Japan - where tradition meets the future

12 April 2019

A holiday in Japan combines the best of both ancient and modern attractions, and makes this enigmatic country a delight to explore. Japan’s major cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka) appear on the surface to be westernised, but visitors quickly realise that the sleek modern culture of Japan is expertly blended with millennia of tradition, evident in the Buddhist and Shinto temples sprinkled throughout the urban centres, intricate social rituals for eating and greeting, and other small reminders of Japan’s long and proud history.

Best time to visit Japan
The best time to visit Japan is generally in spring or autumn when the country is in bloom thanks to the budding of cherry blossom and stunning autumnal colours. The weather is also great at this time with mild temperatures, which is ideal for exploring.

Recommended length of stay: At least five nights in Tokyo, three weeks to explore more of Japan’s fascinating cities and cultural wonders

Local currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)


Top three experiences

Samurai sword lesson, Tokyo
Meet with one of Tokyo’s most famous choreographers for a lesson in the art of Japanese sword fighting. Draw a traditional blade and learn to swash it around like a true samurai warrior.

Dinner with a Maiko, Kyoto
Delve into the world of Geisha culture during this insightful night out in Kyoto. Start with an insightful walk through the atmospheric streets of Gion, the city’s Geisha district. Then dine in the company of a Maiko, an apprentice, enjoying fascinating conversations, graceful traditional dances and lively local drinking games.

Tour a classic seaside city, Kamakura
Explore and experience historic Kamakura. Mingle with the locals while visiting sacred ancient sites such as Engaku-ji Zen temple and a shrine dedicated to the god of samurai. Travel aboard the century-old Enoden Railway for a scenic ride along the coastline.

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