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If this is your first experience of the Travel Counsellors site, you are very welcome! I am your first port of call for all things holiday and travel related. I am well into my 14th year at Travel Counsellors , and the world of travel has re opened!

Now, more than ever, we are all looking for good value for money and flexibility when we purchase anything - holidays and travel being just one example. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean, through to a small boutique hotel in the Lake District, it’s important to know that you can rely on a professional agent to make the arrangements in an efficient, timely and easy manner.

Covid-19 had a huge impact on the travel industry, but I am delighted to say that business has improved so much, that I have now qualified as a Gold Travel Counsellor. This is certainly the pinnacle of my career to date, and is incredibly important to me as a business owner. "Gold" status is recognition for high sales over the last year, and is something that is not easy to achieve or maintain. I am so proud to be part of the Travel Counsellors family, and I am looking forward to continue to improve my business, and help more and more people experience a great holiday.

Travel Counsellors has a thriving tour operating division, and we are negotiating new contracts with hoteliers, local ground handlers, airlines and many other businesses to bring you the best deals out there! From research we have done, its quite often better value to travel longhaul than short if you have always holidayed in Europe, it might be time to take a look at some alternatives!

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, 13 years of which I have been running my own business, I am expert in sourcing the right property at the right price for each and every person that contacts me. Booking a holiday, or corporate travel arrangements can be a big challenge. I am here to help you navigate through the minefield of deals, offers and other tempting titbits on offer.

I provide a one stop, bespoke service to my clients at a time to suit them. As I work from home, I am not constrained by the normal 9 to 5 working day, meaning I am free to talk in the evenings, over the weekend, bank holidays - even Christmas Day! I am always a phone call or an email away. No more hanging around on hold for hours on end to a call centre.

I aim to offer good service, attention to detail, value for money and assistance during the booking process, and all the way through the travel experience.

So, if you are looking for a holiday, or need to arrange a corporate event or business trip, give me a call. I will respond in a timely, efficient manor, and you can rest assured that your booking is in safe hands.

You are one step away from the perfect holiday. Your vacation is my vocation!


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Le Weekend in Paris

06 May 2020

Jumping on the Eurostar and heading off for an adventure in Paris sounds like such a great idea doesn’t it? You buy your ticket, board the train and spend two or three days in a lovely city interacting with the locals and sipping Rose wine while an accordian player serenades you and your significant other….so how come we all aren’t doing it all the time? Well, life gets in the way doesn’t it? Paris is “just around the corner” in the great scheme of things, so going there for a weekend isn’t as high on the schedule? So, with my new found Wanderlust to travel more, I took myself off with a couple of friends for Le Weekend. I made sure not to leave too early from St Pancras…even so, the train was packed. We arrived just in time for dejeuner (lunch), and the taste of a simple ham and cheese baguette with French butter made the two hour journey with screaming kids kicking the back of my seat worth every second. I was lucky enough to stay in the amazing Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is so conveniently located. Two or three minutes walk from the metro, and surrounded by amazing boutiques and restaurants. The hotel has an amazing set of facilities, and a beautiful courtyard in the middle, where they serve amazing cocktails and food. Our room was large and spacious and modern in design (totally different to the Mandarin Oriental in London). We dropped our bags off, and immediately started sightseeing. Paris never fails to deliver on sheer beauty. Its so different from London in terms of architecture, joie de vivre and everything to be honest! You definitely need your walking shoes with you, as to see the best of the sights you want to be pounding the streets. I remember on our return thinking that we need a holiday, as I have never walked so far in my life. I have new found respect for my calves, and found new ankle muscles I never knew I had! We visited the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer, the Maree district all on foot (well maybe a metro here and there). It was of course book-ended with amazing food and wine at every stop! Once at the top of the hill and with the Cathedral Sacre Couer (and tourist hoards) behind us, we wandered into the back streets….only 2 or 3 streets away we found a beautiful square to sit in for a while, and next to it, an exquisite restaurant. Lunch in Paris takes on a new meaning when you are on holiday. We found a beautiful little café to eat at, and I had a croque monsieur and a glass on citron presse as a reward for my morning efforts. It sounds like such a simple meal, but it was delicious..this gave us the energy to continue, and even take a quick circuit around the Musee D’Orsay. On day 2 we dropped into the Four Seasons (as you do) to take a look around on the way to the Arc du Triomphe…..more walking ensued as we soaked up the Champs Elysees in the early spring sunshine. All to0 soon, it was time to come home again. We took the metro to the Gare Du Nord and battled our way to the Eurostar check in …was it me, or was there virtually no signage? We treated ourselves to Standard Premier class on the way home, so had a lovely light meal as the French, and then English countryside sped past us. And as soon as it started it was over. There are amazing cities to visit on your doorstep…don’t discount them, as you only need to take a days holiday to make a 3 day trip over a weekend….how about Brussels, or Bruges or Amsterdam or Lille, or….oh the list goes on…give me a call and I’ll get you there!

Holidaying by myself

06 May 2020

I decided late in the summer that it was time to give myself a holiday! I haven’t had one in a while, and while booking other peoples trip is all well and good, it’s not quite the same as going yourself So I researched my favourite winter sun destinations, and I landed on Tenerife. I wanted to be in the south of the island, so I decided on the Sheraton La Caleta Hotel. I booked my flights, and accommodation and I was ready to go. I found myself at Gatwick airport at some ungodly hour of the morning, reminding myself that I had a treat in store. I pushed the boat out, and travelled in British Airways Club Europe. The lounge at Gatwick airport is very nice, and I had a coffee and celebratory muffin while waiting for my flight For the first time in ages, I was travelling alone. I wanted some ME time after a particularly busy summer, and a busy winter to look forward to! Never once during the trip did I feel lonely…I think being in a new environment with lots to explore made those kind of thoughts disappear. The four hour flight went like a shot, and after a nice meal and a glass of wine, I was ready for my holiday to start. I was picked up at the airport, and made a quick 20 minute journey to the hotel The Sheraton is located right at the end of the huge stretch of hotels that makes up Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and the costa Adeje. Its in a wonderfully relaxed environment with lovely Moorish architecture in a deep red colour. The staff could not have been kinder to me. I had an amazing room with a wonderful view of the hotel grounds. There are numerous swimming pools, areas to relax, bars restaurants and places to chill out. Within a short walk, there are lots of places to eat out, explore and have adventures…or you can just sit on or walk along the promenade, which stretches for a good long way into Playa de las Americas. The food is cheap or expensive (to whatever your budget will allow), and while the restaurants nearer to my hotel were more expensive, the closer you get to Playa de las Americas, the cheaper they become. I Settled quickly into quite a nice little routine…get up, go to the gym, have a leisurely breakfast, and then relax by the pool. Lunchtime and into the afternoon saw a short walk to a café for lunch, or down to the sea for a dip (surprisingly warm considering it’s the Atlantic Ocean), and then back to the hotel for a siesta before dinner. The hotel does an amazing Bloody Mary cocktail (amongst dozens of others), and the drinks are washed down with delicious complimentary nibbles. In the evening, the restaurants offer mainly a buffet service, or you can also go a la carte. I was on a B&B basis, but you can go for half or full board options if you prefer. I took a couple of trips into the interior of the country, to see Mount Teide and Santa Cruz, but for the most part it was all about relaxation. It was over far too quickly for my liking, but I came back refreshed, re invigorated and ready to hit the ground running If you are travelling alone, go for it…have fun, go with the flow and let the holiday work for you!

Conference 2018, Brexit, and the year ahead

17 December 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from conference in Glasgow. What a beautiful city Glasgow is. Not that I spent a great deal of time sightseeing. I must admit that I went from the train station to my hotel, and then on to the conference centre. What I did see was lovely, and I will definitely be going back there again soon. I have great friends that live quite close by, so it won't be a problem to nip over there! Conference was a great inspiration as always. To take one working day (and a weekend) out of the office and away from the business to attend a conference is a serious consideration. I always travel with my laptop, so I can work as needed, but it’s not the same as being in the office. I truly value the business workshops, the ability to meet suppliers and head office staff that the weekend offers, as well as meeting colleagues, friends and future friends in a relaxed environment. I always return from conference with revived energy and huge amounts of inspiration to improve my business and offer more and more to my clients going into the new year. With Brexit looming large on the horizon, we have been doing lots of work to provide the very best value we can to our clients. Travel Counsellors is more and more commercial now, and working much more with long-haul destinations, airlines and suppliers. We have found that these destinations offer exceptional value for money, and in a lot of cases, can work out cheaper for an average family holiday than Europe can. I feel that I am now ideally placed to offer a huge diversity of holiday and travel ideas, making each trip I arrange uniquely tailored to my client’s individual needs, down to organising rental of mobility aids for my clients with special travel needs, to booking cooking classes to my culinarily challenged clients in Bali. Bespoke walking tours with private guides are now easy, and affordable to organise. I recently arranged a unique tour for clients wanting a "once in a lifetime, never to be repeated" trip to Sri Lanka. None of this would be possible without the help of your amazing suppliers, and the truly one-off support that they offer. So, 2019 is going to be the best year ever for my business. I look forward to helping you take advantage of the amazing holidays on offer...whatever your budget or individual requirements With us, it's personal!

Bali and Komodo adventure

21 August 2018

It’s not often you get a call on a Friday afternoon inviting you to travel to the other side of the world, with two weeks’ notice. That is the situation I happily found myself in. With a few emails and calls made to clear my diary, I gladly accepted the offer. We flew to Denpasar Bali with Qatar Airways, travelling via Doha. I found the airline to be excellent, with good seats having decent legroom (even for a six-foot man like myself). The meals were regular and plentiful. The entertainment wasn’t of the same standard as other middle east carriers, but I still found something to watch whenever I needed. We arrived in Bali in the evening, and as soon as the plane doors opened, I got the feeling of warmth, and of humidity that comes from being in the far east. The area around the airport (and indeed the whole island) is very busy, and regular traffic jams hinder your passage from the airport in every direction. We had our first taste of Balinese cuisine with dinner at the Ayam Battutah restaurant, which is the Balinese equivalent of KFC (on steroids). It certainly took my mind off the jetlag, and helped down with a beer or two, it was the perfect start to the trip. After a good night’s sleep, we were up early, and caught a flight to Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores…gateway to the island of Komodo. From the airport we drove into the interior of the island, and saw local weaving, and folkelore demonstrations, including a chance to eat some Betelnuts - one of the strangest foods I have ever eaten! Life runs at a different pace on these islands, and it was a real pleasure to experience some local culture. The next day, again we started early with a wonderful speedboat ride from Flores to Komodo island. Another great jetlag buster, it was a great way to see the islands from the sea, and to watch the small mangrove infested islets rush by, while getting gently soaked on the speedboat. It was all worth it however, when we reached the islands, and went on a 2-hour trek to find the (not too elusive) Komodo dragons. They can run at a pretty fast pace, so we had to keep our distance…we obviously got the obligatory photo with one though!! What better way to relax after 2 hours of trekking than to relax and do some snorkelling. The reefs around Flores and Komodo are incredible, and well worth an afternoon (or even a whole day) exploring the bays and beaches of the area. We flew back to Bali the next day and went to the Hindui Balinese temple at Uluwatu. The scenery is breath-taking. My top tip is to arrive late afternoon and catch the sunset performance of local dancing and folklore. I was lucky enough to be staying in the resort of Kuta. I had always thought of it as a tourist blackspot, but, the town is charming. We stayed at the Anvaya resort, right in the centre of town, and from there, you can find umpteen restaurants, bars and clubs’ catering to every taste. It’s not as trashy as I expected, and I felt thoroughly safe walking around the streets, even late at night. The next day we visited the monkey forest. This is an amazing place. Even in August, when the island was in the grips of the rainy season, it was humid, and very atmospheric. You can see beautiful examples of exotic flowers, monkeys and the most amazing Banyan trees you will ever see. On the way back, we had lunch at an amazing restaurant overlooking paddy fields in every direction. The perfect end to a wonderful morning of exploration. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. Time to catch a quick 1.5-hour massage (costing around £6) to put me into a relaxed state for the long flight home! Even if you do Bali as a stopover on the way to other destinations in Asia or Australasia, don’t miss the chance to explore some amazing sights, you’ll feel like you’ve had a real adventure!

Walking in the footsteps of Bridget Bardot

25 July 2018

Surprisingly, Bridget Bardot wasn’t born in the south of France (or in particular, St Tropez), but the place has become synonymous with her. In the 60s and 70s, she became the face of the Cote D’Azur, and made it one of the most fashionable places to holiday and be seen. The wonderful beaches of the Pampelone area were where I spent most of my holidays growing up. My parents owned a villa within walking distance of the sea, and I can remember vividly the wonderful sights and smells of the south of France. Even now, the memories of care free holidays with friends and family come flooding back when I smell the sea, or French bread baking, or the bouquet of rose wine! So it was, my mother and I decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the places that are so well known to us, from holidays and short trips to St Tropez and the Cote D’azur in general. We flew with Easyjet to Nice, itself evoking memories of less easy journeys from the past. This time a much more relaxed and easy journey, thanks to a shining new terminal. As soon as the plane doors opened, I got the smell in my nose - warmth, suntan lotion and that unique “French” smell that is indescribable. We hired a car and began the journey to Opio where we were to be based for our seven-night trip. I haven’t driven much in France, but the combination of sitting on the wrong side of the car and driving on the wrong side of the road seemed to agree with me, and apart from one tiny slipup, I didn’t go wrong once! Our reminiscences began with a trip to St Tropez. We drove down the olive tree and mountain lined motorways I remembered from childhood, along the coastal road from St Maxime to St Tropez, and it was as if nothing had changed. The same restaurants, the same old buildings (still in need of repair) were all there to greet me. The town itself is a maze of old cobbled streets and alleyways. We spent a few hours revisiting the place we used to eat at, going in the shops, and remarking how many more tourists there were than last time. Maybe I didn’t notice them as a child, or maybe there was a large cruise ship docked in the harbour, but the town was alive with people of all nationalities, all keen to experience the “real” St Tropez. Mum and I knew the back streets though, and despite the heat, and the noise, we found some lovely little places to relax and paddle in the crystal-clear water of St Tropez bay. We then took the car and drove to La Reserve hotel. Situated about 15 to 20 minutes’ drive from the town, it is a haven of quiet solitude. Featuring beautiful rooms, suites and villas, its perfect for a family holiday away from the crowds. We also found time to visit Antibes and Juan les Pins. If you don’t have the time to travel as far west from Nice, these two towns are amazing. Great hotels, wonderful private and public beaches where you can spend hours seeing and being seen. If you have never been to the south of France, take my advice and go! Experience les escargots, the moules frites and the carafe of rose over lunch, (followed by a doze) and remind yourself that it’s possible to find paradise that close to home. Bridget can’t have been wrong for all these years!

Le Paris daytrip

28 September 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited by Air France and KLM to take a day trip to Paris to see the airlines' facilities at their hub, Charles de Gaulle airport. In order to get the most out of the day we had an early start, and I decided to let the train take the strain, and catch the Heathrow Express from Paddington station in central London. It's been a long time since I used the service, but I was very impressed. The train left exactly on schedule, and took an impressive 15 minutes to do the journey to Heathrow compared to nearly an hour on the underground. It's a bit more expensive, but in my opinion worth every penny in order to arrive at the airport in style, and feeling relaxed. As I had checked in the previous day, all I needed to do was go straight to passport control. Once through, I headed to the Air France/SkyTeam lounge in terminal 4. Breakfast was being served, and I was able to read the paper and catch up on the news before heading to the gate. The flight was on a new Boeing Dreamliner aircraft, so we had state of the art facilities at our disposal including seat back television, and full 3 cabin service (economy, business and first class). The flight only takes 45 minutes, so there was just time to get a quick bite to eat and a hot drink, before it was time to land. Once in Paris, we were shown round the great facilities available for passengers transferring flights with Air France. The process is very simple and easy to follow. There are wonderful shuttle trains that take you between terminals, and there is even a portal for you to scan your onward boarding pass to be shown where to go in the unlikely event you get lost. There are so many staff on hand (wearing orange) to help you, and an hour's connecting time is more than enough to transfer between flights. I saw the new business class lounges, as well as check in and transfer facilities throughout the Air France terminal. Air France has excellent destinations throughout the world, so it really is simple to connect. The airport has undergone major renovation works over the last few years, so if you haven't tried Air France for a while, or visited Charles de Gaulle recently, it is well worth paying a visit.

California with flair, but without a car!

29 December 2016

It’s said that you need a car to visit Los Angeles- NOT TRUE!! If you take the Movie stars homes tour or a 72-hour bus pass, you’ll be on your way to having the keys to the city!....and even if that isn’t enough, it’s one of the easiest cities to find an Uber cab! The 24, 48 or 72-hour passes are convenient…you don’t need a reservation, and pass holders can board at any one of 70 stops in the city. You can have 4 looped journeys, the buses can be used to see everything the city has to offer, from the Hollywood walk of fame to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Paramount Studios…even out to Santa Monica and Venice Beach! It’s nearly 50 years since the summer of love, and they’re still flocking to California, and to the beautiful city of San Francisco. You may associate the city with more adult themes (I’m thinking flower power and the delights of the Castro area), but it really is a great place to visit with the family Everyone will tell you to go to Fisherman’s Wharf and visit Alcatraz…but is that the best that San Francisco has to offer? If you don’t have the luxury of 3 months planning before you go, and many don’t, you might even be able to visit Alcatraz without forking out a small fortune. How about hopping on a bike? You get riding lessons, a route, and a small group of up to 12 of you go off into the city. After a spell on the road, you hit the pavement (not literally) running alongside the bay, with the water on your right. You can experience fine art, and stop for photos at the famous warming hut, before a slightly steeper climb. It’s so worth it, as at the top, you reach the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Be warned, the cross winds can be fierce but you’ll make it to the other side before you descend towards Sausalito and take the ferry back across the water. The round trip takes about 5 hours. You’ll create wonderful memories, and really bond with the kids (aged 10 and up). Also take the Golden Gate Sightseeing cruise from Fisherman’s wharf, sailing around Alcatraz, with fantastic views of the bridge, the bay, and city. Other highlights include Madame Tussauds and the San Francisco dungeon. Of course, (as with any major city) there is the open top bus tours, which is the best way to see the city in a short space of time. You can have all these included in the City pass or the Go San Francisco Card, each of which offers tourists a great deal, with a range of attractions and transport options, brought together on one card. Once you get off the bus, you find the true highlight….taking a stroll up and down the streets made famous by Dirty Harry and Blue Jasmine. Walk down Lombard street, where 8 sharp turns are said to make it the most crooked street in the world! So if you fancy a trip without your driving license or a map of parking lots, give me a call, I can incorporate all the above passes and tours into any US package.

My journey to Middle Earth

19 September 2016

Kia Ora, Some of the best trips you go on are not necessarily planned that far in advance! I had a very last minute trip to New Zealand at the end of August. Sadly, it was for the funeral of a close family friend, so the reasons for travelling were not ideal. I found a great deal with Qantas airlines to fly me from London to Wellington (via Dubai and Sydney). The inflight entertainment on Qantas is amazing. There are more than enough films, TV programmes, radio shows and games to keep you occupied for months, let alone the 24 hours that I spent travelling there. I would really recommend taking a night flight, as it means your body is naturally ready to sleep when you board the aircraft. Once the obligatory meal service has gone round, the duty free is bought and the lights are turned down, you are ready to drift off for a couple of hours! As the plane touched down in Dubai for re fuelling, I could already feel the heat - 32 degrees at 7am is pretty warm, but luckily we only had an hour or so on the ground, in wonderful air conditioning and we were back on the plane, for the 13 hours slog down under! Arriving at Sydney at 5.30 in the morning was fun, and then four hours waiting before I joined the last leg to get me to Wellington. I had an amazing view of the city in the distance, and it reminded me how much I love visiting the country (if only in transit!) Wellington is a truly stunning city, and if you haven't been, I would urge you to go. The harbour is full of restaurants and bars, there is a real café culture in the city, and a genuine feeling of friendliness among the residents. I was staying with friends, so didn't experience the hotels, but there is such a choice of excellent food, it is a foodie's paradise! After a few days spent with family and friends, I took myself off to the South island on the ferry. It takes four hours and has the most amazing views ever (see the photos), I arrived in the town of Picton, which is a joy in itself. A feeling of stepping back 20 years hits you, and there is a lovely selection of small shops, café's and bars. From there, it is around a two hour drive to the Abel Tasman National Park. I was there in early spring, so I admit the weather was a little cool, but the place was deserted. We walked for 30 minutes and came across the most stunning beach I have seen in a long time. And we were the only ones there! The north of the South Island has never struck me as a place to visit, but having been there, I definitely want to go back and explore more of this amazing area. I also got to see the town of Nelson (another stunning place) and an amazing winery called the Yealand Estate in Marlborough. If you want to taste some amazing wines, and get to drive around the estate in your car, where you can get some amazing views, this is the place to go! You can have a free wine tasting (you'll find yourself buying some, as it’s delicious) and they show you a video of how the estate grew, and how sustainability is so important to them. My base for the trip was Blenheim which is a charming little town. A lovely place to unwind for a few days. If you stay there just before you head back on the ferry, you must take the slow scenic road through the mountains and valleys - you may need a four wheel drive to do it though, as it’s a bit steep in places. A hop back on the ferry, and one last night out on the town in Wellington, and I was back at the airport flying back home. The jetlag was a bit tougher back in the UK, but I don't mind that! I wouldn't recommend going to New Zealand for a week (as I did) as it’s so far to go, and the jetlag can really get to you. I would suggest spending at least two weeks, maybe combining with Australia and/or the Far East or even America. The Kiwis are so welcoming, and you'll feel part of the family, exactly as I did. So pack your bags, and travel to New Zealand, or Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) as the locals call it.

Amazing Dubai

27 April 2016

Last week, I went on a little trip to Dubai! Flying there with Emirates was an absolute delight. I flew on the A380 aircraft and with the space I had, I could easily have been travelling in business class. Include in that the big screen, and the mammoth entertainment system (with far more to watch or listen to than you could ever sit through even on the longest flights) and the great food, it was a true pleasure to fly. I was even sad when we arrived! Arriving in Dubai is an experience. Flying over a big expanse of desert is rewarded when you arrive - the skyline is amazing, and with the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) towering over all the other buildings, you know you have arrived somewhere pretty special. The airport is no less impressive, and the distances between the gates and baggage reclaim should not be under estimated. We arrived in the evening, so the journey from the airport was in darkness. This gives a great idea of things to come when the sun comes up! We arrived at the Royal Mirage. What an arrival – the whole resort is massive, spread over three different hotels. The advantage of this is that none of the hotels within the resort feels that big! I stayed at the Arabian court (great for couples and family holidays). My room faced the sea (although I couldn’t see it). The restaurants are amazing, and there is a lovely beach overlooking the Palm. All the sights and sounds of Dubai are close by, around 15 minutes’ drive from the hotel. There is nothing really walkable from the hotel, so it’s best to jump in a cab. I visited the Burj Khalifa on my first day. This really helped me get my bearings. The structure is very impressive, and nothing will prepare you for the scale of the building. After an ear popping journey up to the observation level (still quite a way from the top) you get the most amazing views, and you can even have a meal at the top. Next door is the Dubai Mall (the largest shopping centre in the world), where there is every conceivable store you could ever want. Prices are a little higher than the UK for home brands, but I would recommend visiting the local brand shops, where you can get some bargains. Take good shoes as it is a massive place - what more would you expect in Dubai? We also went to the Dubai Centre for Cultural Understanding, where I learnt more about culture and lifestyle in the UAE and Dubai specifically. You can ask any questions you like, and they serve a traditional Emirati meal to you - very tasty! I also got the chance to go on a jeep safari into the desert. About 1 hours’ drive from Dubai, you can jump dunes and unleash your inner Lawrence of Arabia for a few hours. You need a strongish stomach as there is a lot bouncing around, but you are rewarded with a great al fresco meal and some local entertainment. Be warned, you will be asked to participate! While I was in Dubai, I was also lucky enough to see three other hotels. The One & Only Hotel The Palm, the JA Oasis Beach Tower and the JA Ocean view. The last two are located in the JBR (Jumeirah Beach residence area) of the city. This is a great area for shopping and nightlife, with amazing shops and restaurants. The Beach tower is a tower of apartments, perfect for families with two, three and four bedroom apartments for short or long term rentals. The JA ocean view is a four star hotel, very close to the tower apartments. Perfect for families, with clean, fresh décor and great facilities. The only downside is the size of the pool and the fact it gets little sun. The One & Only the Palm is amazing. Located on the palm, and a short boat ride from its sister property the Royal Mirage, it is a haven of quiet and dignity. It has a very opulent feel, with subtle understated elegance. They don't really encourage children, so it’s an amazing place for couples. They have an amazing spa, wonderful restaurants serving exquisite food, and nothing is ever too much trouble. My last stay was at the Atlantis the Palm resort. This was the first hotel to open on the Palm and stands in a commanding position overlooking the entire palm island. It’s a busy hotel with lots of people. Amazing architecture combines with a hug aquarium, countless shops and even Aquaventure, where you can ride some amazing water slides, lay on the beach or simply bob along their lazy river for a while. If you have dismissed Dubai in the past, have another think. It’s the perfect place for a winter sun break, and you can literally do EVERYTHING, even ski in the morning and sun bathe in the afternoon!

Tenerife...Canarian Adventure

11 April 2016

I hadn't been to Tenerife for a very long time, so was looking forward to paying another visit to this amazing island. I flew with a good friend from London Gatwick with British Airways. The flight was only 4 hours, and BA service was good. We were served breakfast after take off, and then I was able to get an hour of sleep before we landed We decided to hire a car, as it gave us so much more flexibility to go wherever we wanted, when we wanted to do it! The car was very cheap, and we picked it up from the airport From there, it was a 30 minute drive to the amazing Abama hotel. We arrived and checked in to our amazing room. The hotel is built on the hillside, so there is a sloping, meandering collection of buildings and gardens leading down to the cliffs...from there, you catch the small funicular down to the beach. Its unique architecture really stands can't miss the red hue of the buildings as it makes its way down the hillside....very easy to find, and great parking. I loved the range of activities you can do at the, tennis to name a few. There is a small town nearby (you really need to car to get there), but the main attraction of the hotel is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to relax. There are many restaurants to choose from (including Michelin star options) so you are never far away from a good meal, and there are facilities for the kids too...meaning Mum and Dad can switch off too. To be honest, most of our days were spent by the pool. there are kids free pools as well as those designed for families, and there are also smaller pools for villa guests ..this is where we stayed. After 5 amazing days at the Abama, we ventured north to the resort of Puerto de la Cruz. We chose the inland drive, which is a very scenic. You have to concentrate however, as the road has lots of twists and turns. You are rewarded with great views of Mount Teide all the way, and also some great towns or villages to stop for lunch. Puerto de la Cruz has a different feel to the south of the island, but as we checked in to the Botanico Hotel, I knew we were in for a treat. The hotel has the most amazing spa, and with the sights and sounds of Puerto de la Cruz on your doorstep, its a great place to visit if you want to be a bit more active. It can be a little cooler than the south, but not noticeably so...take a jacket or cardigan for winter evenings only The hotel has a great food, but if you want to eat out, there is an amazing selection of every kind of food you can think of on your doorstep. A week goes by so fast, but before we knew it, our time was up. We drove for around 1.5 hours to get back to the southern airport, and as we were flying in business class, we were able to use the business class lounge at the airport, and enjoy a good meal on the flight as well. If you have thought of Tenerife, and been put off by the thought of Los Cristianos or Playa de las Americas...think again, the island has so much more to offer

New Radio Challenge

04 June 2015

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I started presenting a weekly radio show! 2 Friends introduced me to Wandsworth radio where they present their own show on a Tuesday evening. Looking at the schedule, there appeared to be an opening for a travel related show, so I contacted the organizer to see if there may be an opportunity. I received a pretty swift response, and I made arrangements to have a meeting to discuss my ideas. it was pretty clear that we all had similar ideas, so I was in! Listening to a radio show in the comfort of your own home is totally different from presenting one! It takes a great deal on preparation, and a good deal on nerves....particularly in the last 20 seconds before going "on air" I try to keep the style light, and interesting. I have regular guests on the show, ranging from hotel companies, to tour operators, event websites to tourist boards. I also give details of special offers, the weather around the world, latest major currency exchange rates, and mix it all together with a great selection of music from around the world. I encourage listeners to phone in with their holiday questions, and advice, as well as giving more localized information on what is on in the local area. Its a fun show, and is hopefully increasing knowledge of travel, as well as me and my business in the local area. So if you are free on Friday morning....why not tune in and have a listen? the site is and my show is called "Wandsworth Wanderlust". We are on air from 10am every Friday morning.

10 Reasons to Visit Oman

07 November 2014

As if you needed them, but here are 10 Top reasons to visit The Sultanate of Oman: 1 5000 year old traditions and culuture, four Unesco World Heritage Sites and more than 500 forts and castles 2 The variety of accommodation, from luxury boutique resorts and spas to eco friendly desert and mountian camps 3 Amazing Wildlife, from Ras al Jinz Turtle reserve to flamingos in Dhofar 4 Real Adventure, from climbing, hiking and caving to watersports, diving and kitesurfing 5 Divers marine life including dolphins turtles and whales 6 Unspoilt beaches....2000 miles of coastline and remote islands 7 Growing golf scene, including 3 championship 18 hole courses 8 Omani hospitality and gastronomy 9 Desert experiences, including wadi drives and oases 10 Non stop daily flights from Heathrow to Muscat If you would like to find out more about this fascinating destination, or you would like to book a holiday, please feel free to give me a call, and we can discuss your individual needs, giving me all the information I need to plan the perfect holiday for you!

A celebrity wedding for the celebrity in your life

29 October 2014

When Mr George Clooney got married recently in Venice, the floodgates opened, and a tidal wave of interest was sparked for the Italian City. Also, Cheryl Cole’s recent nuptials in Mustique drove up interest in the Caribbean destination. Media coverage of celebrity weddings abroad can also encourage us to consider destinations that we might not otherwise have thought of for the big day. Even if we cannot emulate exactly the wedding of our favourite star, it often gives inspiration to single out experiences or events that we can use on our own day. So if you fancy walking in the footsteps of George and his new wife, here are a few ideas to get you thinking: • Have a civil ceremony at the Palazzo Cavalli, overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice • Push the boat out and have a night at the Fabulous 5 star “Danieli Hotel”. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the Piazza San Marco with sweeping views across Venice Lagoon • Enjoy a private Water Taxi transfer from Venice Marco Polo airport. It’s the most romantic way to arrive in true style • Sip a Bellini or two in the famous “Harry’s Bar just off the main square. Enjoy a meal too, but book in advance! • Late evening is the best time to take a stroll through Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square). All the day trippers have gone, and you can walk in relative tranquillity, and perhaps be illuminated by moonlight If you fancy somewhere a little further afield, why not consider Mauritius? The hotels are amazing, and there is so much to see and do on the island • You can enjoy a couples massage in one of the many spa hotels on the island • Get married at dusk on the beach with the most amazing views across the Indian Ocean • Visit the oldest living animals in the world at the famous Pamplemouse botanical gardens • Combine your stay with a safari in Africa, or some shopping in Dubai or Doha en route All destinations worldwide have amazing wedding and/or honeymoon deals, and in a lot of cases, the bride goes free. The hoteliers will also provide fruit/champagne in your room for arrival, and I can ensure the whole trip is truly memorable. Budgets are very flexible, and can be adapted to meet your individual needs…so what are you waiting for…pop the question!

A day in the life

30 May 2014

I just had a thought as I was sitting in my office...... How lucky am I to be able to work from home...with the cat for company, answering calls and emails from the comfort of my office, next to the kitchen. It doesn’t seem like five years have passed since I started this! I don't miss the daily commute up the Northern Line, or the traffic on the south circular. Today, I was up early to attend a networking event in central London, but even without a meeting to attend, I am usually up at around 7.30am (Charlie doesn’t allow longer a longer lie in). I turn on the kettle and computer (in that order), and spend a few minutes going through the overnight emails in my inbox. After breakfast, and having showered, I am in full work mode, and can start the business of the day. I always dress for work, as that gives me the drive to work. I don’t sit around in my pyjamas all day (as many people think home workers do.) Quotes enter and leave my inbox and I potter on Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the day. Not having a boss standing over you is a wonderful thing as you can do things at your own pace, and make the most of social media and online networking, which many people see as a non-work related pastime. Lunchtime comes, and depending on how busy I am, I will eat lunch at my desk, or take a sandwich into the garden and stroke the cat for a while. The most rewarding part of home working is when the working day is finished, I revel in the fact that I have a 0 second commute home, so even when I finish late, or have work to do in the evening, I can leave and be instantly in relaxation mode. Quite a few evenings are spent with friends and family. I always carry business cards with me so if anyone even mentions a holiday, they are given a card, and told to call me about the arrangements. I’m so pleased that 2014 is turning into a bumper year for me. I have already had a cracking start, with sales poised to beat my target for the first six months, and the year as well! I’m happily processing a booking to California, and a quote for the Galapagos islands and just wanted to take a moment to share that! island of two halves!

29 May 2014

I have just returned from an amazing week exploring the beautiful island of Majorca. Of course, we all know the island, it’s been on the tourist map for decades, and we have all seen the photos of sunburned tattooed bodies on the beach at Magaluf and Palmanova…that’s what Majorca is like everywhere, right? Well, if you think that, you would be wrong! Don’t get me wrong, if you want to spend your nights clubbing, your days recovering and return home whiter than before you left, the resorts mentioned above to the south west of Palma would be the perfect place for you to holiday. If, like me however, you like a little luxury and can’t bear the bang bang of the party scene, then you could do a lot worse than heading north. 30 minutes outside Palma, heading up the MA10 motorway, you reach the beautiful town of Puerto de Pollenca. Four good friends and I hired a villa for a week, and believe me, sitting by the pool, glass of Rosada Wine (Rose in English) and a good book in your hand, listening to the sounds of the swallows flying above my head, you could be as far away from real life as possible. Our property was outside the town in rolling countryside, surrounded by orange tree orchards but with our own pool, and easy access to the beaches. It was a perfect place to chill out and relax. We had a car (essential really), and took day trips to Alcudia, Deia and Port Soller whenever we felt the need to travel a little. Always back at the villa by 4pm in time for a drink or two, before cooking a meal and watching the sun set. We travelled in May, which is just at the beginning of the season. We had five good days, and two overcast - pretty good going for so early in the year. The villa was a lot cheaper than high season, but all the bars and restaurants were open, and with less people around. It felt 100% quieter than if we had gone in July or August. As a typical travel geek, I couldn't resist the opportunity to have a look at some hotels as well, and was lucky enough to see the Belmond La Residencia in Deia, the Jumeira Hotel in Port Soller and the Gran Hotel Son Net in Puigpunyent (just out of Palma). All three properties are amazing, and if you are looking to score a few brownie points, take that special person there off season, and you will be amazed at the deals you can get. All only two hours from London. And yes, you guessed it..we even drove through Magaluf on the way back to the airport!

A Quest for the ultimate cruise

02 January 2014

I have just returned from seven amazing days on the beautiful Azamara Quest cruise ship. I spent a week cruising from Nice to Monte Carlo, on to St Tropez, then on to Propriano in Corsica, then Amalfi and Sorrento before reluctantly disembarking in Rome. I left a cold London Gatwick airport and 1.5 hours later, landed at Nice Airport. We were whisked directly to the ship, and were comprehensively processed through the efficient check in process, taking all contact details, issuing us with boarding cards, and tagging our luggage for delivery to our state rooms. Within a short space of time, our cabin was ready, and we went down to inspect it. The room was very well appointed and had a wonderful balcony where we would spend many an evening sipping a cocktail or drinking coffee. There was plenty of storage space, and while not massive, it suited our needs perfectly. Once unpacked, we proceeded to explore the ship. There are so many public spaces to explore, it took a while…from a relaxing café, to a night club, four restaurants, internet room, gym, library, the list goes on and on. It was difficult to know where to start! As the cruise is all inclusive, all your meals and drinks are included. They do offer a premium drinks package so if you prefer premium brands, you can also be totally catered for! There is breakfast, all day snacks in the café, afternoon tea and a full dinner every night, so you won’t go hungry! Before we knew it, dinner was served, and then we started moving on our way to Monte Carlo. We spent two hours looking around the palace and the casino, walking through beautiful parks and immaculately manicured lawns before heading back to the ship for lunch. Alternatively, you can book on one of three organised tours that the cruise ship offers. The next day, we were in St Tropez. It’s a place that is very special to me, as I spent many childhood holidays in and around the town. Here, the ship docks at anchor, and a regular tender shuttles guests to and from the medieval town. We spent several hours wandering around the old town, taking in the many shops, restaurants and alley ways that make up the town. We stopped on the quay side for coffee at the famous Senequier café….much frequented by Brigitte Bardot and other celebrities. Next stop was Propriano in Corsica. We were only here for a few hours, but it’s a great little place to visit. Archaeological evidence indicates that the immediate area was occupied during the prehistoric era, but it wasn’t until much later that any notable development took place. The Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans all lingered in turn, although frequent pirate raids discouraged growth. Again, you can explore on foot, or there are three organised tours you can take. Our penultimate stop was Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast. A very busy tourist destination, with lots of shops for even the most fervent souvenir hunter. We had an afternoon here, so not huge amounts of time, and again, we came ashore on tender. Two organised tours are offered here, but walking around and visiting the cathedral and alleyways is well worth it. Last stop was the beautiful town of Sorrento. From here we visited Capri, Pompeii and Herculaneum (all possible as we had two clear days to explore). The destination is still touristy, but with so much more space to explore than Amalfi, it’s well worth a visit in its own right! Before we knew it, we were sailing back to Rome. Disembarkation was smooth and effortless, and a 45 minute ride saw us safely back at Rome airport for our flight back to London. If you haven’t experienced cruising before, I would thoroughly recommend you try Azamara. If you were put off (as I was) by the thought of a large drinks bill at the end of your holiday, or felt awkward about having to dress up for formal nights, none of this is an issue – no dinner jackets required, just no jeans in the restaurant for dinner. And there’s no drinks bill, as it’s all included! So give it a go! If you want a personal recommendation, or have cruising questions, give me a call as I now have first-hand experience!

Los Angeles and Newport Beach

05 December 2012

Having only passed through Los Angeles briefly on my last trip, I was very much looking forward to seeing a bit more of the city and what it has to offer. I was also intrigued as to what there is to do outside the city. I think we all have some preconceptions of what life is like outside the metropolis, so this was my chance to find out! I flew into LA. Virgin Atlantic flies directly from Heathrow in 10.5 hours. There is no getting away from the long flight, and the eight hour time change. If you can allow yourself some relaxation time to get over the inevitable jetlag, I would do so, as it can be a real killer! Once through passport control, I picked up a car from Alamo and drove for around 30 minutes to reach Beverly Hills. You can hire a car on a normal British licence so there is no need for extra paperwork. The cars are nearly all automatic and easy to drive...just remember that Americans drive on the wrong side of the road! Los Angeles is a collection of several towns and cities including Hollywood, Beverly Hills and several others. Beverly Hills is well placed to visit all the major attractions including the Hollywood sign, the Avenue of the Stars, the beaches and many other places. I stayed at the Beverly Hilton hotel (where Whitney Houston passed away), which is very close to Rodeo Drive (where Julia Roberts famously shopped in "Pretty Woman"), and around ten minutes from Hollywood. You aren’t restricted to high end fashion and couture. There are plenty of department stores and cheaper shops, and you can pick up some real bargain. Just make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase to get it all home. I took a trolley bus tour around the homes of the stars, and dined in some fantastic restaurants, where you can eat almost any cuisine from around the world. I also saw the Kodak Theatre (where they hold the Oscars), the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Avenue of the Stars. Los Angeles is very well served with hotels, and as well as staying at the Beverly Hilton, I also visited the Avalon Hotel (where Marilyn Monroe stayed) and the new Montage Hotel, which is supreme luxury at its best! I visited Universal Studios while in Los Angeles, which is a must for any adrenalin junkies out there! There are loads of amazing rides to experience, and it’s well worth spending a little extra to "queue jump". This meant we never queued for longer than five minutes for any ride. Of course, Disneyland in Anaheim is also close, but sadly, time was against me. From Los Angeles, I drove south for around one hour to reach the beautiful city of Newport Beach. I stayed at the Pelican Hills resort, which has amazing two, three and four bedroom houses, as well as rooms and suites. All of these surround fabulous facilities including two golf courses. Although the resort is not on the beach, you can reach the beach at Crystal Cove by car in around ten minutes. This town is spectacular, and is famous for being the location used for filming the beach scenes in the film "Beaches". I stayed in Pelican Hills for two nights, and spent my time whale watching, shopping, sightseeing and bird watching, all within an hour or so of Los Angeles. All in all, I would recommend southern California to anyone looking for a great, unhurried and relaxing holiday. LA itself is so diverse, you can find something to keep any member of the family entertained, from theme parks to theatre, bird watching to celebrity watching...there is something for everyone. Prices are not expensive, and you can choose from hundreds of places to stay. Once you have done LA, there is so much more to explore on your doorstep. You could spend weeks seeing it all! If my photos on the journal have whetted your appetite to explore the region, why not give me a call and I can recommend a fabulous trip for you, giving you hotel, flight and car hire tips. I can also give you ideas on how to save some money when you are out there, help you plan your time, and even suggest where to eat! So give me a call.....LA and southern California is just waiting to be explored.

Jordan...What an adventure

27 April 2011

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to travel to a country that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. I travelled to Jordan with slight trepidation, as the region has had a mixed history, but I am so glad that I did. The country is incredibly diverse, with barren desert regions leading on to verdant grassy areas. We flew with Royal Jordanian airlines directly from Heathrow to Amman, and went straight the Marriott Hotel in the city. After a leisurely breakfast the next morning, it was time to take in the sights and sounds of this amazing city with a two hour escorted sightseeing trip. There is a lot of history in this city, built over 7 hills. The strong Roman influence here is apparent and I was glad to get the chance to experience it for myself. After leaving Amman, we took a 3 hour drive to Petra. We made a few stops along the way, so it isn't as hard a journey as you may expect and at around mid-afternoon we arrived! The town of Petra was a real surprise to reminded me much more of Europe than I was expecting. The locals were very friendly and there were plenty of places to eat a nice meal and have a gentle stroll around the shops. I would recommend staying at the Movenpick Hotel in Petra, which is right outside the entrance to the wonderful site itself. Take some strong walking shoes, as there is a long way to go! Horses and donkeys are on hand for those who don't want to walk, as you descend through the labyrinth of dark alleyways with rock carvings to look at along the way, it seems there is no end in sight! Finally you reach the main sight itself and no matter how many times you see the image in films or television, nothing can prepare you for the awesome scale and grandeur of the place. It is truly amazing, I cannot recommend a visit strongly enough! The entrance fee is quite high, so it is worth spending some time in there. There is a lot to see and many people take the day to explore the hundreds of sculptures and carvings that are on offer. Go early in the day to avoid the rush! Once you are back in the serenity of the hotel, you can relax and have a swim before reflecting on the day over a wonderful meze of local foods with a glass of wine! Another 2 hour trip takes you from Petra to the Dead Sea. We stayed at the Marriott Hotel, and what a place it is! Several restaurants, bars and quiet places to sit meant that the hotel didn't feel crowded. The rooms have great views and of course there is the sea itself to mesmerise. I would thoroughly recommend the hotel for singles, couples or families, as there is something for everyone here. It is located approximately an hour drive from Amman, making it easy to get to! One of the most bizarre experiences of my life has to be floating in the dead sea covered in local mud (for your skin). It is quite tricky to get in and out of the water, but the hotel provides plastic shoes to make the experience a little more bearable. Your legs are virtually forced to the surface as soon as you get in the sea, you then take hold of your book or paper and float gently on the surface until the saltiness of the water becomes too much! Luckily there are showers and lots of swimming pools close by to wash off the salt! In short, Jordan offers the kind of destination that will appeal to anyone. Whether you are looking for a short break, a real desert adventure to explore the many cultural sights, or a family holiday where you can relax and unwind, Jordan has something for everyone. Give me a call to discuss the options.

Oporto and the Douro Vallry

09 July 2010

I discovered the region recently during a short break to Porto with an old friend. Getting to Porto couldn't be easier, with regular scheduled flights from both Heathrow and Gatwick with BA, TAP and Easyjet. Once you arrive, you can catch a tram directly from the airport to the city centre (around a 40 minute journey). You will discover a modern, but still quaint city, which retains a lot of old fashioned charm. For example, the main railway station is a monument to 19th century engineering, complete with old clocks and beautiful tile work. There are hotels to suit all budgets, with breathtaking views of the city and the harbour. You can walk through the old town where museums and art galleries compete for your attention alongside the bars and restaurants offering mouthwater seafood at very reasonable prices.. We took up a place on the waterfront and enjoyed a few drinks watching the world go by. Over the river, you can see the various names of the port producers who made the region justly famous the world over... You can organise wine tastings with minimal notice, although this may affect the weight of you luggage on the way home.... Port isn't light!! The next day, we took a train from the aforementioned station, and headed inland. The track hugs the shores of the river, and around every corner you discover another breathtaking vista. It is worth booking accommodation in advance to get the best rates. We decided to book 2 nights in 2 different hotels in order to get see the best of what the region has to offer. We stayed in Quintas (local guest houses)... One of which was a working winery and farm... This gives you a chance to interract with the locals and get recommendations for great places to eat! 2 nights and 2 train journies took us almost to the Spanish border...just enough time to sample briefly a most beautiful and almost unheard of (touristically) parts of Europe. So why not discover for yourself this little corner of Portugal... Give me a call and I will help you plan a trip!!

Cairo...the beginning of a great adventure

30 October 2009

Cairo is a most extraordinary destination! If you have ever thought about travelling to this part of the world, think no more...just go!! From the moment you leave the plane, you realise you are in somewhere unique in the world. The journey from the airport to our hotel was certainly an education. Driving in Cairo has been turned into an artform, and it is definitely not for the faint hearted! Once you recover from the journey, and the constant noise of beeping horns, you will discover what Cairo has to offer you. The city is spread out, so it is worth planning to stay in the right part of town. For example, it is roughly a 30 minute drive from the Pyramids to the centre of Cairo! Knowing where to stay can be tricky. I would highly recommend the Mena House Oberoi Hotel (located very near the Pyramids) or one of the Four Seasons hotels (located in the city centre, close to the Egyptian Museum) as a great base from which to explore the city. If your budget does not stretch to this, then the Le Meridien Pyramids is a great choice. If you prefer a bit more peace and quiet (not to be found in the centre of town), there is an up and coming area called October 6th, which is roughly 45 minutes away from the Pyramids. There is an excellent Swissotel in the area, and it has a wonderful feeling of space and relaxation, which is a welcome tonic after a day in the city. As it is outside the city, it is not affected by the pollution you will find in the city centre. I spent a fascinating day visiting both the Egyptian Museum (Central Cairo) and the Pyramids. I wasn’t really prepared for the awesome majesty of the Pyramids, and the subtle beauty of the Sphinx. When you read the books or watch the films, you don’t really get a sense of scale, and standing next to them, you cannot help but marvel at the determination of those who designed and built these magnificent structures....the only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World. The Egyptian Museum is also an amazing place to visit. I expected to spend an hour or so wandering around the exhibits, but with a knowledgeable guide (highly recommended if you want to get the most out of your visit), she brought the whole place to life, and it was fascinating to hear about the daily lives of the Egyptians, and how they were inspired to create such wonderful tombs for the afterlife. As the title of this piece suggests, Cairo is a great place in which to start an adventure. Whether it is exploring the Pyramids and Sphinx, travelling to the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada, or travelling south to enjoy a Nile cruise from Luxor or Aswan, Cairo is the perfect start or end to your stay in Egypt. The people are friendly and welcoming, and you will certainly enjoy the food Why not give me a call today? I have been to all the hotels mentioned in my report, and I can happily help you plan the holiday of a lifetime to this fascinating country.

Lisbon- A city with a view

11 May 2009

If you have never thought of travelling to the charming city of Lisbon, or indeed anywhere in Portugal, now is the time to go! Having just returned from a weekend break in the charming city of Lisbon, I thought I would share my experiences of travelling to this great, and sometimes forgotten European treasure. Lisbon is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Located on the shores of the Rio Tejo (River Tagus), the city offers wonderful views from its many winding and cobbled streets. It is not for the faint hearted, as the city lies on several hills, and there is a certain amount of walking to do. A good pair of shoes is therefore in order, but after a hearty breakfast, and if you have a passion for exploring, you will soon come across one of the many beautiful little squares and alleyways that Lisbon has in abundance. I would suggest a minimum of 3 nights to explore Lisbon. The great thing about the city is that there is so much to do outside the many metropolis! Once you have spent a day exploring the art galleries, museums, shops, cafes and restaurants, there is a wealth of places to visit within an hour of Lisbon city centre. Estoril, Sintra and Cascais are all easily accessible as a day trip . These towns make an excellent diversion from the main city, and can easily be reached by public transportation. For example, 40 minutes from the centre of Lisbon, you find the charming Town of Cascais. It is a perfect place to explore for the day. Cascais has a maze of alleyways and streets, with any number of shops and restaurants to choose from. If you simply want to relax, there is a great beach as well. While in Lisbon, I stayed in the charming 3 star Hotel Jorge V. It is located just north of the Bairro Alto, and close to the main metro station “Marques de Pombal”. The hotel is very affordable, and located perfectly for exploring Bairro Alto and the rest of the city. If you prefer a little more luxury, I have also stayed in the fabulous Ritz Four Seasons Hotel. It offers the most fantastic views over the city¸ spacious and elegantly decorated rooms. It is a true landmark of the city, and offers a fitness centre, spa and very highly rated restaurant. Getting around in Lisbon is easy. The metro system is not extensive, but serves all the important areas you will need to visit . It takes you to the Expo centre, to the main railways station and the city centre. You can buy a Lisboa Card, which affords you discounts on many sightseeing attractions and gives you free travel on the metro, buses and trams. You can obtain a card from the main tourist information centre. I would also recommend a trip on one of Lisbon’s “Elevadores”. They are 3 furnicular railways offering quick access to the heights of the Bairro Alto and to the eastern side of the Avenida de Liberdade and one giant elevator da Santa Juste. Eating in Lisbon is fantastic. From fine dining to McDonalds, there is something to please every palate and budget. It is worth taking a train from the Cais do Sodre station in Lisbon to Belem. This is a very pretty area of Lisbon, and has countless restaurants on the waterfront to choose from. From here, you can also view the bridge (reminiscent of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco), the statue of Christ, and the statue of the great Explorers, for which Lisbon is famous. If you have never considered Lisbon as a holiday destination...think again. It has everything to offer for a short break, or a longer holiday. Call me to discover for yourself what Portugal can do for you

Paradise found in the Pacific Ocean

11 May 2009

Bora Bora is a true pearl in the Pacific Ocean. I travelled with Air Tahit Nui from Los Angeles to Papeete, and then had a 50 minute flight to Bora Bora. Bora Bora, situated as it is, in the mid pacific is ideal to be included in a "Round the World" itinerary. Many people choose to spend a few days in this unique paradise before continuing their journeys round the world. On arrival, I was transferred in absolute luxury aboard a private water taxi to the new Four Seasons resort. Built on one of the many “Moanas” (or private islands), the hotel is comprised of over 100 over water bungalows and 7 beachfront villas. There are also 3 restaurants, a various luxurious spa, fully equipped gym, and the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail. From the hotel, you can enjoy many different activities, including deep sea fishing, shark and sting ray viewing, snorkelling on the amazing coral reefs close to the hotel and many non motorised watersports. Excursions onto the main island will afford you great views, as well as a chance to see reminders of the American occupation of the island during the 2nd World War, and a chance to eat at “Bloody Marys”- the most famous restaurant on the island. Bora Bora is a truly unique destination, perfect for honeymooners and those seeking a complete “Get away from it all” destination. There are of course many other hotels and islands within French Polynesia. Please give me a call to discuss the options for combining islands, or to include Bora Bora as part of a longer trip

Canadian Adventure

14 April 2009

Canada is one of those destinations you always think about going to...but then something always more exciting comes along, and it gets relegated to the shelf for another time. After too many years of relegation, I finally got to go!! I decided to fly into Calgary and out of Vancouver. This way I would never have to backtrack, or waste time travelling through areas I had already seen. This turned out to be a Godsend, as there is so much beautiful scenery to see, it would be a shame to not do as much as possible! After leaving the metropolis of Calgary behind, we discovered the most beautiful scenic drives as we travelled through the Rock Mountains to Banff Springs. When travelling to this part of Canada, you have to stay in the original Banff Springs Hotel. It is a true icon of the area, and has the most stunning views. We stayed for 2 nights, which was the perfect amount of time to see the amazing sights the town has to offer. From there, we travelled the short distance to Lake Louise, which in summer or winter has jaw dropping scenery to explore. The town itself is no more than a village, but the views more than make up for the lack of infrastructure. Again, two nights is ample time to visit the local sights of the area. Moving on, we travelled to Jasper....home of the Rocky Mountaineer train. Jasper reminded me of the old Davy Crockett style towns I remember seeing on television as a child. The Jasper Park Lodge where we stayed, helped to make make this notion even more of a reality. It has a real charm to it, and was unlike any other hotel we stayed in during the trip. We took the famous Rocky Mountaineer train from Jasper to Vancouver. The journey takes 2 days, with an overnight stop in the town of Kamloops. I would defintiley recommend taking the Gold Leaf Service onboard the train. It is more expensive than the Red Leaf option, but with meals included, and the most amazing panoramic viewing windows over your seat, it is well worth the extra cost. Some of the scenery we saw on the way was jaw dropping, and even if you have no interest in trains (as I did), you will still enjoy every minute of the journey. Upon arrival in Vancover station, we took a cab into town, for the last few nights of our holiday. Vancouver is a truly internationa town, with every nation under the sun catered for. I felt very much at home in this beautiful city, and we even took a float plane over to Vancouver Island for a day trip to the city of Victoria. Dont let Canada pass you by, as I have in the past. If you take the time to explore, you will discover the most amazing sights and the friendliest people. Please feel free to give me a call to chat about my experiences, and I hope I can persuade you to visit!!

The Jewel in the Crown- My India

14 April 2009

My one and only visit to India was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had! My first impression of India (once leaving the airport) was a scene of utter chaos. Sights, sounds and smells invade your senses immediately. As we drove from the airport to the hotel, the streets were teeming with market traders, vehicles, cows, camels and every imaginable creature. There seemed to be a sense of calm, even amongst all the chaos, and everyone seemed to be going about their business and ignoring the mahem around them. We took a city tour in the afternoon (after the hottest part of the day), and saw some fascinating sights, before taking a rikshaw ride through the old town, which was akin to a white knuckle ride. Very interesting but terrifying. For dinner, we went to the Imperial Hotel, which was probably one of my favourite hotels on the whole trip. Themed around a visit by King George V and Queen Mary, the hotel is a traditional building, filled with old world charm. The bedrooms were clean, inviting and full of local charm. There are several restaurants to choose from, and I would certainly recommend a stay at the hotel (if budget permits!!) The next day, we took the Shatabdi express train at 0500 from Delhi to Agra. The train was pleasant, and breakfast was served on the 2.5 hour journey. Delhi train station was not as bad as I expected, and our guide dropped us off at exactly the right place in order to catch the train. On arrival in Agra, we were transferred to the Red Fort for a look around the buildings. A fascinating morning! We then went to the Oberoi Amar villas for lunch and a hotel inspection. Each bedroom has a perfect view of the Taj Mahal (which is NOT illuminated at night) and we were shown some fabulous suites. We stayed at the Taj View Hotel in Agra (which has a very limited view of the Taj Mahal). You need to be accommodated in the 4th or 5th floor in order to get a clear view of the monument. The next day, we awoke early and had sunrise at the Taj Mahal, where we were shown around the sight by a very knowledgeable guide. The Taj opens at 6am and was busy within half an hour of that time. It is best to visit the site early, as it gets very busy, and very hot during the day. We also visited the fortress towns of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. They each have their own unique charm, and I would certainly recommend visiting all three towns. I have to say that Udaipur, with its beautiful lake Palace is my personal favourite. India is a truly magical destination, with so many sights and sounds. if you haven't travelled there yet, make it a priority to do so, as once you have visited, you will be dying to return! Please call me to discuss your own personal Indian Itinerary. I have so much to would be impossible to include everything here.

My customer stories

Sent by Emma Smith

Absolutely faultless service. I won't travel anywhere without contact Guy Johnson at Travel Counsellors - he takes all the difficulty out of the process of organising your travel, and is a pleasure to work with.

Sent by Marcus W

Guy is a wonderful agent to work with! Impeccable Service, thank you!

Sent by Daniela Silva

Guy is great!!! From the beginning Guy has been patient and so helpful with booking my trip. He always answers any questions I have silly questions or not. Guy gave me all the information possible and really takes what the client wants in consideration. Will definitely be booking all my trips with Guy. I Highly recommend Travel Counsellors and Guy to anyone!

Sent by Dirk Van Dooren

Guy was quick to respond to our requests, as well as both pleasant and efficient in helping us book our holiday.

Sent by Bette Price

Guy is just the best!! He always responds quickly and gets the best prices. Makes one feel you are his only client! Have recommended him to anyone thinking of travelling. 10+

Sent by Tania Lawley

Guy made what was a complicated set of co-ordinated flights seem a doddle. He was very helpful and went above & beyond. His service was phenomenal and we would certainly use him again in the future

Sent by Gail Dawe

Great! Found the best deal and worked out the cheapest option. Would recommend to everybody!

Sent by Juliet Kinsman

Absolutely wonderful service -- fast, accurate, spot on. Despite me being chaotic in my communications!

Sent by Suzanne Lyse

We found Guy extremely efficient, no fuss and he found the best deals for the description we gave him. We are really happy with the service we received.

Sent by Annie S

Guy is always so polite and helpful and goes over and above when it comes to customer service. The extra effort he puts in really makes a difference. I feel I can ask him to do (almost) anything to get the answers I need for my own peace of mind, however trivial they may seem. A huge thank you to a brilliant Travel Consultant.

Sent by Robyn Falck

I am always happy to use Guy and recommend him to others, service is fantastic comprehensive and a pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Terry Pickering

always responsive, informative, sensitive to requirement and efficient and immediately responsive in the event of any difficulty being encountered when on holiday.

Sent by Lynn Shepherd

Guy is a superb travel counsellor, always prepared to go the extra mile. I recommend him to everyone.

Sent by Sara Bowden

Extremely knowledgable, and have to say extremely patient during these difficult and frustrating travel times

Sent by Roisin Lawlor

Guy was just exceptional - he helped us book our honeymoon last minute during the complex COVID situation. Our wedding had to be re- planned in 6 weeks due to last minute change of venue - so we were very stressed & had no time to plan a honeymoon. Guy completely took the stress away & presented us several option in line with our budget & just took care of the rest!! I will absolutely be using Guy to book our next holiday.. Going it alone seems like a good idea but after using Guy you will never go back!!

Sent by Patrick Flanagan

Guy is totally relaxed, professional, friendly, not in the slightest pushy and is exceptionally knowledgeable. Top marks for a top guy.

Sent by Natasha Haywood

Guy who booked my holiday and insurance has been amazing the whole way through and keeping me up to date with everything. I am really looking forward to my holiday this Friday, Thanks again,

Sent by Annette Schiesser

Guy is always polite, professional and thorough, and endeavours to come back to me as quickly as possible with his quotations. He is certainly a great asset to Travel Counsellors. Thank you for all your help Guy.

Sent by Helen Wright

I found Guy, to be extremely helpful and good at commenting

Sent by John Kazantzis

Thanks Guy for all your help and support, making the whole process very easy.

Sent by L Shepherd

Guy is impeccable - incredibly diligent and helpful. This last year has been terrible for travel, with more problem solving than new bookings. Hats off to him for the way he's approached it

Sent by Claire Kilcoyne

Guy is great! Always helpful and his customer service is fantastic :)

Sent by Ian Selvan

Guy was hugely helpful and went the extra mile for us. Using Guy's services allowed us stress free journey in these difficult COVID times. Many thanks Guy!

Sent by Anon Anon

Thanks so much for your honest and insightful advice last week. Meant to get back straight away and then life took over! Really appreciated it, Especially when Portugal was added to the list. The more we thought about what you said, the more we realised we're more risk averse than we thought. So I think we're going to try for a spring holiday next year hopefully when things may be more settled. We'll get in touch then, but meanwhile thanks again - very impressed at your service and advice.

Sent by Rebekah Moreno

Guy was outstanding and went above and beyond in helping us organise a summer holiday. He was able to deliver exactly what we were after – he catered to our budget, kept us all calm and reorganised the destination when Coronavirus meant we had to change our original plans. Even while we were away he was able to help sort out extras for our return flight. He saved us endless hours of research and what would otherwise have been a lot stress. Without a doubt we will be using Guy again and thoroughly recommend his services to anyone looking to travel – corporate or recreational.

Sent by Trude Scott

Guy was very helpful and creative in organising a family trip for 5 couples travelling from both US and UK to the Baltic. He then was, and continues to be, extremely helpful throughout the covid19 pandemic crisis and its impact (and ultimate cancellation) of the trip. No complaints at all - thanks Guy!

Sent by Louise H

I would like to think you for all your help with my recent cancelled trip and then obtaining refund from the travel company. Your communication , care and attention in this has been amazing and thank you for working tirelessly on my behalf to try and get the best outcome for me. The funds that we discussed on Friday have now been credited.

Sent by E Butt

I would like thank you for assistance in booking my short break Your services were delivered to the highest of standards, not only was I impressed, but my family who I travelled with also found the booking process very straight forward. The additional service of the My TC app was invaluable, to the point it alerted us to flight delays to bad weather condition. Without it. We would have arrived to airport unknowing about the delay. I look forward to using your services again, and would not hesitate in recommending you to my peers and clients in the future.

Sent by Scott Hudson

Excellent service and managed to find flights that suited my needs perfectly at an extremely good price. Very highly recommended.

Sent by Sharon Laws

Guy is always amazing, hence we have used him many times to book our holidays and will continue to recommend him wholeheartedly to others

Sent by Yvonne Small

Guy is always helpful, efficient and very friendly, more than happy to go the extra mile to ensure your requirements are met. I'm more than happy to use Guy again and would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Sent by Deborah Whitworth

Guy is always extremely helpful and patient when helping find the right holiday solution - especially when the client is not entirely sure of what they want! Thanks Guy

Sent by Louise Holden

Guy is helpful and always seem to find the right holiday. I gave him a budget for this trip and he found me a lovely well within what I wanted to spend. I will definitely be using him to book more trips

Sent by Lesley Janaway

Guy is always so friendly and helpful - quickly arranging everything I need for my travel arrangements

Sent by Luca Albertini

Many years of quality service !

Sent by Jennifer Grimwade

Excellent service, which took all the stress out of sorting flights to the USA plus the internal flights away! Such a quick and stress free service. Thank you Guy, We will be recommending you to our friends and we look forward to using you again!

Sent by Javier Romero

Guy is utterly attentive, understanding, responsive. His professionalism is unparalleled. Even when the options proffered aren't quite right (which I think has only happened a couple of times) I know that every effort has been made to provide me the best ones possible. I have and will continue to recommend them to those looking for travel support.

Sent by Shane Horan

Top class service - reliable, friendly and prompt.

Sent by Parminder Wells

We have been using Guy’s services for a number of years and he has always been very helpful in finding us our perfect holiday. He is always open to researching multiple options and never rushing us to book anything. We have recommended him to family and friends.

Sent by Jane Parmiter

Guy always comes up with exactly what we're looking for and never seems to mind how many times we tweak things.

Sent by Rachel Davis

I sent Guy a suggested itinerary for our trip to Australia, with multiple stops and he was able to find exactly what we needed within a couple of hours, and at a price we could afford. He is also going to be helping with the Visa's. He has taken all the stress out of what may have been a long drawn out process if I had done it all myself. Very happy.

Sent by Yasmin Nixon

Great service. Easy to use, fast and the app is so easy to use. Everything in one place. Marvellous!

Sent by Karl Fenlon

Guy listens to our ideas and dreams and then improves them! However he doesn't lose sight of the budget and his vast knowledge and host of contacts mean we always get value for money. We've enjoyed luxury stays in Europe, Oman, Mauritius, Barbados and many more destinations. Guy has also taken us off the beaten track,. For instance when we toured Asia we would never have discovered the delights of Vietnam without his encouragement and superb organisation. We have been particularly impressed with the quality of the guides provided on some of our more far flung holidays. Using Travel Counsellors means we receive a bespoke personalised service with the assurance of a wider umbrella. Vital when you are travelling with children.

Sent by Lesley Janaway

Guy has been dealing with my travel requirements for years now and always does a wonderful job

Sent by Carole Cook

Guy has been very helpful and obliging. It is one thing less to worry about when choosing your holiday, if you have someone you can depend on to deal with the finer details.

Sent by Francois Joubert

Working with Guy was a pleasure. Every step was quick and direct, accurate and friendly. Guy was able to get a better deal than I could on the usual travel websites which was an eye-opener for me. I know where I am going next time I need to book any travel. Thank you, Guy!

Sent by Jonathan Laws

Guy listened carefully to all our requirements and came up with a set of suggestions which made it so easy to choose, that we didn't have to go past the first iteration!

Sent by Carolyn Devon

i have used Guy to book a return flight to Belfast Harbour airport which was all done very efficiently. This is the first time I have used Guy, who was referred to me by close neighbours and have used his services on many occasions. We are going to discuss some further holiday plans on my return from Ireland where I will be attending a wedding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Guy to friends and family.

Sent by Allayne Hakin

Guy has given us excellent service in helping us arrange our travel plans for Australia. Guy has been really enthusiastic and passionate to provide us with a bespoke holiday which meets our needs in both cost and adventure. I would highly recommend Guy and Travel Counsellors to anyone arranging their holiday as you are definitely in safe and professional hands. Thank you Guy for all your patience and helpfulness in preparing our fantastic trip.

Sent by Jon Laws

Guy came up with an excellent solution first time, so we were very pleased indeed with the service.

Sent by Brendon Rowen

Guy is the most helpful, efficient Travel Counsellor we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Our business depends on quick decisions being made with deliberate action and are often deadline sensitive, Guy has always been timely with quotes, deals and bookings, which makes our business effective and efficient also. Thank you Guy.

Sent by Shane Horan

Most helpful whatever the question.

Sent by Terence Smith

Guy unfailingly responds to all of our enquiries promptly, comprehensively , and with perfect pitch to our particular needs, and when decisions are made, deals with all the necessary bookings and documentation with great efficiency. And on the rare occasion where matters are found on location to be not quite what is required, corrects matters immediately. Great service.

Sent by Jane Parmiter

Have recommended you already!

Sent by Mary Harnetty

Responsive, patient and helpful.

Sent by Jeffrey Raggett

Guy listens to your needs, and puts together a bespoke package that would take you months to find.

Sent by Saskia Jones

Over the festive season 2016/2017 I travelled to South Africa and Guy arranged all the flights for my me and my husband. I always find booking with Guy far more convenient and cost effective then scouring the internet for days to find a deal. Guy is exceptionally knowledgeable and by tweaking our dates marginally we were able to get a much better price on the flights. My husband was considering extending his trip and Guy got back to us virtually instantly with the prices and potential changes. Fantastic service! When needing to return to London my initial flight was delayed due to severe weather, Guy was available, attentive and explained all my options to me. It added peace of mind to know someone is looking after things and I need not worry. Due to the delay, I missed my connecting flight, but I didn’t need to worry as Guy had pre-empted this and it was smooth sailing onto the next connecting flight. No need to sit on lengthy long distance calls to the airline. Everything was taken care of! I would highly recommend Guy for all your travel needs! Honestly, the service is great!

Sent by Jennifer Healey

Great attention to detail, very fast with options, made everything simple, and great follow up service, love the count down app too! very happy.

Sent by Jane Player

Very patient and helpful .thanks Guy

Sent by Simon Harley

Great communication and great help and advice.

Sent by Karl Fenlon

The fact that Guy has arranged the most amazing holidays (including our honeymoon) for us for more than a decade speaks for itself.

Sent by Sophie Theakston

Guy has been an excellent help to me and my family, always quick to respond and always giving lot of options on different flights. He is very helpful and with great customer service I would recommend highly to friends and family.

Sent by Akua Deaba

Great service.

Sent by Tobie Tomkinson

A flawless service from Guy as usual. Will of course use him again soon!

Sent by Lucy McMullan

It's so reassuring to have Guy at home to help to sort out any minor difficulties, like leaking air conditioning in our case. It's so easy to choose a place to stay as he comes up with different options for us to choose from. Thank you Guy.

Sent by James O'Donnell

Fast, efficient and helpful service. thank you

Sent by Luca Albertini

Extremely good, competent, great pre sale and after sale service.

Sent by Caroline Chapple

I was delighted to have Guy help me with a travel reservation recently. I needed to book a flight to Chicago, and he researched the market to give me a number of choices so I could get the best option available. On top of the booking itself, I was able to benefit from a number of valuable extras that I wouldn't otherwise have. Guy gave me a very useful and timely reminder and information on areas such as visas, seat bookings and insurance, which he was able to offer further expertise and support for. Throughout the process, Guy was extremely helpful and friendly, and went above and beyond normal service levels, by answering my queries immediately, including late in the evening and over the weekend. Its great to know that my booking is being handled by a real person, and that there is someone I can turn to if I need help. Thank you Guy !

Sent by Tom Donohoe

I was personally very satisfied with the service I received. Guy was quick to respond to all my queries and generally very helpful. I have already recommended him to friends and family.

Sent by Lina Christodoulou

The service was great. Just told Guy the dates I wanted to travel, the airport I wanted and rough times I wanted to fly. Got all the three things I asked for. Very Happy

Sent by Richard Luce

Excellent service and am grateful for your willingness to look after all our queries.

Sent by Luca Albertini

Extremely good, competent, great pre sale and after sale service.

Sent by Louise Fenlon

Guy has booked many holidays for us including, among others, our honeymoon and a three generation Christmas/NY getaway. We know we have an experienced and capable adviser in Guy and our varied holiday requirements have always been met.

Sent by Brendon Rowan

Guy is very helpful, efficient and to the point when dealing with both our business and personal bookings. We as a company trust Guy with all our travel arrangements, particularly his ability to find the most competitive rates even at the last minute. I have and will continue to promote Guy and his fantastic service to my family, friends and colleagues.

Sent by Alison Rosser

Really pleased with the excellent service - it took all the hassle out of trying to do it ourselves and Guy always came back to us promptly with updates on the progress. He also managed to get the hotels we requested. Very much looking forward to a fantastic trip! Many thanks.

Sent by Ian Barton

Using you made the booking process very much easier and I have spoken to several people who tell me that the final price obtained represents good value.

Sent by Veronica Lysaght

Always fast and efficient and gets us where we need to go!

Sent by Deborah Whitworth

Guy is always a great help when planning travel, no matter what the brief is. I have and I do recommend him to anyone who asks

Sent by Lucy McMullan

Guy was excellent and was really quick at finding different holiday options for me, he was very prompt at dealing with my requests and was very patient when I kept changing my mind. I could speak to him anytime during the day and evening which was very helpful. I have already passed on his details to two other people looking to make travel arrangements.

Sent by Calvin McIlroy

Just booked what looks like a great holiday. I was originally looking to go to the Canary Islands but Guy recommended a great hotel in Turkey that meets all that I wanted - and at a great price! Guy is very easy to deal with and made the choosing of the holiday real easy. Now it is all down to the hotel staff :)

Sent by John Kim Yorke

Extremely helpful, for this demanding customer, Guy is friendly and helpful & has delivered excellent service

Sent by Paul Ferry

Guy was extremely helpful and accommodating on quite a difficult task with ever changing goal posts. Always responded quickly, helpfully and stayed in good humour despite annoying requests! I would absolutely recommend Guy to anyone looking to book a holiday or trip away.

Sent by Luca Albertini

Efficient, reliable, knowledgeable, good execution and always full of good suggestions.

Sent by Alison Squires

Guy provided an efficient, reliable and helpful service. We asked a lot from him at very short notice due to a family emergency. We will be recommending Guy to all our family and friends. We will certainly be using Guy again for our travel needs. Thanks a million Guy!

Sent by Jane Brooker

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Guy to anyone going on a holiday. Lovely, efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. A pleasure to do business with him.

Sent by Lizzie Ferrar

As a busy person, I find it hard to put the time that is needed into planning a holiday. Guy takes away all of this responsibility and finds you the best deals and prices. He knows what seasons to avoid and how to make the best of your time. This specialist knowledge is invaluable when planning a vacation. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Sent by Andrea Osborne

Thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday, we had a great time and we really appreciated your willingness to help patiently despite our many questions. As someone who organises other people for a living, it is sometimes hard for me to relinquish control but you more than allayed any fears about handing over my holiday plans to someone else! It was wonderful not to have to worry about any of the details. Again, thanks for everything.

Sent by Lorraine Turner

Guy was incredibly helpful, polite and reassuring as we were booking out honeymoon and incredibly patient as my other half kept changing his mind! He was able to find us beautiful accommodation and flights well under our suggested budget and I can't wait to get there now! The honeymoon registry with its special memory box is just a little extra touch that makes all the difference. I feel like we'll be treated like VIPs the whole way. Thanks again!

Sent by Brad Waldron

Thanks for making this so easy! I really appreciate it. With all the ease of online booking, I often forget the value someone like you brings!

Sent by Duncan Roberts

I would most definitely recommend Guy! My fiance and I have just been helped with booking our honeymoon to Venice and Rome. Guy was incredibly knowledgable about the two cities, had plenty of recommendations and was friendly and enthusiastic. All of our flights, transfers and travel between cities were arranged incredibly quickly even when we couldn't make up our mind and changed the order of things! Everything we asked him to take into account such as budget, location and flight times was catered for and nothing was too much trouble. We are very much looking forward to our trip and will be looking to Guy for our next holiday!

Sent by Shelley Hugh Jones

Guy is always helpful, organised and prompt with his holiday itinerary- highly recommended.

Sent by Sarah Wilson

Thank you so much for helping our husbands to arrange the trip to New York for myself and my friend Carolyn. The hotel was ideal - great location, lovely room, excellent service and nice to be so high up to get a bit of a view. The Virgin flight for the outbound journey was really great - so much nicer than most trans-Atlantic airlines and made the time pass a lot quicker and more pleasantly. Thank you for taking care of all the little details too. We had a fabulous time! We will definitely be recommending you to friends.

Sent by Keir Howeld

Guy provided a brilliant service, taking all of the guesswork out of my month-long trip to Peru. His local contacts, calm and helpful management, and last minute flexibility ensured a thorough experience of the country and a camera full of fantastic memories. I was well looked after from the moment I stepped off the plane in Lima to the moment I stepped back on it to return home. Thank you again.

Sent by Parminder Wells

We have already recommended Guy to friends and family. We have booked a few holidays with him now and found Guy to be very good. He always comes back to us with a competitive price and is extremely patient with us while we are making up our minds on hotel and dates. We will continue to use Guy for our holidays and will also continue to promote him to our friends. A special mention goes to him for refunding our holiday transfer who didn’t turn up at the airport in Las Vegas.

Sent by Christopher Morgan

10 out of 10 for Guy Johnson. We gave him two ‘briefs’ to solve and he responded quickly to both of our requests. The first with choices that all fitted the criteria and gave us a recommendation that we have gone with, the second (which is next year’s holiday) he has given us plenty of thoughts for us to go and think about before working with him to arrange a very special trip. In this second piece of advice he showed knowledge about the location and understanding of how it can be tailored to our needs. I have already recommended him and look forward to working with him for future holidays.

Sent by Mujeeb Haq

Guy has been a very helpful organiser for all our hiolidays. We have known him for the past 5 years and his service and recommendations are excellent. We and our family will continue to use his services for the forseeable future.

Sent by Dominic Burgess

"We booked our honeymoon with Guy and had an all round excellent experience. We knew we wanted to go to Asia, but didnt know where to go or where to stay. All we knew was that we wanted some city, Some jungle and some beach. Guy quickly put a number of packages together based on our meeting and we picked the one we thought most suited us. Guy helped us to have a perfect honeymoon, a holiday we will never forget (for all the right reasons!). Thanks Guy!

Sent by Mike Baker

Guy was awesome, very patient and very helpful and consultative.

Sent by Hammad Ahmad

Guy Thank you for all your help and patience in arranging our honeymoon! We can't wait and you made the process so much easier than if we were to sort everything oursleves. We'll definitely be using your services for our holidays in the future. Look forward to speaking to you when we get back. Vita and Ham

Sent by Matthew Wells

Guy was very helpful in working up lots of different options in our initial enquiries, and then was quick to price up our final choice over a weekend, also beating the alternative quote we had.

Sent by Nancy Artell

Guy was extremely helpful and patient with the numerous questions I asked. I felt fully informed at every stage of the process.

Sent by Deborah Baker

I would have no hesitation in recommending Guy, he has been absolutely great in arranging our flights to New Zealand for our daughters wedding. Thanks again Guy.

Sent by Emile Wendling

Following a difficult year of travelling in 2010, I made the switch from arranging my own travel itineraries, to instead, calling upon Guy's expertise and reliability. I now feel more confident in the knowledge that I can always call on Guy to either help me in a sticky travel situation, or to plan my next holiday adventure. I look forward to reviewing the honeymoon package Guy is currently putting together for me... alas... if only he would pay for it too.

Sent by Edward Daniel

Guy is a thoroughly competent and highly-skilled individual who is more than capable of meeting his clients travel needs. I have known Guy for a number of years and would highly recommend that you use his services.

Sent by Laurie Farr

SO glad I asked Guy to handle my trip to San Francisco. Great service.

Sent by Elizabeth Marsh

Guy has organised several trips for me and has always provided a first class service whether short notice or not; I am grateful for his support and guidance in such a complicated area

Sent by Ian Raxton

Guy is a very knowledgeable and experienced travel agent who has always found me great deals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Sent by Terry Pilkington

Both myself and many of my colleagues have been delighted with Guy's attention to detail. He researches all the options and comes up with the best value for money. It is very reassuring to have a consistently reliable and trustworthy travel consultant available 24/7.

Sent by Annette Schiesser

I approached Guy to arrange a special anniversary holiday for my elderly parents. At every stage of the process from suggestions to final booking, I found him to be totally professional and his knowledge was superb. I would not hesitate to contact him for all our future travel arrangements. He takes the effort out of booking a holiday which can sometimes be exhausting in itself!

Sent by Denise Lee

Guy has been incredibly helpful and patient and has arranged flights to Cyprus for a site visit, and various options for Christmas trips for me and my daughter and friends. It's great to know he has such knowledge available. I can concentrate on my own business knowing that he is sorting out the details.

Sent by Jasmine Lee

Guy was recommended to me with high praise and I can say that I agree. He proved to be very resourceful at finding very difficult flights at the right price for me. He was communicative, responsive and altogether made my life easier! I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to travel with minimum fuss.

Sent by Colleen Tillett

When I first met Guy, my fiancee and I had no real idea of where we wanted to go on honeymoon or even when! I gave Guy little bits of information and he came back to me with fantastic ideas which ticked all the boxes. Throughout the booking process, Guy was on hand to answer all questions, and made the whole thing stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend him.