The unexpected joys of indirect flights with family

On paper, opting for indirect flights with short layovers may seem like a recipe for added stress and inconvenience, especially when travelling with children. However, there are some surprising benefits to a longer journey. Read on to discover how you can fall in love with the less direct route to your holiday.

The unexpected joys of indirect flights with family

With young children, the thought of sitting through a long flight can be daunting—both for the kids and the parents. Breaking up the journey not only helps manage this but turns what could be a tiresome experience into an exciting adventure. Scheduling a layover of at least two hours gives you all a precious window in which to relax and refocus. The kids get to stretch their legs, explore a bit, and indulge in some pocket money spending. Whether it's savouring a local delicacy in Greece or exploring the shops in a German airport, every layover becomes a mini experience in itself, enriching the overall holiday.

Breaking up the monotony of travel has more benefits than meets the eye and there’s something to be said about landing at your destination feeling refreshed. By splitting the flight into manageable chunks, everyone arrives with energy to spare, ready to make the most of the stay from the moment you arrive. This stark contrast to the exhaustion often felt after a long, direct flight, can set a positive tone for the entire holiday.

Travel Counsellors’ colleague Mel Quinn is an advocate of indirect flights: “Every year my family and I take a holiday to see friends in Cyprus. The habit of booking indirect flights started when the children were young and longer flights proved challenging with tired tears and tantrums. Now they are older, it’s more about adding to the holiday experience and arriving in the resort refreshed and ready to enjoy our sejour.”

Another understated benefit of flying indirect is the assurance that comes with it. Scheduled carriers, which typically operate these flights, offer a safety net if things go awry. Should any delays or cancellations occur, the airline will be well-equipped to swiftly rebook you onto the next available flight, ensuring minimal disruption to your holiday plans. This automatic protection provides a level of peace of mind that is priceless when travelling.

Airlines are aware that indirect flights might not be everyone's first choice. To make them more appealing, these flights often come with a more attractive price tag. This means that, aside from the additional experiences and comforts, choosing an indirect flight can also be a cost-effective decision. More often than not, the savings made can be put towards enhancing your holiday experience on the ground.

Next time you're planning a family holiday, consider taking the scenic route through the sky. The adventure that awaits might just surprise you.

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