The perfect honeymoon!

Hayley Bass on 25 April 2018
Getting married is a whirlwind of emotions, from saying yes to the most important question of your life, followed by ups and downs during the full-on organisation of your wedding day together. You may be very lucky to have a wedding planner or a best friend around you to help with all the important details. One part of your planning that a wedding planner or best friend may not be able to help you with is your special honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is so much more than a holiday after you’ve got married. For most couples your honeymoon is an experience that you will want to remember for a lifetime together, a holiday of all holidays.

Honeymoon dreams are very personal to the happy couple. You will hear suggestions from your friends and family, however, only you as a couple will really know exactly how you see your honeymoon. Ask yourself this, when you close your eyes and imagine yourself there, how do you want to feel, what can you see? The world is your oyster!

The choices are endless. If you’d like some inspiration I have a honeymoon brochure I’d be happy to send to you if you get in touch, but for now here are just a few options to get your imagination started:

• Beach breaks: Maldives, Thailand, Caribbean, Mexico, Dubai • Off the beaten track: Safari in Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Iceland with personalised itineraries • Mini Moons: Canary Islands, Greece, Italy, France • Multi-centre adventure: Uson Road Trip or New Zealand and Fiji • Cruise

If you’ve not set your date yet you may like to consider your dream honeymoon destination first to fit in with the destination seasons, but if your date is already set I can help you decide the best destinations for the time of year you are travelling.

For example, if the Maldives are what you are dreaming of then you will need to plan your honeymoon in the months of January to April to get the best weather conditions. May to September you may consider Italy, Mauritius, Borneo or the USA. Between October and December, I’d suggest places such as South Africa, Seychelles, Dubai or the Caribbean.

The decision around the seasons also depends on what you’d like to do in your destination. Would you prefer cooler weather to explore and see the wildlife or are you looking to do nothing but relax on the beach with a cocktail in your hand? With so much to consider it can become overwhelming if you are doing this all yourself. So how do you find this amazing honeymoon without adding to the ‘job list’ of your wedding planning?

As your honeymoon planner it’s my job to make your dream honeymoon a reality. I’m an expert at turning the image you see when you close your eyes into a reality. I have a wealth of over 20 years’ experience and the knowledge to suggest destinations, accommodations and experiences that will be exciting and perfect for you.

I understand how important it is to get this just right. It’s also my job to lighten the load by doing as much of the research that you need me to do (of course you may be involved during this process too.) I’m here to take away the stress, to give you more time for wedding planning.

Let’s face it you’ve got enough to do without the added hassle of sitting in a travel agent’s shop or trawling the internet and hoping what you’re creating will be right! In an ideal world it’s best to feel cared for and looked after and that’s exactly how you will feel when I look after you. I will craft your honeymoon, so it fits you perfectly. On top of that nobody protects your money like Travel Counsellors – our unique financial protection is the very best in travel.

To discuss your perfect honeymoon destination please get in touch and we can have a chat.