Digital detox holidays for beginners

07 November 2018

Do you feel that your eyes are constantly affixed to a screen? Are you glued to Google and smitten with Snapchat? Are your fingers twitching because you haven’t checked your notifications for 10 minutes? Digital detox holidays are becoming increasingly popular among travellers who are looking to swap technology for quality time and escape the stresses of everyday life. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering a digital detox.

What is a digital detox holiday?

Reading this blog is likely to be one of the 2,617 estimated interactions you’ll have with gadgets and gizmos today, according to a study by dscout. That’s over 10,000 uses a week, and whether it’s using a mobile phone, computer or games console, heavy use of technology can be overwhelming.

One way of tackling this modern excess is a digital detox holiday, a way of giving up life’s vices for a short amount of time. This doesn’t have to be cold turkey, it can be blocking out social media for a few days or choosing a real book over Facebook. There are also dedicated trips you can go on where you can leave the electronics at home and go for a tranquil, technology-free retreat.

The benefits

A digital detox adventure can have wide-ranging benefits. It puts you back in control, opening up a new window of opportunity for your brain to adopt new habits and rewire your relationship with your gadgets, forcing you to live in the moment, rather than having your head buried in your phone.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to leave your work behind, with mobiles and laptops being a way of staying connected with your work life while travelling. But a holiday is a time to enjoy a destination, and totally switching off from your work will help you achieve this, reduce stress levels and have a more relaxing time.

Where can you go on a digital detox holiday?

Jurmala, Estonia: The green seaside resort of Jurmala is rich in natural resources and combines pine forests with mineral waters, mud baths, white-sand dunes and beaches. Here, technology isn’t a worry, and your mind can be stimulated with a coastal cycle, the historical charm of its romantic streets or the Jurmala SPA, where you can recharge your batteries.

Skagafjordur, Iceland: Skagafjordur is a sustainable tourism destination, offering a wide variety of activities in beautiful surroundings. Go white-water rafting down foaming glacial rivers, go horse-riding across the dramatic landscapes of northern Iceland, relax in a natural hot spring or enjoy the magic of the Northern Lights.

Healthouse Las Dunas, Spain: Just 20 minutes from Marbella, Healthouse Las Dunas is where your health, wellbeing and comfort are taken care of. Your phone is kept at reception on arrival, and your sea-view accommodation has no television. Your trip will include time in the spa, a consultation with a nutritionist and activities including Nordic walking and windsurfing.

How can you stay tech-free on holiday?

Practice makes perfect: Try practising some detox techniques when you’re at home, such as leaving your phone behind when you go shopping or asking your family to put their phones in a box before you eat.

Manage your updates: Switch off push notifications on your phone and set it to do not disturb, removing the temptation to compulsively check your phone every few minutes.

Throwback Thursday: If you don’t want to go completely off the grid, purchase a phone that doesn’t have the bells and whistles of today’s iPhones and Androids. The reissued Nokia 3310 is an example of a modern phone with few capabilities beyond calling and texting, meaning you can still keep in contact without being distracted by a multitude of apps.


If you want to book a digital detox holiday, contact your Travel Counsellors.

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