Travel experiences that help preserve the local environment

Travel has the power to do a great deal of good, and one of the ways that you can help with this is by taking part in an activity that helps to preserve the local environment in the areas that you travel.

These are a few of the experiences that your Travel Counsellor can help arrange for your next trip.

Conservation Experience at Shamwari Private Game Reserve

The Shamwari Conservation Experience welcomes anyone with a passion for nature conservation to take part in their volunteer programme. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking traveller, a gap-year student, or are considering a work sabbatical, there are options available to get you involved with the efforts to preserve the ecosystem.

Located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Shamwari Private Game Reserve directs its conservation levy funds to its wildlife rehabilitation centre, anti-poaching unit, water security for the local area and primary health care community projects which will soon see it be able to support all staff and their dependents. All of this means that guests who simply visit for safari, are supporting conservation efforts and helping the local communities.

Keeping Aruba pristine with Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort

This Green Leaf hotel has a long list of sustainability accreditations and awards with noteworthy mentions including its Travelife Gold status, being the first resort in the Caribbean to be carbon neutral, and being named "Most Sustainable Hotel in the World" by Green Globe in 2016.

Whilst staying at the resort, you can join the team on one of their beach clean ups to help them stick to their commitment of keeping one mile of beach clean. You can also keep your carbon footprint and waste to a minimum throughout your stay by choosing from the dedicated vegan menu and using the refillable water canteen that you’ll find in your room to drink from the water stations around the resort.

Coral farming with a Marine Biologist in Bali

Indonesia has some of the richest marine biodiversity on the planet and gathers a wide variety of coral species. Whilst experiencing this underwater landscape, you can also help to preserve it and learn from a Marine Biologist about the threats that climate change and ocean pollution are creating for such a delicate ecosystem. You’ll take part in the cutting and replanting of coral onto artificial reefs to help it spread across the ocean floor.

Take a bush rover safari in Tanzania

Founded 30 years ago with an all-Tanzanian management team and an emphasis on promoting women, A Tent With a View is one of our favourite partners for African wildlife safaris in a natural setting. With a focus on innovation, integrity, and people, they offer tailor-made bespoke tours including Serengeti migration tours, birdwatching, photography safaris and family-friendly options.

The company supports a number of initiatives to help maintain the natural state of the environments in which they operate including forming the Tanzania Elephant Protection Society which has garnered government support to form anti-poaching patrols throughout the country. As well as conservation work, it started a medical training programme with medical students from the UK who identified needs in local village communities in Tanzania, and subsequently worked with the Bridge 2 Aid NGO, training local dental personnel.

Visit the TAMAR Sea Turtle conservation project in Praida do Forte, Brazil

The TAMAR Sea Turtle Project has a network of about 23 bases throughout Brazil, with its headquarters is in Praia do Forte. The organisation is most well-known for its work with coastal communities in involving them with conservation efforts. During your visit to the centre, you’ll enjoy a guided tour and, if you're lucky enough to be there during the breeding season, you’ll be able to watch the hatchlings scurry into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Voluntourism in Grenada

The stunning Caribbean Island of Grenada is aiming to bridge the gap between people looking to travel for leisure and those looking to support a good cause by volunteering in their spare time. This is an excellent way to get closer to the island’s culture, getting beyond the sun and sand, whilst also preserving the natural surroundings that have helped to make it such a draw for tourists.

For marine conservation, the Grand Anse Artificial Reef project helps to educate the children of Grenada on the importance of conservation whilst also contributing to the upkeep of the artificial reef, which acts as a home to dozens of underwater species, through tasks such as sea urchin counting, species counting and coral transplantation.  

You can also help with marine conservation through beach clean ups, ensuring that the waters remain free of litter, and through organised hunts of lionfish which are invasive species in Grenada and provide a threat to the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

To find out how your next holiday can be an opportunity to help preserve the local environment in the destination you visit, call your Travel Counsellor today.

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