Where to go for that ‘big moment’

We’re not talking about your wedding day (though that will be up there with life’s most significant moments). We’re talking about those travel experiences that only happen at certain times of the year. Miss it and they are gone. Here’s when (and how) to be part of the action.

Where to go for that ‘big moment’

Cherry blossom season in Japan and Washington

Japan’s cherry blossom season will leave you wowed, whether you picnic beneath the blooms of Osaka Castle Park or immerse yourself in nature among the trees of Mount Yoshino. The season usually starts mid-March and lasts from two weeks to a month. Alternatively, you can marvel at Washington DC’s cherry blossoms from late March until early April. 

Butterfly migration in Mexico  

Every November, millions of monarch butterflies migrate from North America to the warmer climes of Mexico. This colourful spectacle can be seen in all its glory at Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacan. What makes it truly special is that each migration is undertaken by a new generation, with no other butterflies showing the way. 

Aurora Australis, Australia 

Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights, can be spotted fluttering across the skies of Tasmania between May and September. These remarkable light shows of green, purple, and gold have an ethereal quality. If you head to Tasmania’s Bruny or Satellite Islands, where light pollution is low, you have a great chance of witnessing the aurora in all its glory. 

Wisteria blooms of Kawachi Fujien Gardens – Japan 

On the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, pink, purple, and white wisteria blooms herald the arrival of spring. Between April and May, the wisteria trees of Kawachi Wisteria Garden, arranged into an arched tunnel, serve up a stunning seasonal display that will leave you in tune with the rhythms of nature. 

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