Safari top tips from Travel Counsellors

Think about the experiences you really want to include as part of your safari holiday. Besides 4x4 game drives, there’s much more variety than you might imagine – there are night drives, walking safaris, water-based safaris in boats, canoes and kayaks, riding safaris, photographic safaris as well as fly camping, and mobile safaris. Not all these experiences are universally available in all safari destinations however, a Travel Counsellor can help match you with the safari that best suits you.

Safari top tips from Travel Counsellors


The peak season to go on safari is in Southern and East Africa is from June to October.  These are the winter months and can be a lot colder in the early mornings and at night than you might think.  So make sure you pack warm clothes and ideally dress in layers.

Dress suitably - It doesn’t have to be expensive clothing from a fancy safari outfitter!  You will get dusty on safari and muted, natural colours tend to work best and mean that you won’t stand out or attract insects.

If you wear contact lenses, bring a spare pair of glasses in case you get irritation from the dust

Pack light – luggage limits for fly-in safaris are restricted to 15-20kg. You only really need a couple of pairs of cotton shorts and t-shirts and longer-sleeved shirt and trousers.  Most camps have good laundry facilities so there are plenty of opportunities to wash clothes.

Pack a book/ kindle - Most game drives have deposited their guests back at camp before midday when the wildlife has retreated to the shade for a siesta. While the animals rest you too have downtime in camp until the late afternoon game drive which sets off around 4pm. 


Aside from your travelling companions, you will spend the largest part of your holiday with your safari guide, so it’s essential that they have the right skills and personality to deliver an amazing wildlife experience, keep you safe and have fun! 

Each African country has their own system of guide grading and awarding qualifications; in some there are no formal qualification requirements and the guide training falls to individual companies. If you want the best from your safari, ask about the quality of the guides. A Travel Counsellor will be able to suggest the best.

Traffic jams

Ask your Travel Counsellor how to help you beat the traffic! Dozens of vehicles jostling for the best position on a sighting are a far cry from the tranquillity and natural beauty of the African savannah most of us imagine… but they can usually be avoided with some careful timing and choices of where to stay.

Solo Travellers

Going on safari is a pretty big financial decision, and can feel particularly hard for solo travellers when many camps and lodges charge almost double. But, solo safari travellers don’t have to pay more! A knowledgeable Travel Counsellor can help you choose lodges.

There are an increasing number of camps and lodges who don’t charge single supplements, some all year round and others only in mid or low seasons, which from an experienced safari goers point of view can sometimes be the best times to visit.

Accommodations that waive single supplement charges will often only do so for a limited number of rooms and/or single people, so make sure to plan well ahead to secure the best price.

To book your Safari with full financial protection, simple reach out to your Travel Counsellor

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