I have a flight-only or accommodation-only booking this year – what should I do?

24 June 2021

Airlines are currently prioritising imminent flights and are waiting for further announcements from the FCDO before rescheduling flights departing later this year. 

If you are due to travel later in the year, the date of journey should be amendable for free on a flexible ticket. Even if it isn’t a flexible ticket, many major airlines have updated their policies to be more accommodating for customers due to travel at this time. Please do seek the advice and support of your Travel Counsellor for further information on your flight-only booking.  

For accommodation-only bookings where the property is closed due to local government advice, you should be entitled to a refund from the accommodation provider. If, however, the accommodation is open for business but you cannot travel there, unfortunately, the accommodation provider isn’t obligated to issue a refund. Please do speak to your Travel Counsellor for further advice and support on all of the options available to you. 


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