Embrace the serenity of Aruba

15 August 2019

Aruba is One Happy Island, ideal to help you disconnect from the world and discover yourself.


Essential to a relaxing holiday are long quiet hikes, exploring national parks and studying the magnificence of the world we live in. Thankfully, Aruba hosts many of these natural experiences and a must-see is Arikok National Park, covering approximately 18% of the island. Explore natural pools and dark caves, white (and black) beaches, tall sand dunes as well as volcanic rock formations. Feel at one with nature in a beautiful environment whilst on holiday in Aruba.


Aruba has an abundance of clear calm waters, perfect for reflecting on life at home as Shanti explains perfectly. For many of us, seeking a wellness retreat is for time out of a busy schedule and to reconnect with yourself and others around you. For others, it’s the chance to indulge in the perfect spa retreat, and Aruba isn’t one to disappoint there. One luxury hotel located on eco-friendly Eagles Beach, is Bucuti & Tara. This hotel has a petite spa offering a variety of intimate treatments, including a celebration of Aruba’s history and flora. Or perhaps try a chocolate embrace signature spa treatment at Okeanos Spa in Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, private island hotel.


Shanti explains how the ancient majestic rocks and surreal landscapes in Aruba bring her an awakening tranquillity. Yoga, a practiced modern way to seek a tranquil lifestyle and the quintessential exercise to train the brain, body and soul is available to experience whilst in Aruba. With its many glorious beaches and sought after hotel instructors, this happy island is the picture-perfect spot to pick up a yoga mat and reserve an hour to reclaim inner composure. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa provides a serene atmosphere and a hands on approach to get everyone involved in the yoga workshops, both in the mornings and at sunset on the Yoga Deck.

"Whether you just come to relax on the amazing beaches or be active, there is definitely a spot on this island for you."

Sarah, Travel Counsellor


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