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16 March 2018

The United States of America is a vast land with different sights, sounds and flavours waiting to be discovered. The diversity of its landscape and variety of cities on offer is incredible, and you can explore and learn more with Urban Adventures.

Urban Adventures believe in local travel and supporting responsible tourism. They have 1,231 local guides across 162 cities in 96 countries around the world, who ensure every traveller enjoys an authentic taste of each destination they visit. From San Francisco to Detriot, here are some cities you should check out on your next American adventure.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of unique charm and character – from its diverse neighbourhoods to its unique restaurants and entertainment venues. Discover iconic landmarks, friendly neighbourhoods, scenic spots and culinary delights in the Golden Gate City.

Explore the Mission, San Francisco’s oldest neighbourhood, on the Flavours and Murals of the Mission tour, hike the coastline past the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on the Bridge and the Beach tour or discover where east meets west with Teas, Temples and Beatniks.


Detroit, Michigan

Welcome to Detroit, where Motown meets the Motor City. Jump on a tour with a local to explore this misunderstood city with the people who know it best. Detroit may have filed for bankruptcy in 2013, but it’s still a city rich in history, architecture and innovation.

Find out more about Detroit's past and its regeneration on the Rise, Fall & Renewal tour, and admire the classic architecture at some of the city's best landmarks. If you'd prefer to try some local delicacies, the D You Must See tour gives you the chance to ride the city’s ‘People Mover’ transportation system through baklava-laden Greektown, and enjoy a famous 'Coney dog' - a local Detroit favourite.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans' music, food, history and culture are known the world over, a product of its unique heritage. French, Spanish, African and American influence are all a part of the New Orleans experience.

Tours of New Orleans focus on its culture – predominantly food, drink and music. Take a cocktail tour and enjoy some classy concoctions in the famous French Quarter, dig into the rich and varied flavours that make New Orleans one of the USA’s top foodie destinations on a food tour, or check out the city’s incredible nightlife and multiple music styles on a jazz tour. If you'd like to experience everything that the city has to offer, combine all three tours on the Total New Orleans Tour.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia isn’t called the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ for nothing, and those travelling to Philadelphia can expect a friendly welcome and a memorable stay. From the Rocky Steps to the Liberty Bell and everything in between, Philadelphia has so much to keep you entertained.

See the landmarks that shaped America in real life with History in HD, experience the American festive season on the Center City Holiday Tour, quench your thirst and adventure through the city’s bars, pubs and microbreweries by experiencing Philly On Tap, or choose from one of many private tours.

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