Visit the vineyards of the splendid Napa Valley

20 September 2019

One of the premier wine-growing regions in the world, the lush, rolling Vineyards of Napa Valley attract thousands of visitors each year with its bountiful delicious produce. Located equidistant between San Francisco and Sacramento, Napa Valley is an excellent inclusion on your California trip. Wine tasting here is certainly an enviable experience, but there is much more to this region than wine.

With stylish hotels, unforgettable dining experiences in Michelin star restaurants and a whole host of activities to please any visitor, Napa Valley is a holiday destination in its own right.

What to see and do in Napa Valley

Here are few things that should be on your list to ensure you truly experience the Napa Valley spirit for yourself.

When is the best time to visit Napa Valley?

The Napa Valley generally enjoys a Mediterranean climate with much of the year being filled with warm sunny days, with an average of less than four rainy days per month, followed by cool evenings. However, Napa Valley’s climate does vary, due to the local topography and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, resulting in several micro climates which aid in the growth of a range of different grape varieties.

From mid-fall to spring, visitors come to the Napa Valley to enjoy Cabernet Season. Once the grapes are harvested and the temperatures are perfectly mild, the region becomes a haven for cozy getaways, and of course, the wine. It's a time when a slower, intimate atmosphere emerges, creating personal experiences and a chance to explore all the culture (and Cabernet) the valley has to offer.


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