Travel Counsellors Community Winter Adventures

Over the past couple of months, the Travel Counsellors community has been out exploring the world. Here are just a few of the sensational trips that have been enjoyed...

If any of these pique your interest, your own dedicated Travel Counsellor will be happy to recreate something similar just for you.

Touring Sri Lanka  

“I recently returned from a wonderful 12-day tour of Sri Lanka, staying in four different locations (Negombo, Sigiriya, Kandy and Kulutara) and visiting some of the top and lesser-known tourist attractions. Given the expanse of the country we hired a driver/guide for our trip. Sri Lanka has a strong vaccination programme in place with over 75% of the population double jabbed and they take covid protocols very seriously. At every attraction there was hand sanitiser and for indoor venues you had to wear a face mask. In lots of the busier attractions, one-way systems were in place and people all respected social distancing. We had to wear masks in the car but once you were outside you were free to not wear a mask and as lots of sites are open air there was plenty of time without them. At the hotel, again, sanitising was in place and extra cleaning, and at the buffet you had to wear disposable plastic gloves and a mask until you were seated, but you didn't have to wear masks in the hotel grounds, by the pool or on the beach. We felt so safe and for much of the time we forgot covid actually existed and just enjoyed our holiday as we normally would do." 

Sarah, Travel Counsellor

Mexican Beach Getaway

“I just had the amazing experience of going to Cancun right before Christmas for two weeks. My husband and I were so excited to finally get away and the whole experience was just what the doctor ordered. Everyone in Cancun and in Tulum was adhering to all government rules such as mask wearing indoors and taking temperatures when you entered shopping malls. It felt incredibly safe all the time. The forms were super easy to complete and with no need to test before you go home made heading to Mexico ideal. We did have to test prior to coming home as it was before the changes were in place but where we stayed we were offered free tests and results were with us within hours. The airport is secure and again and having only needing to use your health declaration QR code it was smooth sailing. A fabulous holiday indeed!"

Lynn, Travel Counsellor

Magical Lapland

“I went to Lapland in December with my Dad, Sister and Niece. The highlight of the trip had to be the day at the Artic Circle Centre, the day we got to meet Santa Claus, and also got a ride in a reindeer sleigh, and the chance to drive a husky sledge.  So many highlights on this trip, too many to talk about.

In terms of the experience, we got on this trip during the Covid pandemic vs what it would have been like pre-Covid, I’m not sure that it affected us that much really. Yes we had to wear facemasks on the plane and on the coach journeys (but that seems part of everyday life now), and we had to take some lateral flow tests/have Covid paperwork, none of it affected us playing in the snow, enjoying our sleigh rides, or meeting Santa, and I would do it all over again to have a few more days of fun in Lapland, and to see the smile on my niece’s face during her time out there.  The only downside was that the Northern Lights didn’t come out to play when we were there, so I do have a good reason to go back again someday!”

Claire, Travel Counsellor

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