Venice - A City Of Romance

Gary Manners on 21 April 2017
One area of my Personal Travel Specialist Business I get asked to book time and time again is for City Breaks so I thought I would write a blog about a personal favourite of mine, Venice.

Italy is a fantastic place to visit with so many unique, historical and romantic cities to visit just waiting to be discovered.

In Venice you get to experience one of the most romantic cities in the world, a place of "Lovers, Poets and Culture" all rolled into one.

Venice and its numerous small Islands (around 100 in total ) is stretched over the Venetian Lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.

Venice is easily accessible by boat from the Main Airport and the Shuttle service located around the City into Venice Island dropping at all the main tourist locations for easy access to hotels.

Venice is famous for its wonderful canal system and a "must do" when you visit Venice is a Gondola ride around the City, with or without the accompanied music or singing.

Venice is full of history and there is no shortage of opportunities for days out to churches, museums, art galleries and all the main sights offering lots of unique sightseeing.

St Marks Square can take up a whole day of sightseeing , you must visit the Campanile the bell tower at St Marks Basillica, its a real East meets West experience of Ottoman Architecture and History and the Doges Palace Museum too.

Just like the architecture and museums walking and "foodie experiences" are all around including Fine Wine Tasting and the Fantastic " Italian Ice Cream" in the numerous locally run delis, bard, shops and also offers a handful of Michelin star restaurants in the city, I can recommend the seafood dishes which are in plentiful supply.

Why not visit Venice Lido which is a resort area away from the city hustle and bustle and crowds in the summertime, it's easily accessible by the many boat trips over from the city , you could spot the many film crews using it for TV locations, try the numerous quality restaurants on offer or head to the beach area which is great to catch up on chilling and sunbathing.

A few of the best hotels in Venice that I can highly recommend you visit and stay in are The Carlton on the Grand Canal, and Belmond Hotel Cipriani. Both are very popular and have a wonderful friendly welcoming feel when you arrive, why not give them a try!

In the evenings, Venice comes alive all over again with teaming friendly restaurants inviting you in to try and sample their menu and wine, wonderful!

Such a romantic destination with lots to do, see and experience and at your own pace, I really can't wait to go back.

If you like the sound of Venice and think it's the City for you...I am more than happy to help you plan not only your City Break, I can recommend some lovely restaurants and sightseeing too!