The value of going on holiday during the school break

Recent research has revealed the cost of staying at home in the school holidays, with some parents spending more than £1000 a week on their children – tallying up childcare, summer camps and food (both at home and eating out), before even factoring in the likes of fuel bills. Many parents (up to 40%) are also working extra hours to cover these costs, giving them less time to spend with the kids.

The value of going on holiday during the school break

Meanwhile many families are considering foregoing holidays, both in the UK and abroad, as a way of saving money. We, on the other hand, argue for prioritising family time away, which distances us from the kind of domestic duties and pressures that keep us from spending quality time together on a daily basis. It can also give the kids a chance to make new friends, especially in resorts with kids’ or teen clubs, and you the chance for a real break from routine and work stresses. And kids’ clubs and entertainment are often complimentary with your package, as are meals and drinks if you choose an all-inclusive resort.

Travel is also, of course, a way of broadening the mind and immersing children in new cultures and other ways of living. We become more tolerant by travelling. Organised adventure tours can be a great way of encouraging this, opening up the world via destinations that you might be more wary of going to independently, such as South America or South-east Asia.

This is also a great way of tying holidays in with children’s schoolwork and of bringing to life things they’ve learned in the classroom – visit the Pyramids while studying Ancient Egypt, for instance! Even in more luxurious destinations, such as the Maldives, you can open children’s eyes to the world by letting them learn about ocean conservation in the company of marine biologists – to take just one example of the positive benefits of travel.

Why book your family holiday with Travel Counsellors

Your Travel Counsellor can build the holiday of your dreams, tailored to your own needs, expectations and desires – after all, every family is different. Families with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary school children and/or teenagers, single-parent families, blended families, multi-generational families and more – we’ve seen it all!

With each travel consultant able to draw on their own expertise, we can both inspire you with ideas you might not have considered and also deal with all the practical aspects of your holiday. Everything we do is based on insider knowledge and can be customised to your needs, including stopovers and add-ons.

And as with all Travel Counsellors holidays, you can book your family holiday with us in full confidence, counting on the industry-leading financial protection that made Travel Counsellors the top-ranking travel company for looking after its customers during the pandemic by Now, more than ever before, booking a package gives you full peace of mind when it comes to arranging your holiday – our holidays protect you and your money against unforeseen changes.  Research by Which? has also shown that you’re more likely to find better deals and pay less when booking a package rather than arranging your flights and accommodation separately and independently. Lastly, booking with your Travel Counsellor gives you exclusive benefits, including a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and after your trip.

To book your family holiday with us, or for ideas and inspiration, call your Travel Counsellor today.

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