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Ian Hughes on 29 January 2018

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Many people see a holiday as a time to relax, switch off your mind and soak up the sun away from the travails of day to day life and these types of holidays are fantastic. However, there is an increasing trend in experiencing more in a holiday, adding a sense of independent adventure and seeing worth in the journey as well as the destination. This is where a 'road trip' becomes the perfect escape and with their ever-growing popularity, I will take a look at a few ideas to inspire you for your next four-wheeled (or two-wheeled) escapade.

Route 66 (USA):

The daddy of them all is the only place I can rightfully begin, with the legendary US road that has become folklore for road trippers covering 2400 miles in total. Traditionally beginning on the East Coast in Chicago and finishing in Santa Monica in the West on the Pacific Coast there are countless ways to take this trip. Whether you do it in a convertible, a Harley Davidson or a pickup truck you can take as long as you like with numerous stop off points along the way. Enjoy the vineyards and rivers of Illinois, the behemoth city of St Louis, Missouri, cruise through the rolling wheat fields of the Great Plains, taking in the true Midwestern American countryside of Kansas, visit Amarillo, Texas, so you really will know the way there and marvel at the Grand Canyon as you pass through. Sandwich all of this with regular stops at roadside diners, local attractions and mix up your stay with nights in motels or a little more luxury in cities and towns along the way. There are so many options, all of which will leave you with wonderful memories of your true American Road Trip.

The Garden Route (South Africa):

The jewel of South African road trips is the famous Garden Route which stretches from Cape Town on the South West Coast along the southern tip and towards Port Elizabeth. This is a trip I have long had on my bucket list and I have booked it for our honeymoon this October. To say I am excited is an understatement. There are so many beautiful views, amazing attractions and exciting adventures on this route it would be impossible to list them all. There is definitely something for everyone though, whether you are a thrill seeker looking for adrenaline fuelled action on a white water raft, or a wildlife lover looking to see some amazing creatures at the world famous Hermanus with a huge population of whales. Or how about combine the two with some shark cage diving? Along the way you can visit the amazing Cape Town and all that it has to offer, overindulge in the wine lands of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch and even finish with a safari stay at a game lodge on the Eastern Cape as we plan on doing. Every day can be different on your trip along the Garden Route so pack your sense of adventure and be prepared to be amazed.

The Overseas Highway:

Think of Florida and no doubt Mickey Mouse and co., along with thrill rides, water parks and huge crowds are the things that most come to mind. While Orlando certainly has a lot to offer and is an unbeatable entertainment destination, there is so much more to Florida than theme parks and cartoon characters.

The Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands stretching out off the southern tip of Florida towards the Caribbean. Once home to Ernest Hemmingway, they are awash with sunshine, views, rum and a chilled out, hip atmosphere and the amazing Overseas Highway. Not the longest road trip in the world but certainly one of the most picturesque. The drive from Miami to Key West is worth the journey alone, taking in 110 miles over 42 bridges on the famous overseas highway. It is one of the great American road trips and is definitely bucket list material! Hire a convertible, drop the top down, turn the volume up and take in some incredible views.

Showing a different side to Florida the Conch Republic is also known for its key lime pie, pirates, water sports and live music – lots of live music! Duval Street on Key West is particularly famed for its Jazz, Cuban and Salsa music on a mile long stretch of vibrant bars. Pop in and grab a cocktail to watch the famed sunsets on the Florida Keys, you won’t regret it. This trip is a much more leisurely affair, staying a couple of nights at a time along the way, after all, you'll need to sleep off that rum punch on the beach before you get back behind the wheel.

Whatever kind of road trip you are looking for, there is undoubtedly one to suit. Though they can seem a logistical minefield for planning, I have great experience and personal recommendations when doing so to inspire you further. Give me a call to start planning your next road-based exploit and create memories to last a lifetime.

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