Sara Davies explores Japan with the family on an amazing 11-night tour

Seeking to immerse her children in different cultures, Sara Davies, the businesswoman, entrepreneur, and TV personality, entrusted her dream trip to Japan to her Travel Counsellor. The result was an extraordinary 11-night itinerary, combining the vibrant energy of Tokyo with the inspiring scenery of Mount Fuji and traditional beauty of Kyoto. Let Sara Davies' epic travel tale inspire you to embark on your own holiday-of-a-lifetime.

Sara Davies explores Japan with the family on an amazing 11-night tour


"We stayed in the Shinjuku area right by the station which was perfectly located for exploring Tokyo," explains Sara. "We went down to the Odaiba area, which has some amazing views of the Rainbow Bridge and the huge robot statue, but part of the charm of the city was getting around on the train system!”

Some of the highlights of this incredible itinerary include experiencing the world-famous Shibuya Crossing, where 2,500 pedestrians cross the road all at the same time in the shadow of huge television screens, advertisements, and flashing lights, spending a day at Tokyo DisneySea, a unique theme park inspired by the legends of the open ocean, and dining at the incredible Pepper Parlour, where all the serving staff are robots.  

“My Travel Counsellor had heard about an amazing ‘robot restaurant’ in Tokyo that they thought our kids would love, and they went to great lengths to get us a reservation,” reveals Sara. “I’m not one of these people who is super organised when it comes to researching places to go on holiday, so I rely on my Travel Counsellor to plan out all the must-see stuff, and they totally came up trumps!”

This particular trip was put together by Sara’s amazing Travel Counsellor, who made sure there was plenty of activities to keep her children entertained: “I’ve done quite a lot of holidays for Sara over the past seven years, so I know what makes her tick,” explains her Travel Counsellor. “I’ve got a really close bond with Sara, and because of that, I knew that one of her boys is going to be doing a project on the bullet train in school – so this itinerary really was heaven-sent. It’s traditional, it’s authentic, and there are a lot of activities involved.”

Sara and her family also got the opportunity to try ninja training in Kyoto, learning key moves and customs in an authentic dōjō: “The hour-long class was great, and the kids absolutely loved it! It’s definitely worth adding to your list of things to do if you are planning on visiting Kyoto.”

When it comes to the difference of having a Travel Counsellor take care of all the details of a bucket list holiday such as this, Sara couldn’t be happier with her experience: “My Travel Counsellor meticulously researched and planned every detail for us."  

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