabacchi” and always validate your ticket in the machine before you travel. You may want to consider buying a pass for a few days depending on what your plans are. These are not overly expensive, at just €43 for four days, with unlimited usage. The main attractions are San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the Basilica, the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s palace and the Campanile which is the city’s tallest building. The view is superb, taking in the Lido, the whole of the lagoon and on clear day the Dolomites in the distance. These will be on most people’s lists to visit and all sorts of tourist information is readily available. If you book organised tours you will skip the long queues, at the Basilica for example. We chose not to and enjoyed just strolling around the city discovering it’s piazza’s and alley ways full of real bars and restaurants occupied by venetians rather than visiting tourists. Whilst it is expensive to drink in St Mark’s Square, you should do it at least once. Sit outside the cafés/bars and listen to the orchestras playing and just soak up the atmosphere. A new phenomenon that appeared on our most recent trip was people selling bird seeds to feed the many pigeons – we politely declined! Be aware that the larger, famous venues (Florian) will cover charge you €6 per person just to sit down and listen to the live orchestra. Drinks are also very expensive. A unique experience however, and we loved our time there. Generally, Venice is not a city with lots of nightlife such as clubs and late bars. We found that the city closes around midnight. However, over the years and on more recent trips we have noticed that it is becoming more like other destinations with people eating and drinking later in the evening. We saw a hen do when we last went – not something seen regularly in Venice. There is the main core of the city in the centre of the lagoon. The islands - Murano, Burano (personal favourite), Torcello and Cimitero di San Michele are to the north. Venice Lido is on the southern side of the lagoon and Giudecca is just to the south of the main core. We enjoyed an Aperol Spritz (or two – the Venice cocktail) at the Skyline Rooftop Bar at The Hilton (amongst several others) on Giudecca which has a panoramic view of the city of Venice. Check out (Google) where to eat the best Cicchetti in Venice – these are local finger foods served in small local bars (Bacari) in the Lagoon frequented by locals. Usually early evening – apperitivo time. The famous Harry’s Bar is perhaps the most overrated place in Venice, having said that it doesn’t do well in any current reviews. This is because it is quite an ordinary looking bar, with disdainful waiters and the celebrated Bellini is overpriced at €22 for a small glass. It isn’t the best – certainly not that I’ve ever tasted. They also insist on a dress code so no cut off pants or trainers for gents. However, we wanted to experience it and we’re happy that we can say we’ve been to Harry’s Bar in Venice but wouldn’t rush to go back. We haven’t got any favourite restaurants in Venice, our hotels have been in all different parts of the city and therefore we have eaten in different parts of the city. We’ve tended not to take note of the names even although we’ve sometimes ended up in the same place on other visits. We’ve found that wandering and finding the places as you go is the best way to experience the eateries of Venice. If you do want a list of best restaurants, it’s easy enough to Google and your hotel is likely to recommend places. It’s worth mentioning The Hard Rock Café in Venice. Whilst you may think - why go there when in Venice, it’s an alternative to traditional Italian fayre and it’s in a great building in a great location overlooking Bacino Orseolo which is one of the main Gondola gathering points. The restaurant has a unique Venetian stamp with a very impressive Murano glass chandelier. Good if you can get a seat overlooking the canal. You’ll struggle to find poor quality food anywhere in Italy and Venice is no exception. Even food to go is in abundance and of very good quality. In the very central tourist streets around St Mark’s Square there is good quality food to be had whilst more expensive than in areas further away. Also, you may find it is served by disdainful tourist-wary waiters or ones that are keen to get you in but equally keen for you to go once they have got your business. It is a judgement call! There is lots of variety and there are plenty of vegetarian options although not designed to cater specifically for vegetarians, it’s just that plenty of Italian dishes don’t contain meat. It is a treat to have a meal in a restaurant along the banks of the Grand Canal, prices vary and be mindful that some meat or fish dishes are priced per 100g not per course. Whilst there is the usual tourist tat on offer in Venice, there are loads of wonderful shops with amazing window displays selling genuine quality Venetian goods. If you are buying glass, make sure it is genuine Murano glass because there are lots of Chinese imports. The masks are amazing, and some places offer mask making workshops. There is a high-end fashion area selling top designer gear this is quite close to San Marco. There are also the usual high street names like Zara, H&M and even Clarks shoes. Lots to see and do, you won’t do it all in this one trip. Part of the charm of the city is letting it reveal itself as you wander around and frequently end up in dead end streets but always with something to see.

Stay Safe This Year. Check out my travel blog.

11 June 2018

Booking a holiday and then counting down the days until you can set that ‘out of office’ on your work email account is one of the most exciting times of the year, isn’t it? We look forward to making those memories for so long. But how protected are you? And how much do you really know about it? Having the peace of mind that no matter what, your holiday is safe is priceless and it’s not something you can find everywhere. But the minefield of financial protection is not easily negotiated so we’re trying to make it clearer to help preserve your precious holiday funds. Why do I need to worry about financially protecting my holiday? In short, if you don’t and something happens to one of the companies involved in your trip, you could lose out. If you’ve booked a package holiday, your holiday is financially protected. If you’ve booked your flight and accommodation separately and one of the companies fails, you could end up in a situation where you’re having to pay for an alternative flight or accommodation. Even if you book accommodation with a travel agent, if they fail, you could end up losing your money and be left without your hotel room. Your holiday insurance isn’t fail-safe either, as it isn’t guaranteed to cover a travel company going bust. Read on to understand more about the financial protection available for your holiday… What are the different types of financial protection? ATOL ABTA Section 75 Insurance Independent protection What is ATOL? The Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) regime is a financial protection scheme for holidaymakers regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In the UK, all travel companies selling package holidays with flights must hold an ATOL. If the company isn’t registered in the UK, they aren’t legally required to hold an ATOL and you might find you aren’t as covered as you thought. And unfortunately, by that stage, it’s probably too late. If a travel company with an ATOL stops trading, the ATOL scheme protects all customers who had booked with that company. If the company goes into administration before you travel, your money is protected, and you’ll be able to apply for a full refund. If you’re on holiday when the travel company goes bust, the ATOL scheme guarantees you’ll be able to finish your holiday and return home. When you book a protected holiday, you’ll receive an ATOL certificate as soon as you pay for your trip. The certificate explains how you’re protected and what to do in the event of a company collapsing. If the company is a registered member, you’ll spot the ATOL logo and a four or five-digit number on their website and in brochures and adverts. (You can also check that the company is an accredited member of ATOL on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website) My travel agent is an ABTA Agent. What is ABTA? If you’ve booked a package holiday from an ABTA agent, your money is protected. However, you might not be financially protected if you haven’t booked a package holiday. You will need to speak with your travel agent if you are relying on this level of protection. I paid for my holiday using my credit card. If the travel company goes bust can I claim through my credit card provider? (Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974) If you’ve booked your trip and have paid on your credit card, you might be able to make a claim against your credit card company. This claim is under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, so you might hear people talk about “section 75”. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 applies to goods and services paid for with your credit card and includes online bookings. If you’ve paid for your travels using your credit card, it means that you can claim against the creditor, which in this case is the credit card company. To make a claim against your credit card provider, the amount you’re claiming for must be between £100 and £30,000. However, you may still be able to make a claim if the amount on your credit card is less (a deposit, for example) as the claim against the credit card provider is directed at the total cost of your trip. Doesn’t my travel insurance cover me if the company I’ve booked with goes into administration? Not every travel insurance policy will cover you if a company goes bust, so it’s best to read the small print and check with your travel insurance provider. It’s also worth checking whether the provider will cover you for the whole holiday if you’ve booked your flights, accommodation and car hire separately. As an example, you might find that your travel insurance will cover you if the airline goes into administration but that you can’t claim for a refund on your accommodation or car hire. If you’ve booked through Travel Counsellors, your holiday is 100% financially protected so your money is safe. In the event of an issue, your personal Travel Counsellor will contact you to discuss the options available, such as travelling to a different destination or changing your flights to another airline carrier. In many cases, our customers don’t even need to know when a company has gone bust – we just do the necessary work behind the scenes. Is my money 100% safe when booking with Travel Counsellors? Yes. And it’s the highest level of protection you could wish for because it’s fully independent. Set up in 2004, it sits alongside our ATOL cover and financially protects every part of every trip, whether it be the whole holiday, a flight, hotel stay, car hire or even airport parking. It’s completely robust meaning no matter what happens, your money is safe.

Gift Experience Ideas Just For You...

26 February 2018

Following on from my 10-minute presentation at BEXC in February, I thought I would give some inspiration with Easter around the corner and Mother’s Day too. Car Driving Experience Days Why not experience the thrill of driving an Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Knight Riders’ Kit Car. Yes I did say that! I can even arrange that and have been asked a few times for that one. Thrilling, adrenaline fuelled fun for anyone and everyone who loves the experience of fast cars and the freedom of driving around your own racetrack and crossing the finishing line in first place! Alternatives to speed include British Superbike race tickets, 4 x 4 off road experience days, tank driving (with our without paintballing), truck driving, quad biking, Formula 1 passenger race day and, my personal favourite, dumper truck racing. You can also take the kids for a selection of junior equivalents, so all the family can enjoy too! Spa, Pamper and Relaxation Days for two or more Why not try a pamper day or spa treatment at Champneys’s or Bannatyne’s Spas with a selection of top quality spa treatments to choose from? Treatments massage, facials and manicures and all include day use of the spa pool, jacuzzi facilities and can be for two or more people depending on your group size, making this gift experience ideal for hen parties or a friends’ day out together. I can include afternoon tea with Champagne at some of the North West’s most exclusive spa locations, making spa and pamper days an ideal treat for special occasions, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter or that special anniversary treat. I now also offer traditional wet shaves at the Gentry Grooming in Manchester too! UK Breaks/Hot Tub Breaks and Theatre Breaks Why not try your very own log cabin in the countryside or near the sea, with its own hot tub. An ideal gift for a romantic weekend away for those long summer nights or indeed anytime of the year! Hot tub breaks come with fully furnished bedrooms and kitchen and lounge area in locations across the UK so there’s lots of choice of destination and style. Why not have a chocolate box style country cottage with its wild cottage garden and thatched roof, adding a touch of romance to any weekend away this summer. Why not stay in a castle in Wales or a windmill in Scarborough, the choices are endless and all of these quirky ideas I can arrange for you and your family. Some even allow you to bring along your dog so they don’t have to miss out on all the fun too! If you fancy a city break why not try London, with access to the West End with a variety of exciting shows from Wicked to Phantom of the Opera. All come with First or Standard Class rail from your local station included in the price, along with a wide selection of London sightseeing tours making a memorable visit to the capital. Golfing Breaks in the UK I can offer golf breaks all over the UK, Scotland and Ireland as well as overseas with flights and transfers too. Before you start planning your next golf trip here’s a tip for you: consider booking a resort that has spa facilities as well as golf facilities so everyone is happy, as not everyone will play golf! Some great local choices include four-star Mottram Hall Hotel in Cheshire, Hollins Hall Marriott near Leeds and Macdonald Portal Hotel in Chester. Prices start from £110 per person including dinner, bed and breakfast and two rounds of golf. Ideal for all you golfers and spa lovers, all in one exciting weekend package. For more details contact Gary Manners- Personal Travel Specialist and BEXC Member since 2017 0161 826 7430

Venice - A City Of Romance

21 April 2017

One area of my Personal Travel Specialist Business I get asked to book time and time again is for City Breaks so I thought I would write a blog about a personal favourite of mine, Venice. Italy is a fantastic place to visit with so many unique, historical and romantic cities to visit just waiting to be discovered. In Venice you get to experience one of the most romantic cities in the world, a place of "Lovers, Poets and Culture" all rolled into one. Venice and its numerous small Islands (around 100 in total ) is stretched over the Venetian Lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Venice is easily accessible by boat from the Main Airport and the Shuttle service located around the City into Venice Island dropping at all the main tourist locations for easy access to hotels. Venice is famous for its wonderful canal system and a "must do" when you visit Venice is a Gondola ride around the City, with or without the accompanied music or singing. Venice is full of history and there is no shortage of opportunities for days out to churches, museums, art galleries and all the main sights offering lots of unique sightseeing. St Marks Square can take up a whole day of sightseeing , you must visit the Campanile the bell tower at St Marks Basillica, its a real East meets West experience of Ottoman Architecture and History and the Doges Palace Museum too. Just like the architecture and museums walking and "foodie experiences" are all around including Fine Wine Tasting and the Fantastic " Italian Ice Cream" in the numerous locally run delis, bard, shops and also offers a handful of Michelin star restaurants in the city, I can recommend the seafood dishes which are in plentiful supply. Why not visit Venice Lido which is a resort area away from the city hustle and bustle and crowds in the summertime, it's easily accessible by the many boat trips over from the city , you could spot the many film crews using it for TV locations, try the numerous quality restaurants on offer or head to the beach area which is great to catch up on chilling and sunbathing. A few of the best hotels in Venice that I can highly recommend you visit and stay in are The Carlton on the Grand Canal, and Belmond Hotel Cipriani. Both are very popular and have a wonderful friendly welcoming feel when you arrive, why not give them a try! In the evenings, Venice comes alive all over again with teaming friendly restaurants inviting you in to try and sample their menu and wine, wonderful! Such a romantic destination with lots to do, see and experience and at your own pace, I really can't wait to go back. If you like the sound of Venice and think it's the City for you...I am more than happy to help you plan not only your City Break, I can recommend some lovely restaurants and sightseeing too!

Old Town Benidorm, Spanish Costa Blanca

30 October 2015

A visit to Benidorm needn't lack contact with authentic Spanish culture. The Old Town in particular is an evocative maze of cobbled streets and inviting establishments to drink and shop in. With its blue-domed church and white houses, it manages to retain its character amongst the forest of tower blocks to the east and west. Do yourself a favour and time your visit to coincide with one of the more than 50 fiestas that occur in Benidorm every year. If you like Levante but would prefer something quieter, then Poniente is for you. There are no beach bars and fewer hotels this side but plenty of provision is made for visitors including the opportunity to hire wind surfing boards. Life guards are on duty each day and there are ramps for the disabled. Again, the sand is spotlessly clean each morning thanks to the hard working hoover team. Poniente is also a great location to watch the sunset. Malpas Beach is different again. Only a few hundred metres long it is sheltered and popular with volleyballs and other sportsmen and women. Don’t bring your dog though, they’re not welcome here or on any Benidorm beach. It's easy to feel a connection with something ancient and artistic in the winding streets of the Old Town. The white stone balcony at the historical centre of Benidorm affords lucky sightseers extensive views. It's also a popular spot with newlyweds for photo shoots. The church of San Jaime looks down on all those seeking company or solace. You might also notice a plaque which commemorates the rescue of a small wooden figurehead from the ashes of ship ordered to be burnt after all the crew had perished of an unknown cause. If you prefer the company of the living and breathing, albeit underwater, then the Benidorm Aquarium on Calle Horno will provide you with hours of entertainment. The tanks include inhabitants of the Med, more tropical specimens, sharks, turtles and even eels. (Eek!) Tapas Alley is where you want to be. Small dishes of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes are consumed with great gusto and washed down with gallons of wine and beer along the short covered street of Santo Domingo. It can be very busy so be prepared to get amongst the throng. Ordering is easy even if your Spanish is limited – just point to what you like the look of and say 'gracias' repeatedly. We tried the "Four Seasons" which was great value and pulled in a Show on Saturday night all for 15 Euros! Amazing value!

South African Adventure With A Touch Of Luxury..

03 September 2015

I have recently been looking at a fantastic itinerary for some of my customers wanting to visit South Africa, and really felt I wanted to share this with you too. I based the travel dates on Mid May to Mid June a really good time to see the Big 5 and get the best weather too. This wonderful Itinerary around South Africa, begins in Johannesburg and takes in Ulusaba in Kruger National Park and Key points around the Eastern and Western Cape including Pretoria, Capetown and Stellanbosch, this gives the opportunity to visit the Famous "Garden Route" and experience Wine Tasting and amazing scenery right out of the Film "Born Free", and which is best experienced on a Self Drive Touring option which I can arrange. They also manage to pull in an overnight journey from Pretoria to Capetown on the Iconic "Blue Train" which is a wonderful link between the Northern Points and East and West Capes and breathtaking scenery of central parts of South Africa on a 27 hour Colonial Journey back in time. The Journey begins with flights from the UK served by British Airways and Virgin into Johannesburg travelling overnight and arriving into Johannesburg around 730am, giving you plenty of time to connect with the internal South African Airways flights to the 5 Star Ulusaba Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park. Ulusaba has its own private Air Strip and is owned and operated to and Excellent standard by Sir Richard Branson. (Virgin Brand Creator and Megastar) We have opted for the 3 night All inclusive Safari Option based on the Ulusaba Game Lodge-River Room with Plunge Pool with everything you could wish for and much much more, its a wonderful place ... Built tree house style and very private there are four River Rooms, with two rooms offering private plunge pools. All are very spacious with snuggling seating areas and striking views of the river bed or bush. Ideal for those celebrating or enjoying a romantic escape as these rooms are secluded and tucked between jackalberry trees. Three of the River Rooms are accessible by swing bridge and are a short walk from the main Lodge. The treehouse viewing deck overlooking the Xikwenga Dam is a great place to get even further into the bush to see where the hippos and elephants come to bathe. Ulusaba has a fantastic Spa offering every type of Spa Treatment you can think of. From bush games, safari walks and cocktails by the pool, there's no shortage of things to do during the day. You might not be a morning person but it’s certainly worth getting out of bed for this. Your morning starts with freshly baked goodies and tea and coffee to help get started. Your Ranger and Tracker will meet you and your morning adventure begins. As sun rises you’ll be treated to the beauty of the African bush. This is generally the best time to spot the wildlife, as the temperature is cool and the animals are still very active, including the big cats, which will be returning from a night of hunting. We don’t want to give too much away, so just remember to set your alarm. All your meals are included and with at least six chances to eat, from fine dining , room service or an intimate meal for two on your private balcony you won’t go hungry. The next part of the journey after our flight from Ulusaba back to Johannesburg is a 45 minute private transfer to Pretoria which can be arranged directly from the Airport to all the main Hotels in Pretoria, we opted to stay in the Sheraton Pretoria on a bed and breakfast basis. This hotel offers everything you would expect of a 4 Star City Hotel including Room and Suites, Health Club and Spa, Magnolia Restaurant and Tiffin Bar and lounge for your afternoon tea and cakes..wonderful. The next day sees early breakfast and our journey to Pretoria Main Train Station for our Iconic Colonial Journey back in time on the "Blue Train" to Capetown, we have packed our best Suits, Dickie Bows and Ball Gowns for an experience of a lifetime and that feeling of anticipation of what we are going to see and experience over the next 24 hours. The route between Pretoria and Cape Town is a 27-hour journey of 1 600 kilometres (994 miles), through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery offered by the African sub-continent. We have opted for the Deluxe Carriage and all our meals are included and they certainly live up to their 5 Star rating. Your De Luxe Suite will forever alter your definition of what style and class entail. From your elegant and relaxing lounge during the day, it transforms into a subtly-lit bedroom of indulgence during the night, with goose-down and 100 per cent percale-cotton bedding, from your individually-controlled air-conditioning system, under-floor heating, opulent marble and gold-fitted bathroom, its scented bath salts and plush monogrammed towels, to the electronic entertainment options on offer. And then, of course, all this accompanied by the ever-changing vistas of the African countryside… The highlight of the evening is of course getting all dressed up for a wonderful meal on this amazing train and historic journey to Capetown. On board chefs regularly refresh their menus to intrigue and tantalise your palate, as they prepare their signature dishes using the freshest of local ingredients. From Karoo lamb, ostrich and venison, to Knysna oysters and other award-winning Cape cultivars. All presented in delicate crystal or on fine china, all contributing to the ultimate experience of "The Blue Train". En route to Cape Town there is a stopover and excursion in Kimberley, where we take a step back in time to the days of the diamond rush. After Departing our Carriages and leaving the "Blue Train" behind we have waiting for us our Vehicle a Mitsubishi ASX hired for 5 days for the final part of our journey from Capetown to Stellanbosch taking in the Wine Region and experiencing two more wonderful locations, a must see part of South Africa. In Capetown we have opted for the Radisson Blu Waterfront and have a Business Class room on bed and breakfast again this is a fantastic hotel offering every first class facility. the Radisson Blu Hotel also offers easy access to popular destinations like Table Mountain and Robben Island. From Capetown we travel to the final hotel in Stellanbosch, the Oude Werf, Cape Winelands oldest and most famous Hotel. Oude Werf has 58 rooms in three luxury styles, set across the hotel property. Most are centred on our poolside gardens or in our historic inn-house. All rooms have been extensively renovated or are newly built, incorporating modern features. Finally our journey see us dropping our car back at Capetown Airport and making our way back to the airport for our flight back to the UK - what a wonderful itinerary to have provided for my customers and a real insight into what South Africa has to offer. Its a destination on a huge scale offering every type of holiday type and standard - I can honestly say its a trip of a lifetime.

"Nevis " A Caribbean Hideaway !!

02 January 2015

I recently visited this wonderful Caribbean Island, having visited many of the larger Islands during my 20 years in Travel and found this a breath of fresh air. If you need any information or recommendations, please let me know. I loved this island and called it my "Caribbean Hideaway" We travelled over on the local ferry from the terminal at St Kitts, and it took about 45 minutes to get over. You can get back on the fast jet boat if you have less time. Charlestown is a very interesting place to visit. Lots of shops, and plenty of Georgian-style buildings still remain. There's a charming lack of modernisation of Charlestown, and local efforts are underway to preserve the original buildings. During my time in Nevis I got to visit the following hotels staying at the Four Seasons, a Luxury 5 Star Hotel with wonderful facilities, sea views and different room types. One thing I did notice during touring Nevis which was quite amazing was the difference between the beaches on the North and Western parts of the islands. I found them much superior, less crowded and often empty compared to the beaches of South and Eastern parts, and of course clean and free to be used by everyone! Travel around the Island is quite easy with quiet roads and very little in the way of traffic jams or road rage. Nisbet Beach on the north coast is well maintained and surrounded by palm trees. It’s largely frequented by guests at Nisbet Beach Resort Hotel but everyone is welcome. Its gentle ocean breezes make it a popular place to spend a relaxing day. On the day I visited a group of cruise customers who had just arrived. Located in 30 lush acres, this is the Caribbean’s only historic plantation inn located on a beach. Its magnificent lawns lead down to the soft sands and the sea. The setting is beautiful and elegant. There are 38 luxurious lemon-coloured cottages, each surrounded by almost a quarter acre of land to ensure peace and privacy. Dining is highly prized with no less than three Caribbean restaurants serving gourmet food with a local flavour and a global influence. Thursday nights feature popular beachside barbecues and a local steel band. Personal pampering is also on the menu and a visit to the Palms Spa is a perfect complement to your stay at this relaxed hotel. Facilities include three restaurants, two bars, freshwater pool, tennis court, snorkelling, boutique, croquet and complimentary laundry. Newcastle beaches were stunning, clean and my favourite ones. On the northern side of the island, this beach gets its name from the nearby village of Newcastle. It’s mostly covered with soft, yellow sand and is a nice spot to relax. It’s also a great place to visit on a Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere as the fishermen sell their fresh catches that day. Be sure to sample the local BBQ... wonderful! Herberts Beach isn't far from the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. Herbert’s Beach is renowned for its many reefs teeming with spectacular marine life. Naturally this makes it a magnet for snorkellers. The beach is close to where the Atlantic Ocean begins on the windward side of the island. Nevis is a very elegant and romantic venue for a wedding. You can choose from picturesque churches, historic plantations, soft, sandy beaches or beautiful tropical gardens. All will make your special day a memorable occasion. I will give you all the help you need in arranging a perfect Wedding or Honeymoon and will guide you through the simple formalities. Just some of the things to do whilst visiting Nevis include touring the Heritage Trail, turtle monitoring and swimming. Golf facilities on Nevis are world class with the main course being the Robert Trent Jones II 18-hole, par 71 course at the Four Seasons Resort. The waters around Nevis are teeming with game fish like tuna, barracuda, sailfish, blue marlin, wahoo and mahi mahi. You can see a lot cycling in Nevis. Remember the island is only 36 square miles in size and there is a 20 mile main road that runs round it. All in all a wonderful "Caribbean Hideaway"! I can thoroughly recommend both the historical and cultural interest of the island along with the superb North and West coast beaches and hotels.

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Sent by Thomas Roberts

Gary did all the legwork for me and came up with the perfect package at a great price. Much Appreciated Will recommend you

Sent by Frances Kemp

"Thank you for looking after our booking to Spain for my September holidays. From the original bookings, through to organising transfers and ensuring I had adequate luggage allowances, and the check in for us both, you really looked after us. As well as this , you organised our Travel Insurance , ensuring that should anything happen, we would have excellent cover. And even with health issues included, your travel insurance was a very competitive price for such a full policy. And to top it all , we knew we had you our very own Travel Counsellors who could look after us as well, knowing this i have peace of mind every time and i always book with Gary." Thanks Frances and Mark

Sent by Patricia Boal

Just wanted to share this wonderful Customer Testimonial i have received recently, 10/10 Customer Score Received I would recommend Gary at Travel Counsellors to everyone, my experience was efficient, pleasant and trouble free, thanks for all your help once again, cant wait for my trip !! Much appreciated and have a wonderful time Pat xx

Sent by Kathleen Grady

10/10 Customer Score Can't fault the expertise, time and patience towards us when booking with Gary at Travel Counsellors. Nothing too much trouble took the stress away. Such a thoughtful and considerate person. Thanks Kath. Monica and Joyce x

Sent by Graham Ball

10/10 Customer Review Received You can always rely on Gary to go the extra mile as he always does for us whenever I have used him. Can highly recommend him with Personal Service guaranteed

Sent by Michelle Eagleton

10/10 Customer Review Received "Gary is so dedicated to finding people the right holiday. He's patience, friendly and makes us feel special as a family. I wouldn't book with anyone else"

Sent by Beverley Burke

10/10 Customer Review Brilliant, stress free experience. Gary Manners our travel counsellor was brilliant and always is. Highly recommended

Sent by Melanie Selby

10/10 Review and 5 Star Trust Pilot Review Gary arranged a fantastic holiday for 4 of us to celebrate a big birthday. Every little detail was taken care of for our 10 trip to Cairo and Nile Cruise. Gary has been on the holiday himself and assured us we would have a great time and he was right. It was an amazing trip and helped by the expert planning. We’ve no hesitation in recommending Gary to friends and will definitely book with him again. We really appreciated the little touch of a Welcome Home postcard as well. Thanks Gary from Melanie, Joanne, Chris and birthday boy Ian!

Sent by Frances Kemp

Gary is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, credible. You just know you are going to get excellent service every time. Never feel an issue when I am mithering, he is just there to help us out at all stages. He finds out what we need and provides excellent advice on flights, resorts and hotels. It is the small touches that make the biggest difference. I know any recommendations will be in great hands and will be looked after.

Sent by Michelle Walker

Gary is brilliant and always finds me exactly what I’m looking for.

Sent by Damien Greenhalgh

This was our first time using a travel agent of any kind. Gary's very personal service made booking our holiday a cinch. A few detail and criteria and has found us what looks to be a great place for us to relax and unwind in the sun. Highly recommend the service and Gary.

Sent by Rebecca Moloney

10/10 Review Received He’s been amazingly helpful & very knowledgeable around all things Cuba!! Thank you.

Sent by Toni Stokes

Gary has arranged most of my travel for the last 15 years..he is so very helpful and kind, full of information.I can highly recommended Gary he goes the extra mile on checking holiday plans and making sure everything goes smoothly. He recently arranged a trip of a lifetime for my mum and I to Iguazu Waterfalls which was fantastic. Thank you Gary for all you do for us.

Sent by Diane Willmott

Gary has been booking our hols for quite a few years and still doing now I am on my own . So professional but always friendly and ready for a chat ?? would highly recommend him for help and knowledge . Even found us hols when we had no clue where we wanted to go !!!

Sent by Diane Willmott

Gary has been booking our hols for quite a few years and still doing now I am on my own . So professional but always friendly and ready for a chat ?? would highly recommend him for help and knowledge . Even found us hols when we had no clue where we wanted to go !!!

Sent by Melanie Meadows

10/10 Customer Review Gary is so helpful and enjoyable to deal with. Thank you for your hard work Gary !!

Sent by Michelle Eagleton

10/10 Customer Review Gary is just incredible. He is efficient, friendly and just a joy to book a holiday with. I wouldn't book with anyone else now I have Gary. He is brilliant.

Sent by Neil Jones

10/10 Customer Review Gary is fantastic and supports you through the whole process of booking. Can’t wait to fly out with his support.

Sent by David Ball

10/10 Score Brilliant service, nothing seems too much trouble. Thankyou Gary

Sent by Roger Mellor

10/10 Review Highly recommend Gary Manners for all his support and knowledge of the travel industry . Booking my 2022 holidays with him already .

Sent by Martha King

Gary is an excellent travel agent. He's very warm and reassuring as well as extremely efficient! thanks once again ...

Sent by Toni Stokes

10/10 Customer Score I use Gary all the time for travel he gives such great personal service. Thanks once again

Sent by Louise O'Neill

Gary is always so helpful and patient with our requests and questions. We have found it to be so important to have the support of an experienced travel agent with booking holidays - especially through these uncertain times. We've never had any problems occur on any of our holidays but it's comforting to know that if we did then we have just one point of contact to help us if we needed it.

Sent by Michelle Walker

10/10 Review Gary takes all the hassle out of hunting for the perfect holiday - worth his weight in gold!

Sent by Martyn Alderson

Great Customer Service and Support as always, thanks Gary

Sent by Jill Jones

Brilliant service for a very individually tailored holiday. Gary is so easy to talk to and is very knowledge

Sent by Kathleen Grady

Hi Gary would just like to say thanks ever so much for booking my flights for my recent holiday to Thailand. Everything was perfect the flights, the airline Emirates. Nothing was too much trouble. And a big thank you for arranging yet another wonderful holiday, Thank you Kath.

Sent by Lorraine Morris

We have just returned from a fabulous trip to Australia. Thank you Gary for organising all our flights and hotels, Everything went like clockwork. Gary was amazing, helpful and very knowledgeable. We are looking forward to Gary organising our next trip.

Sent by Michelle Eagleton

Gary is just wonderful and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others and already do. he's extremely helpful and thoughtful-the level of personal service is just great. I won't book with anyone else from now on since meeting Thank you Gary.

Sent by Michael Leech

Gary was and has continued to be the most helpful and nice person I have met for a long time. Thanks once again , great job done...

Sent by Elizabeth Bull

Gary He always Listens to what I want to do and then finds a way for me to do it Thanks once again

Sent by Carole Cunliffe

Gary you're a treasure for my mum Joyce, you go above and beyond to make your customers happy, she’s always praising you for helping her. Keep up the brilliant work you do, thank you for looking after her.

Sent by Ian Brown

A brilliant service as always.

Sent by Michelle Eagleton

Gary was professional from start to finish. He made it a joy for us to book a holiday and the whole travel experience was made easy and enjoyable. He couldn't do enough for us and his personal touches were so thoughtful. He even went as far to write out our luggage tags and send them ahead of time, plus on our wedding anniversary whilst on holiday we got a lovely surprise bouquet and fizz sent from him all the way to our hotel in Santorini. His recommendations for accommodation and location were spot on and we won't be booking with anyone else but Gary from here on in

Sent by Michelle Walker

We have just returned from a two week holiday to Cuba, which included an overnight stay & full day tour in Havana, organised by Gary. I can’t praise Gary enough; from the initial (very limited) holiday brief, booking the Havana tour just a week before going, to being checked in for the flight, Gary took care of everything. He even sent us completed luggage labels! This is the most stress free holiday we have ever had and I will definitely be using Gary next time we go away.

Sent by Mia and Fleur Aitken

My Sister and I recently went to New York for the first time. Gary took care of everything from arranging flights, a lovely hotel, airport transfers and even all our trips we wanted to do. Also arranging tickets for us to see PINK in concert at Madison Square Gardens. Gary was always available via phone or email to help and give advise about our trip, and nothing was every too much trouble. this holiday could have been very stressful to plan as we had never been before and there was so much we wanted to do during our week there but Gary took care of absolutely everything, making it a hassle free and most importantly a trip my sister and myself will never forget! I would definitely recommend Gary for any trips/holidays you want to plan and will most definitely be using his services in the future. Thankyou again Gary.

Sent by Iain Scott

Superb service before, during and after the recent trip to Venice. Highly recommended 5 Star...

Sent by Anne Holdstock

Paris dream trip, great accommodation. Gary was very polite and attentive right from the start. He was patient which was lovely as I had changed my mind a few times over accommodation. He made me feel confident in him and Travel Counsellors . He reasured me about contacts if a problem arose (which it didnt) so we always felt well looked after. My trip was a personal dream of mine and he made it very special. I liked the personal touches with a card wishing us a good holiday then a postcard on our return.and a phone call to follow up. All very special and personal. Thank you

Sent by Thomas Sharkey

Gary Manners delivers. Gary's customer service is second to none. Trip to Venice was organised so beautifully from start to finish. Very highly recommended.

Sent by Roger Mellor

Great having a personal travel advisor to answer all the numerous questions. Gary Manners is very knowledgeable having had years of experience.

Sent by Ian Brown

Having just returned from a brilliant trip to Benidorm old town, I wanted to say a massive thank you to to Gary for the incredible amount of work he put into organising my holiday. My brief was for a quiet relaxing break in a small 5 star hotel and his reccomendation of Villa Venecia was perfect. An amazing hotel in a spectacular location. Brilliant flight times, personalised transfers and liaision with the hotel made this one of the best trips I have made. Fantastic Flowers and Wine , thanks again. Having recently retired I will be making many more trips and am looking forward to working with Gary, in today's internet age it is rare to find such incredible service and attention to detail. I can highly reccomendation Gary's service.

Sent by Kate Rayner

I am really happy with the help i had from Gary. I changed my mind a few times with dates, hotels, and timings. He was always happy to support this and always did his best to reasure me he can change it. He found me a perfect hotel. He understood my reasoning for the trip and totally engaged himself in making sure it will fullfill my memories. Thank you

Sent by Gregory Paulson

Appreciate the personal service

Sent by Iain Scott

Superb service at every stage and so looking forward to my fantastic trip very soon.

Sent by Nathan Sherratt

My partner and I have just returned from our fantastic Skiing holiday to Austria which was organised by yourself with such care. We really appreciated all the time you put into making our holiday extra special with all the little finishing touches you provide as part of your service. Everything was to a very high standard from the food , Hotel and Ski Resort. We were really impressed. Gary made the whole experience stress free and i will be recommending his services to our family, friends and colleagues in the future. We thorougly enjoyed ourselves and cannot wait for you to start planning our 2019 Ski Holiday !!! thanks again Chloe and Nathan "

Sent by Michelle Eagleton

10/10 Customer Service Score; You made things so easy Gary and were so lovely in the process. We felt in safe and knowledgable hands with you and also felt you cared about getting us the right holiday. Thank you.

Sent by Diane Willmott

Gary always goes above and beyond helping to get us exactly what we are looking for and never disappoints! 10/10

Sent by Carole Wood

Congratulations, well deserved , you're amazing for your clients, really go out of your way for them. You help my mum Joyce and auntie Maureen every time. Hats off to you keep up the good work. Thank you from Joyce’s daughter Carole

Sent by Norah Cozens

Many many congratulations Gary. You truly deserve it. You work so hard to please your customers and to meet their individual needs. Please put my testimonial on your website. Well done.

Sent by Michelle Walker

Gary was amazing - took all the hassle out of planning our holiday. I will definitely be using him again!

Sent by Elizabeth Bull

Gary takes the worry out of travelling I am able to recommend his talents to any discerning traveller

Sent by Craig Stack

Having used your services on a number of occassions now, I felt compelled to write a small note to say thank you for the fantastic job you do. Starting with the small things like sorting out the luggage labels through to the larger ones you organise, like Champagne on the flight, flowers in the room and even once a room upgrade, your attention to detail is incredible. Combined with the knowledge that through Travel Counsellors should disaster befall the holiday we are covered, every experience we have had through yourself has lead to a stress free perfectioin. I therefore have no hesitation at all in recommending you in the future and will actively do so. Thank you and best regards.

Sent by Martha King

Thanks so much for organising Liz Bull’s and my Italian holiday. The price, flights, hotels, transfers and ferry were perfect. No hiccups and just peace of mind. The wine and fruit were a welcome treat too, thank you so much! To top it all off the weather was fabulous and Naples and Sicily were everything I’d hoped for! Finally, I was delighted with how easy it was to venture further a field from Naples and Palermo on public transport. It was hassle free. Thank you again Gary. You are ace.

Sent by Sharon Cheney

Very professional at all times. Went out of his way to search for many different vacations. Received quotes very quickly and he was very informative.

Sent by Catherine Blake

Gary booked flights for an emergency trip abroad for a traveller with a disability. A suitable flight identified with good flight times. Advice given on accessing wheelchair support throughout the journey due to mobility issues of the traveller. Trip completed with no problems. A big thank you to Gary for taking care of everything with added assurance of the protection offered of booking through Travel Counsellers.

Sent by Melissa Robinson

Myself and my Mum have just returned from a trip to a Friends Wedding In Rhodes, Greece. We booked this through Gary as we have used him before and trust him to attend to every detail implicitly. We were not disappointed, Gary took care of everything from our check-in details , reserved seats, transfers and itinerary and even hand written luggage tags ... Fantastic. Service was above and beyond an already high expectation. The Fruit and Wine that were waiting in the room on arrival nice and chilled in our room was the icing on the cake, Thank you Gary our Personal Travel Counsellor, we will be booking with you again and will not hesitate in recommending you to others. Melissa and Carol xx

Sent by Kerry Gilham

He is very helpful and succeeds what you ask of him. Always looking to add the little extras to ensure the organising of the holiday runs smoothly taking away the stress - thanks once again Gary

Sent by Steven Scanlon

10/10 Score - Hi Gary You always deliver a great holiday experience for us both. Cheers Steve & Kathryn

Sent by Alexis Williams

Gary has been fantastic, It wasn’t easy for him as I was very tied to dates and budget. Gary put in so much effort to find me the perfect holiday, meeting all my requirements. I would definitely recommend Gary to all my friends and family.

Sent by Gary Seddon

Thank you Gary for all your help in organizing a wonderful holiday to New Zealand for my girlfriend. I have seen first hand what you do for people and how you do it and have been very impressed with your skills in organizing the most complex travel plans for people, big or small for many. So when my Viv wanted to go to New Zealand to visit her son, I told her there is only one man to see about this, our man at BNI, Gary Manners. Viv was immediately impressed with your thorough professionalism and attention to detail and knew right away she was in very capable hands. You took all her apprehension and stress away from travelling to the other side of the world, via Singapore with a stop over which was truly spectacular too! You have done all you said you would and a lot more in organizing memorable sightseeing trips, brilliant hotels and lots of suprises along the way too! I really have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wishing to use a travel professional and have recommended you to friends and family already. Its a pleasure to do business with you and you really go the extra mile for your customers making us so proud to call you our friend. Thanks once again.

Sent by Vivienne Hales

Very professional, polite, kind and pleasant - made what seemed complex (several flights and accommodation) a simple arrangement. Many thanks.

Sent by Toni Stokes

Fantastic service from Gary, wouldn't use anyone else, very highly reccommend. Thanks again.

Sent by Barbara Hastings

100% attention immediately. Questions answered and holiday booked within 24 hours. Very kind and warm.

Sent by Jean O'Keefe

y Arrived home safely – had a wonderful time in OZ. All travel arrangements excellent – thank you. Will be in touch for next holiday plan.

Sent by Kathryn Orange

I would just like to thank you for all of your help and outstanding customer service recently in arranging a luxury weekend break for my husband and I celebrating a special anniversary. Your attention to detail is outstanding, your passion for people is evident and you listened to every request and deliverd 110%. The hotel you sourced for us was also exceptional at each touch point, did you speak to every member of the team because it was like they already knew us, they certainly were aware of our special anniversary. The food was outstanding, the bedroom suite upgrade - wow and to add all this you managed to get a drinks package in the room (not just any package either, fabulous). Gary, thank you so much and we would not hesitate in recommending you.

Sent by Kim Willerton

Outstanding service as always! Thanks again.

Sent by Hilary Duddy

Thank you so much for arranging my wonderful holiday to Crete. I just explained to you that I wanted a traditional Greek holiday in the sun and you researched a range of places you felt would be suitable for us. I managed to choose one from the range offered, it was a beautiful traditional Greek village, with lovely local people. I really appreciated the fact you spoke to the hotel owners and booked a VIP Suite for me with superb views. Your attention to detail made things so easy for me regarding booking the airport fast track service, The Escape lounge and a gorgeous private transfer car to the hotel and back again for us, arriving in style in no time at all. Nothing was too much trouble for you, even when I rang you on Saturday morning to ask what time the private car was picking us up as we had misplaced the return voucher and you text me with full details in no time during the day. A truly professional, reliable and heart felt service. I will certainly be coming to you for my next holiday Gary, as well as recommending you to all my friend family and clients too thanks again for a fantastic holiday experience.

Sent by Diane Willmott

Gary is so helpful and goes out of his way to find the right holiday even if you are not sure what you even want!!! He has booked a few for us now!! Such a lovely person as well.

Sent by Paul Rotondo

Gary Manners our Personal Travel Specialist from Travel Counsellors has looked after my wife and l with regards to our travel arrangements and has exceeded in all departments of his profession. Thank you Gary Regards Paul and Linda Rotondo.

Sent by Hilary Duddy

Excellent service from a very professional and thoroughly lovely chap! I will definitely use this great service again and recommend Gary to all my family, friends and clients. Thanks again

Sent by Paul Sherwood

Thanks very much for all the stuff you did, loved Dubai again and will definitely come back to you to book through for future trips!!! Kind regards

Sent by Barbara Hastings

We have more lovely memories in the bank now to enjoy in the winter by the log fire! Thank you again for your swift attention and for our lovely in room gift, that was a really lovely surpise, and very thoughtful of you as always. Thanks for all your hard work with this trip, which was a bit of an unusual ask accommodating a pre booked event, but we are very grateful for your attention, and to know that you are there when we are miles away when we need you is really reassuring. Kind regards Barbara and Khachatur

Sent by Simon Russell

Gary was extremely helpful in finding my family a cottage holiday in Devon despite variation on requested dates and I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to family and friends.

Sent by Linda Johnson

What a friendly, genuine man. Very knowledgeable. Totally dedicated to finding the requirements to fit the brief, irrelevant of budget. Always available, even out of office hours. Invaluable. Gary is to be highly recommended. We are looking forward to our holiday. Linda and Philip.

Sent by Paul Willmott

What a lovely surprise on the plane, Champagne!! Feeling thoroughly spoilt, thanks to you. We have had a fab time, wonderful weather, hotel fantastic, great people ! Thank you again for arranging everything for us and cant wait till we can do it all again, Kind regards Paul and Di

Sent by Barbara Hastings

Gary always provides us with a happy, cheerful, service nothing too much trouble, quick and totally reliable,

Sent by Michael Gancarz

A big "Thank you" for a lot of work that went into booking our forthcoming Family holiday. I thought it only fair to share my great experience with others that I have experienced so far while booking this and previous breaks away with Gary. His personal approach and willingness to listen to our never ending changes was second to none. For those who have never used Gary's services, let me tell you, you are missing out !!! So Gary ,we hope you have recovered because we will be coming back for more!

Sent by Louise Eccles

Gary was extremely patient and helpful with my endless requests and flight changes when planning my Wedding in the USA. Highly recommend Gary to look after your travel needs.

Sent by Kathleen Grady

I have been very satisfied with Gary he is most pleasant and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Gary

Sent by Hannah Long

As professional and a delight as always , thankyou so much

Sent by Janine Cooper

I can't thank you enough for the excellent service you gave us. From start to finish you were fantastic. After trawling the internet for ideas we just about gave up and then following a holiday conversation with you we contacted you and you came up with our fantastic trip to the Maldives, on our dates and within our budget too. You saved us so much stress and time as we run our own Business so time is precious to us, not only did you find us the perfect trip which you booked late one Saturday evening for us , you also checked us in, delivered our tickets and even wrote out our luggage tags!!! Fantastic Service and you really went the extra mile. You also contacted the hotel letting them know all our special requirements and they really looked after us during our stay, I can highly recommend you without hesitation to Friends, Family and Business Associates , Thanks Gary at Travel Counsellors once again

Sent by Val Dickinson

Excellent Service. Gary always goes the extra mile

Sent by Matthew Knott

This is a just to thank Gary for his efficient and attentive service in booking myself and business partner to London in January 2017. After an initial consulation with Gary , he provided us with suitable, local accommodation options for the event in London we are attending, and got us First Class Travel at an excellent rate. We found Gary to be thorough, friendly and extremely professional, reacting quickly to our needs and proactively suggesting a variety of options for us. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends , family and business colleagues alike. Thanks once again we look forward to booking further trips in the future with you. kind regards Matt Knott - Ingenium Games

Sent by Nicholas Wroe

Just a quick note to say thank-you so much for arranging a recent trip to New York for my wife and I. You gave us a range of options to suit different budgets, advised on the best places to visit and things to do in the city and nearby. As ever the service was second to none, the holiday was completely hassle free, you checked us in both ways and everything was taken care of. You helped make this a holiday to remember and I look forward to discussing our next trip with you for 2017! Thanks once again.

Sent by Hannah Long

I was made to feel at complete ease when speaking with Gary , and totally reassured that any request was managed

Sent by Diane Wilmott

We have just booked our third holiday with Gary, so helpful and made booking so easy! So definitely would book with Gary again!

Sent by Steve Crozier

Just got home from a great Weekend in Lisbon which was made all the nicer by our complimentary wine in our room on Saturday night. Thank you very much,

Sent by Paul Rotondo

Very happy with the service and attention I received, A pleasant experience .

Sent by Diane Willmott

Thank you to my personal Travel Counsellor Gary Manners, another holiday booked for next year! So easy when we leave it to you. A big thank you once again.

Sent by Sarah Bidwell

Thank you Gary Manners - My Personal Travel Specialist! My Mum and I had the most amazing holiday in Paphos Cyprus. You organized a stunning week for us that was completely stress free. Travel, hotel, location, everything was perfect, you thought of everything from beginning to end. From my first point of contact with you, our welcome gift on arrival and our welcome home postcard from you. The professional service you provide is second to none. All we had to do was pack our suitcase, arrive at the airport and relax, it goes without saying, all our future holidays will be booked with you, and we are already telling friends, family and work colleagues about you.

Sent by Christopher Dunkerley

Gary made it so easy to find and book a short break. Thanks once again for all your help !!

Sent by Steve Scanlon

We have just returned for a week away in Spain booked by Gary, and I must say Kath and I were very impressed with the Hotel Chosen , the staff were polite and food of really high quality. The Hotel was modern and well placed near the beach as we requested. Gary reserved a Private Transfer for us which was excellent and checked us in for both our flights and reserved our seats !! Fantastic Service, this is our 3rd holiday booked by Gary and we will be booking more this year and next so keep up the excellent work and many more holidays with Travel Counsellors, I also continue to recommend your services to all our family and friends... thanks again Steve and Kath Scanlon, Hyde

Sent by Thomas Sweeney

First class service from Gary Manners will use him again 10/10

Sent by Gerald Day

We recently went on a Cruise holiday that you booked for us and we can only say "Thanks so much" we were more than satisfied. We usually find it hard to book a holiday however you did it with ease. We thoroughly enjoyed every second of the holiday and we can only say that it was down to you. The Cruise Ship and Cabin facilities that you booked for us were superb and perfect for the needs and standards we required in a holiday. Both my wife and I had a brilliant time and would like to thank you and Travel Counsellors for making our holiday that one bit special and going above and beyond our expectations to help us out. Thank you once again

Sent by Hilary Tilmouth

Gary is Friendly, Always there if you need help. Eager to sort problems and resolving them as soon as is possible. Second time we have booked and always Fantastic Service thanks again

Sent by Kim Willerton

Can’t thank you enough – you’re an angel! We are truly grateful for all your help.

Sent by Paul and Diane Willmott

Would definitely recommend Gary for booking future holidays ! Was really easy ,just told him our requirements and they were all met in a short amount of time ! A really personal experience!!!

Sent by Brian Murgatroyd

From first contact the service given was first class

Sent by Steve Scanlon

Kath and I would like to thank you for your help in organizing our recent trip to New York. We were picked up on time, on arrival the driver was very polite and very friendly, the hotel you chose was great and centrally located so very easy to get around the city. You saved us a lot of time as you had booked tickets for the "Lion King" on Broadway which was our trip highlight and of course the Hop on/off Bus Tour around Manhattan. The Holiday was brilliant and we will both be recommending your services to family and friends. Keep up the good work, thanks again.

Sent by Stacy Fox

Gary was really friendly and helpful. We've already recommended him to a friend.

Sent by Ian Brown

I wanted to thank you for my really enjoyable trip to the Old Town in Benidorm recently. Your recommendation of the Old Town was "spot on" and a lovely area. The Apartment was centrally located with an immaculate kitchen which gave me more flexibility. Your suggestion of the VIP Lounges in both Manchester and Alicante was excellent value for money and provided some excellent food and drink in wonderfully relaxed surroundings. Thank you again for all the great attention to detail for my trip and I am looking forward to recommending you and Travel Counsellors to all of my friends and business associates. Thank you once again.

Sent by Mary Hall

The answer ideally would be definitely! Gary was professional throughout, going the extra mile to answer my many questions. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We will certainly use him for our next holiday. Well done Gary.

Sent by Janine Cooper

Gary Manners was extremely professional, efficient & full of knowledge. He will go out of his way to help you & my experience with Travel Counsellors has been fantastic. It has taken all of the stress out of having to search different internet sites & travel agents as Gary does it all for you. - how amazing is that!!

Sent by John Kilkenny

Gary is responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Sent by Norah Cozens

I have never used Travel Counsellor's before because I always planned my own holidays. However, when I met Gary Manners at a Charity Function where I worked, I was very impressed with his professionalism and 'non-pushy' approach. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of travel, so rather than book my next break myself, I decided to try Gary. From the minute I explained what I wanted, my budget and my expectations, he came up with a package which was perfect for my requirements. Nothing was too much trouble. He tweaked and changed things to suit my needs perfectly and I will certainly be using Gary again and recommending him to my colleagues, family and friends.

Sent by Victoria Marshall

I just want to say a massive thank you. It was such a smooth trip we enjoyed every second. I am convinced it was made even more simple due to your efficient organisation. I honestly would not hesitate to recommend you.

Sent by Adriana Bibby

Your Service is: A.B.C.D Above and Beyond the Call of Duty! Thank you so much Gary.

Sent by Nik Howard

I have just returned from a Five Day break in Venice, all booked via Gary our "Personal Travel Counsellor". Everything was taken care of from the parking, airport lounge, hotel, flights, transfers, excursions, even finding us the best restaurants to eat at. Everything was perfect and my wife said to tell you "Thank you very much for making her birthday celebration so special. The only thing Gary didn't do was the packing! He even wrote our luggage tags." If you want a hassle free holiday with all the extra things that really make a holiday fantastic then look no further than Gary your Personal Travel Counsellor. Thanks once again.

Sent by Jane Thornton

Excellent service and I have already started to tell people to give him a call.

Sent by Kerry Tibenham

I'd like to thank you for the superb service you provided to us when choosing our family holiday this year. We have always found booking a holiday fairly stressful and very time consuming but your knowledge and expertise was first class. The personal service you provide is refreshing and makes you and Travel Counsellors stand out from the crowd. You have kept me up to date every step of the way with phone calls and emails and the "Thank You for Booking" postcard was the nicest touch and has guaranteed that we will continue to use your services in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Travel Counsellors to all my family and friends. Thanks once again for a wonderful service!

Sent by Lynda Clarke

I recently asked Gary to find a relaxing holiday for myself and my elderly mother, quality hotel, with excellent reviews and many other requirements to enable my 90 year old mother to get the best enjoyment out of our holiday. Gary spoke to me in detail about our requirements, suggested options and once we had settled on a choice, I left it completely in his hands. Gary sorted out every last detail keeping everyone so well informed that I was able to speak to the receptionist on arrival, who knew all about us having been fully briefed by Gary. The hotel accommodation, food and entertainment was First Class, great value and was testament to Gary's professionalism and expertise. We had a great time and on the mat when we got home was a "Welcome Home" card from Gary. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary and his services to anyone seeking a professional and Personal Travel Service. Thanks once again!

Sent by Toni & Daphne Stokes

Gary is amazing, very helpful, full of information wouldnt use anyone else he is the best.

Sent by Kerry Tibenham

Gary was so helpful, friendly and knowledgable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his services in the future Many thanks Gary

Sent by Jillian Welsby

Travel Counsellors have helped me and my family now on at least three significant holiday bookings and the service has been first rate on all occasions. Gary is a very informed and knowledgeable consultant who has made all the arrangements for me enabling me to trust that my holiday will be all I expect it to be from start to finish. Friendly, professional and reliable support sums up my experience dealing with the company - and regarding Gary I would add extremely efficient, 'on it' and a pleasure to do business with.

Sent by Kerry Pickles

Gary is professional and friendly and nothing is too much trouble

Sent by Emily Mulvaney

Gary is always on hand to answer any questions we may have. Having booked 4 of our last major holidays/flights etc... I would recommend without hesitation.

Sent by Richard Hill

I was highly impressed at the speed and accuracy of your Personal Travel Service and the manner in which you were able to identify appropriate accommodation, including activities to my kids occupied. Previously I had never used a Travel Counsellor as I have always been of the view that it would cost more than my usual annual travel budget. However, having seen you in action, I would not hesitate to use you again to take care of my holiday arrangements in the future. And recommend my friends and family to follow my example. Thanks again Gary for making the holiday process a lot less fraught with difficulties, and I am sure your Business will continue to prosper on the back of your Excellent Customer Care and Service provided.

Sent by James Farrell

Gary's service has been exceptional and there is no doubt I will look to utilise Gary's services again next time I book to go abroad.

Sent by Nick Howard

I have recently had the pleasure of booking a holiday with Gary and it was a pleasure. I wanted something tailor made as it is a special occasion, so I gave Gary my criteria of hotels, sightseeing etc and left it with him. I feel like a VIP with the service he has given so far. With Gary you get to draw on his twenty plus years experience, his own personal extensive travel and also his worldwide network of other Travel Counsellors. Everything has been taken care of - from the hotel, transportation, excursions even finding us the best restaurants to eat at. I will definitely be using Gary for my travel needs from now on and will be recommending him to my friends and family. Thank you once again Nick Howard

Sent by Nick Howard

First class service from Gary, made the booking so easy and enjoyable.

Sent by Joyce Cunliffe

Dear Gary, Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for me Thank you Joyce x

Sent by Jill Jones

This was a fantastic service, all communication and booking was done remotely. I have already recommended Gary to a couple of friends.

Sent by Louise O'Toole

Gary was extremely helpful and found the city break I wanted. Nothing is too much trouble for him, he is patient and listens to what you want, I would not hesitate in recommending him to family and friends. Thanks Louise

Sent by Elizabeth Prior

Fabulous Customer Service from Gary. He is very easy to work with and very thoughtful and efficient throughout. Thanks Gary!

Sent by Linda Johnson

I have, this week, suggested t my beauty therapist, who asked who we had used to book our trip with, to try Gary at Travel Counselors. We both agreed that whilst savings can be made booking over the intrnet, it is time consuming and there is undoubtedly an element of risk attached! Gary has done all the timely research for us and used his expertise to find the right accommodation in the right location at a price we are not unhappy with.

Sent by Sheila Mallon

You have been really helpful, understanding and very reliable. Thank you.

Sent by Ann Girling

Have already recommended Gary on Facebook pages to other consultants with Arbonne. Thanks once again.

Sent by Melissa Nowell

Gary is a polite and friendly Travel Counsellor who I would and am recommending to everyone that I know!!! (That’s everyone who plans a holiday)...Thanks, Melissa

Sent by Marcel sousa

Top man! Many thanks for all your help.

Sent by Barbara Hastings

Very happy with every aspect of the planning and choosing our World Cruise, and the very personal attention we are receiving. Thanks again Gary.

Sent by Emily Mulvaney

Gary is an absolute star. Never getting frustrated with our numerous changes and requests. In the end booking us a dream holiday to Vegas for some special birthdays! Xxx

Sent by Billy Quarmby

Great Service!! Thanks Gary

Sent by Jillian Welsby

My experience booking my holiday with Travel Counsellor Gary Manners has been professional and efficient in every aspect. Information has been clear with the opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns has been offered at every stage. We look forward to our holiday with confidence and would recommend Gary to any of our friends, family or colleagues. On a personal note a more knowledgeable, courteous and friendly person you could not wish to have dealings with.

Sent by Michele Manson

Gary Manners has been excellent all the way through our booking. He has helped and advised us on many aspects of our holiday and we will not hesitate in booking through him next time.

Sent by Taryn Lowe

Excellant Service. Personalised.

Sent by Alison Mattimore

Gary planned an efficient, timely and thorough South American itinerary that met our needs completely. The personal touch is invaluable.

Sent by Patricia Boal

I've passed your details onto a number of people and you should be hearing off them soon. And thanks again for the fantastic service on my mums flights. She got away perfectly and is currently enjoying the sun and having the time of her life. The VIP departure lounge worked perfectly. Thanks Gary.

Sent by Sheila Mallon

It has all been very straight forward and you have made it very easy Gary. Thanks, Sheila.

Sent by John Carney

Great guy very easy to deal with, also very helpful and explains things in a very easy and comfortable manner.

Sent by Iain Girling

Gary worked very hard to get my holiday reinstated and contacted by phone and email on a Saturday morning. He was working for me to ensure all details are correct and all aspects of the holiday confirmed.

Sent by Graham Ball

We have both known Gary for many years and he has arranged lots of holiday for us, always with the same care and attention to detail resulting in problem free holiday. We shall certainly use Gary's excellent service again.

Sent by Charles Hall

My most memorable holidays were booked by Gary, including Cuba, Malaysia and Jamaica. I look to Gary to book my holidays as he always books great flights and takes the hassle out of finding the best accommodation to meet my requirements. He seems well traveled and offers great advice and recommendations to help me get the most out of every trip. Gary provides a holistic service arranging comprehensive insurance, airport lounge as well transfers to and from the destination. I can honestly say that all the holidays booked by Gary have been amazing and I will continue to turn to Gary for all future travel plans.


Gary has always dealt with my holiday plans and always come up with the best deals and has not been beaten. He sorts everything out from booking your holiday to you receiving your tickets. He is a true holiday professional and I can always say book with Gary.