Are you ready to revisit Cyprus?

An island blessed with rolling mountains, glittering seas, rugged headlands and lush forests, Cyprus is the perfect getaway for nature lovers. Visit the unspoilt Troodos mountains and discover wildlife and fauna amidst the waterfalls and the woodlands, or explore the warm shores that stretch on for miles with their hidden coves and secluded dunes. Cyprus is situated on the migration path between Europe, Asia and Africa, making it a birdwatcher’s dream, with flocks of flamingos visiting the salt lakes, and many other significant species passing through.

Whether it’s cycling along the trails or climbing the rugged rock faces, there’s something to suit every adventurist in Cyprus with a passion for nature. Read on to discover what you can uncover on this beautiful island.


Cyprus has year-round sunshine – perfect if you want to jump on a bike and cycle over varied terrain while feeling the balmy Mediterranean breeze. Due to the lack of strong headwinds in Cyprus it’s the ideal place for leisurely and competitive cycling alike. Follow the myriad of routes across scenic urban, rural and coastal terrain and discover Cyprus along the way. There’s streams, fields, forests and villages and it’s easy to end up somewhere delightfully unexpected. Keen cyclists can try the Pitsylia cycling route – a course through the picturesque villages of the Pitsylia area, famous for its wine and smoked meat specialities. The route passes the village of Alona and descends all the way to Lefkosia.

Nature Trails

The best way to get to know a place is to walk it. Cyprus encapsulates 10,000 years of history in its diverse landscapes, which are perfect for exploring. The great outdoors of Cyprus are easily accessible and there’s hundreds of opportunities to take a journey through nature with plenty of signposted paths and trails. Head off on foot and discover a treasure trove of plants, wildlife, heritage and fascinating monuments. The Aphrodite Circular trail through the Paphos district takes 3-4 hours and takes hikers on a tour through the Baths of Aphrodite and past the ruins of Pyrgos tis Rigainas – a spot believed to be a Medieval monastery.


As well as the tourists, a huge variety of birds flock to Cyprus making it a birdwatching haven for experienced and budding ornithologists. Across the island, birdwatchers can spot over 350 indigenous and endemic species including predatory birds, seagulls, herons, nightingales, hangbirds, ravens, chickadees and carrion buzzards.

Sites of Interest

Cyprus has a wealth of fascinating archaeological sites, Byzantine churches and monasteries and museums. Due to the islands size it’s easy to base yourself in one place and explore all of Cyprus from there, without having to worry about spending all day in the car. Visit Athalassa National Park for a network of walking trails and the fascinating botanical gardens.


Thrill-seekers can make the most of all the elements for climbing, thanks to the favourable weather conditions, rugged backdrops, complex rock types and diverse climbing routes. There’s also plenty of orienteering opportunities too, due to the island’s suitability for this pursuit. Several events per year are organised by KOMOAA in parks, forests, villages and mountainous regions.

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