The Benefits of Travel for You

Everyone needs a break from domestic routine and work responsibilities from time to time, but research has shown that travel has huge benefits beyond a mere change of scene and a few days off. We’ve looked at some the ways that holidays and breaks impact your life in a positive way.

The Benefits of Travel for You

Relieve Stress

Work deadlines, commuting, busy home lives and relationships can all send our stress levels soaring. Those who travel at least once or twice a year have been shown to be at less risk of heart disease or heart attacks than those who travel infrequently. A break from routine – especially at the beach, in the mountains or in the forest – also gives us the mental clarity that can help us gain or maintain perspective at life’s more difficult moments.

Boost Happiness

Research has shown than the boost in positivity that one experiences on a holiday or break (even one lasting a few days) starts on the second day and can last up to 45 days. This translates into greater contentment both in itself and as a result of the aftereffects that it creates (some research has shown that those who take longer holidays are more likely to receive a raise or bonus!). Relaxation also improves our energy levels, which automatically makes us feel more optimistic.

Experience New Cultures

Travelling can help to deepen our understanding of people of different backgrounds, ways of lives and religions, and hence our tolerance of and feeling of harmony with others. It also helps our communication skills by making us interact with locals and even learn or at least try to speak a new language.

Boost Creativity Through New Experiences

The mind is revitalised by new sensations, sounds, sights, smells and languages, which spark a range of synapses in our brains, sparking our creative juices. Exposed to unfamiliar settings and situations, we experience fresh ideas, unexpected stimuli and a new take on things. Navigating new locations and situations can also increase our confidence, which in turn helps us to actually implement our new ideas.

Step Out of Our Comfort Zone

Travel can be a time to challenge yourself – not necessarily though adrenaline-boosting activities (although these can be part of a brilliant and even life-changing holiday). Exposing yourself to new cultures, new experiences and even new cuisine can make you feel braver and create a virtuous circle of pushing yourself to try new things. In this way, travelling helps with personal growth, as you learn more about yourself as a person and adapt to change.

Time Spent with Loved Ones

Getting away from life’s demands and focusing on children, parents or other key relationships without any distractions will strengthen these relationships; it also allows for precious one-on-one time that often gets pushed aside in daily life, especially between parents and children. Travel will also give you amazing memories to revisit together even after you’ve gone home, and for the years to come.

Reunite with Friends

The pandemic gave us all a feeling of Carpe Diem or ‘Seize the day’ when it comes to maintaining connections with friends who live in different parts of the world. Losing the ability to travel showed us that the importance of spending time with friends whenever possible.

Get Some Vitamin D over winter

A winter sun holiday will top up your levels of this crucial vitamin that helps us to absorb calcium and hence build/maintain strong bones. There is evidence that being exposed to new environments can also help to boost your immune system as a whole, by creating antibodies, while the increased movement often involved in many holidays is good for our cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

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