What is the slow travel trend?

If you like to avoid the tourist traps and enjoy an authentic experience of your destination then slow travel could be for you. This ever-growing trend looks set to replace the need to tick off as many items as possible from a person’s bucket list, and instead emphasizes connection with the people and cultures that you meet along the way.

What is the slow travel trend?

Slow travel is based upon the idea that travel is supposed to educate people and deliver an impact that sits with them long after the holiday has finished. It also has the idea of sustainability at its core, as it involves shopping and eating local, utilising public transport, and gaining an appreciation for host cultures and traditions.

In recent years, the trend for slow travel has grown steadily, before accelerating rapidly post pandemic. Many people have linked its growth to the increased interest in sustainability and seeing travel as an opportunity for some self-care.

By spending extra time in each destination, it allows you to feel a little more relaxed and gives you the time to wander off course, experiencing off-the-beaten-track locations and seeing the world through a local’s eyes. A traditional family-owned bakery serving regional delicacies, a tranquil walking trail through lush meadows, and authentic music and dance displays that have survived through the generations; these are some of the hidden gems that you can come across when you slow things down.

Hear from a couple of our Travel Counsellors on their experience of slow travel…

“Spending a month in Posadas was an incredible way to experience ‘real life Argentina’. As tourists, we often rush around, trying to tick off as many bucket list sights as possible in our limited holiday hours. In Posadas, I had no tick list. I took Spanish lessons in a local’s kitchen, got invited to countless parrillas (BBQ’s), enjoyed sunset walks along the waterfront and realised that locals are permanently attached to their mate gourds (drinks containers for a traditional drink that has been enjoyed in South America for centuries). The slower pace of life here opened up more human connections than a standard holiday. I’m still in touch with some of the people I met there, 10 years later.”

Emma, Travel Counsellor


“Having banked up my annual leave and used it all in one go to take a month-long trip around Borneo, it really allowed me to take my time and find the hidden spots that didn’t feature in the blogs I’d read online. It felt like I was having more of a real experience and could take the time to detour from the itinerary, staying in smaller towns that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered because they weren’t the honeypot sites everyone hears about.”

Joseph, Travel Counsellor

To slow things down on your next holiday, contact your Travel Counsellors today. They’ll be happy to plan an extended break for you and share some advice on the things to include whilst you’re away; with a network on over 1,800 colleagues to lean on, they’re sure to have some hidden gems to get you started.

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