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When planning your travels, do you want someone who can give you a standard experience? Or would you prefer me, someone who can ensure you book the right travel arrangements for your needs, with the minimum amount of time on your part searching through what is available?

My job is not only to source the perfect holiday but also to be there to support you throughout the process from booking to travelling to coming home (yes, unfortunately we all have to return home after our holidays). With the support of a 24-hour duty office and flexible hours due to me working from home, I can provide a service like no other in the travel industry and I guarantee that as my client, you are not just a number but a valued client who will be taken care of.

I'm sure you want to know a little about me before you send me your holiday plans. My name is Jade Hawkins and I live in Spalding, Lincolnshire with my daughters Skye and Harriet. Before becoming a Travel Counsellor, I was working for another tour operator so I have been in the travel industry for around 7 years now.

I have personal experiences of travelling myself having been on a variety of different trips; great shopping and cultural breaks in Barcelona and Rome, sunny destinations in Europe such as Cyprus and Malta, and skiing in Austria. I have also travelled further afield, having visited the Maldives, Cuba, Mexico and the USA - including New York, Philadelphia and Orlando. During my time in the travel industry, I have booked all sorts of trips including weddings abroad, honeymoons and once-in-a-lifetime trips plus group holidays. This could be to any destination that you could possibly dream of, a beach holiday, adventure break, cruise, ski holiday or a city break to name a few.

I have a wealth of experience dealing with customers’ wants and needs and ensuring that the holiday you book is perfectly suited to you and all of your family’s requirements. This includes tailor-making the itinerary from scratch if necessary to ensure perfection. For my customers, I am able available to deliver an uncompromised service whilst also providing you with the best prices, and all this at times which are completely convenient to you and their lifestyle. I aim to make the booking and pre-travel process as stress-free and enjoyable as the actual holiday itself.

I can’t wait to speak to you and start planning your unforgettable holidays!


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Who Would You Want in Your Corner When a Holiday Goes Wrong?

06 December 2021

Picture the scene. You’re enjoying the trip of a lifetime. You’ve already spent time in Singapore and have now turned your attention to New Zealand. Today’s itinerary includes a spot of whale watching, after you’ve already enjoyed the sights of the TranzAlpine pass and Waimakariri River. Before long, you know it’ll be onwards to the fabled North Island, which will include seeing the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony and walking Bilbo’s footsteps into Hobbiton. And then SARS-CoV-2 arrives. The world closes. You’re stuck in a foreign country, 18,695km from home. Borders are shutting, flights are grounded, and the virus is running rampant. Unfortunately, this was exactly the situation that my clients found themselves in during the Spring of 2020. They had approached me because this is the kind of heavily researched, multi-centre trip that Travel Counsellors specialise in. Yet they were about to discover the true value of having a Travel Counsellor in your corner: the unrivalled, award-winning support of a true travel professional. And so, I did what I always do for my clients – I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Of course, in a situation as quickly evolving as Covid-19, this required every ounce of experience gained over the years as I liaised with the British Embassy, the airlines, and the local authorities on the other side of the globe. Ultimately, discussions with the Home Office resulted in spots on one of a handful of return flights for British citizens. Of course, in an ideal world, everything goes off without a snag. I adore the stories of bucket list trips achieved and hearing all about the moments that matter. Yet travel can sometimes be unpredictable, and those are the exactly the situations where I show my worth. I take as much stress out of the situation as possible and fight your battles for you, all with the security of complete, unparalleled financial protection to rely on. It’s now over a year since those events, and the pandemic pushes on. We have the glimmer of hope that is a return to the wider world as restrictions are lifted. However, the situation remains dynamic and ever changing. On top of the UK’s traffic light system, there are requirements on approved pre-departure and pre-return testing and developing FCO advice. And there are further specific conditions at the point of entry, which naturally vary from country to country. My clients don’t have to worry about any of that. They can focus on enjoying their trip, creating memories, and experiencing the sights, sounds and smells that this incredible world has to offer, knowing that just a phone call away, their dedicated Travel Counsellor sits ready to spring into action on their behalf. In their corner.

Travel Agent to Travel Concierge

14 May 2019

How did that happen? I was once a travel agent, I booked peoples dream holidays, I sorted their tickets and made sure they had the answer to any questions that came up. Sometimes we discussed excursions and extras but more often than not I was just a standard travel agent. Then I started to listen to what my clients really wanted, stress free, no hassle, just to travel. When planning these beautiful, wonderful holidays to far flung places, I began adding all the essentials plus all of the fun, exciting memorable trips they could add. Some of them book all, and others book none, but all of them know what options they have to add to there trips to make the holiday easy, unique, special and completely unforgettable. What extras can I add? Tours and trips that you haven’t yet thought off, from; swimming with dolphins to wine tasting and Segway tours (but not all on the same day!), car parking, lounge passes, insurance too and even the spa treatments and restaurant reservations for your holidays. I can sort it all without a second thought, so just hand me your holiday plans and let me begin to put together your dream trips, all you have to do is look over the details and give me the okay to book!

No hassle travelling

14 November 2018

We all dream about our perfect travel destination and where you choose will be a personal choice to you and your friends or family. I think one thing that’s a common desire for all of us is that we want our travel plans to run smoothly. This is where I can help; I take all the hassle and stress away by taking care of all the travel details, leaving you with just the one slightly stressful task of packing for you and your family (if I could help you I would!). No stress, no hassle, no worrying but instead pure enjoyment looking forward to your amazing destination. Right from the beginning you need to be able to trust your travel expert. I’ll earn your trust by providing various quotes, offering inspiring destination ideas and detailed information about where to stay and attractions to visit. You will feel looked after and relaxed knowing I’m taking care of all the planning to prepare the perfect holiday that everyone in your party will enjoy. I love getting to know your wants and needs to match your requirements but I also love to offer a wildcard option as I have extensive knowledge so may be able to find an idea that is perfect for you but you would not know to ask for! Now your holiday is booked, my service does not stop there. I will upload all of your travel information and documents to your MyTC App on your device so you’ll always have everything you need at your fingertips plus a direct contact to me on the app too. If you prefer a printed document pack I’m happy to provide that too so you can have the excitement of looking through all the details before you travel. It’s time to sit back and relax knowing you have Travel Counsellors’ unique financial protection plus you’ll feel protected too knowing every single part of your trip is in my safe hands. When it's time to travel, what more could you want, we have a 24-hour duty office should you need support, as well as my personal mobile number so I am always available to support you if you need me. I will have already emailed ahead to ensure your hotel is ready for your arrival too, so don't worry if you are arriving at a funny time of day they will be expecting you. So other than packing your cases, I can do everything else for you with a smile. I'll be here at the end of the phone, email or in person if you need me and I will always be willing to help with anything you need. You see that really is the personal Travel Counsellors way.

Family holiday to Tenerife

15 June 2017

Family holidays can be an amazing experience, but can be difficult to organise. Finding somewhere which is hot enough for the parents but not to hot that the children can't enjoy it can be hard. As a family we took our first visit to Tenerife this May, with temperatures of about 23/24 degrees daily it was perfect, there was also a lovely breeze most of the time so Skye didn't get to hot. We wondered what we would do with our trip, the answer was that we would have plenty to do, besides the obvious of relaxing around the pool or on the beach, whichever takes your preference you can happily spend your days exploring the island. Car Hire is a very affordable option in Tenerife with it costing us less than £10 a day to hire a small car. This allowed us to explore at our own pace and head to the attractions we wanted to see without relying on public transport. We visited the Jungle Park which was brilliant for Skye she was able to look and see all the animals whilst babbling away to herself, we were more than happy to have a nice steady wander round the park and see which animals were up and awake. I think a half day was more than enough there. The other animal park on the island is Loro Parque, we didn't visit as it is in the north of the island and we only had 7 days anyway. However from previous clients who have travelled to Tenerife they have definitely enjoyed their day there. We also had to choose which of the two water parks to visit, in the end we visited Aqualand, mainly because one of the locals told us this would be more baby friendly. We had a lovely day and there was plenty of splash pools for young children, maybe those slightly older and more stable on there feet than Skye. A word of warning if you are wanting to take young children all of the pools are salt water. We also went right to the top of Mount Teide and the views really are spectacular and probably even more so as the evening starts to draw in. I would definitely recommend it but remember as you go up to stop before the summit otherwise it is hard to work out where is the best place to pull up to view the scenery. Would we go back to Tenerife? Absolutely - it was an ideal place for some short haul sun! We could sit back and enjoy as there was no time difference at all, which meant no jetlag or shifting sleep patterns for children. If you'd like to soak up the sun in Tenerife, give me a call to discuss your next holiday!

Cape Verde - Boa Vista

09 January 2017

Last year we took our first Family holiday with Skye. When we were looking to book something we wanted an all out relaxing experience with a relatively short flight. Considering we were traveling at the end of November we knew we would need to go outside of Europe which gave us limited options. Eventually, we were down to two destinations Mexico and Cape Verde. We chose Cape Verde purely on the length of flight and also the fact that I had never been before and therefore it would be a new experience. We booked the Riu Touareg an all inclusive all singing all dancing hotel. Not our usual thing but for this trip, it was what we needed. With Skye being only 7 months old we didn't want any hassle or thoughts of where we were going to eat each night and this provided the perfect solution. On arrival at the hotel it was MASSIVE, I knew this before I went obviously but it was bigger than I thought it would be. The hotel rooms were very large we easily had enough room for a cot in the room as well as the table and chairs in the corner. The staff at the hotel were amazing, all of them paid lots of attention to Skye and she loved it. The food was good at each meal there were lots of meal options however they were often the same at lunch and dinner each day. Cape Verde itself was lovely we had 28degree weather and not a drop of rain for the whole of our stay. You could barely feel a breeze. The island itself has some activities such as offshore snorkeling and quad biking however If you wanted a more active holiday I would not recommend Cape Verde for you, or at least not this island. The island has a resort feel to it making it mainly for people who want to enjoy an all-inclusive resort. It has plenty of daytime activities which are run by the animation team and a children's club and area too. In the evening they put on a live show too. So if you are looking to head slightly further afield and like a good quality all-inclusive with great weather in our winter then this just may be the place for you.

A weekend in Rome

22 January 2016

A new year, a new city to visit. I would say it is going to be a pretty good year when within the first month you have already been somewhere new in the world! This January I was lucky enough to escape for a quick weekend away in the beautiful city of Rome. Let's start by saying Dom is not all that interested in Cities and prefers the quite life of the beach with a bit of Scuba diving, so this type of trip with him is a little different for us, that said he loved it and I think I have permission to do more city breaks in the future. It just goes to show that beautiful cities with stunning architecture, amazing food and a real rustic feel to them can change anyone's mind. We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel, Palazzo Manfredi, opposite the Colosseum, meaning that the view from Breakfast was simply amazing, and the food at breakfast was so fresh with lots of juicy fruits! I would have happily sat here for a few hours just watching the cars (they do drive slightly differently to us! A little crazy if you want to know!) So we spent the first day wandering finding and seeing the beautiful sites Rome has to offer including the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum & the Victor Emmanuel monument. It is pretty amazing to see how many cultural sites there are in one city. Unfortunately we did not have the time to go out to the Vatican as well. The city is big in itself and we walked 5-6 miles each day, with pit stops for coffees and hot chocolate, but the most amazing thing is that although it is big it does not feel it as many of the cities streets are so tiny & narrow and you see a very boutique, rustic area which is pretty and end up just wandering in and out of these gorgeous cobbled backstreets. The whole feel of Rome just takes you back to a less commercialised time and a more friendly style of living. My favourite thing about Rome was the food it is all so fresh and perfectly cooked we had some amazing meals, but we found that certain areas were better on the last day we went for lunch in the Piazza della Rotonda which is where the Pantheon is. It was the perfect place for a bit of people watching and some time to just relax too. Finally the shopping, it seems they know how to shop, there is something for everyone and we had great fun looking in all of the designer labels windows! If you want to shop head down the main street Via del Corso, but make sure to take a wander down Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina as these are the designer areas! So as you can tell we really enjoyed our time and I would recommend Rome as a city for everyone! I hope you've enjoyed the read.

Happiest Place on Earth

16 June 2015

Hi All, I have been to Florida, specifically Orlando 13 times, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite tips for your family holiday to Orlando. 1) Always buy your tickets before you go, the on the door price for a 1 day Disney ticket is now $97 in comparison to a 14 day Ultimate ticket in the UK which can be bought for around £300 per person. Not only this with the 14 day ticket you can jump from park to park on the same day if you wish. 2) Peak seasons (Christmas, Easter and October) mean long queues. To try and help yourself avoid this why not arrive as or just before the park opens, take a break during the middle of the day whilst it is hottest and head back in the evening for the shows and any rides you may have missed. 3) If you are travelling with children think about taking some glowsticks as all the children will have them at the night time parades, and if they don't I'm sure they will want them! 4) Pre-plan some of the more popular attractions. If you know what day you want to go to the parks why not use the my Disney Experience planner to plan in some of your favourite attractions, this is the same as the old fast pass system, but is something you can do before you even arrive. 5) Travelling with children? First time to Walt Disney World. A character breakfast is a must. You can pick from the originals, to the princesses or Winnie the Pooh Characters. It is a great way to meet a group of characters without a long queue in the sun! They are available at all of the parks and some of the resorts too so there are lots to choose from. 6) If you are travelling with a buggy, attach something that will make it instantly recognizable to you when you come out of an attraction, trust me there will be a lot of buggy's in the park, something bright will help draw your attention to it amongst all the other parents trying to find theirs. 7) Make sure you take a photo or copy of all your park tickets before you travel just incase they get lost. Then you have a copy with you so hopefully guest services will sort it out. 8) Pick up a park map of each of the parks you visit. Keep it safe and bring it home, when you get back you can make an amazing scrap book, and include all of the maps to remind you of your favourite attractions. 9) Walt Disney World is amazing, but there is also a lot more to Orlando and Florida than just that so if you want a day trip why not visit the Kennedy Space Centre or even head to a beach. You have also got the Universal and Sea World parks to explore too, if you can find the time. 10) And finally remember it is a holiday so make sure to relax whether that be a day by the pool or afternoon on one of the fabulous lazy rivers.

My Bucket List

03 June 2015

I wanted to write you a bucket list today of the next ten places on my must see list. Having just come back from the USA and having seen New York I can officially take that off my number 1 spot. I am sure it will take a little (or long) while to see all the places in my top 10 but here they are; 1) Rio de Janiero - I want to go to the carnival in Rio, I did a bit of work on an itinerary for a customer and ever since, I have wanted to go. Going during the carnival would be absolutely amazing. 2) Venice - I love this city it is so picturesque and beautiful. 3) Bali - This time I'm going big, It looks amazing and is definitely on my list for the amazing scuba diving you get out there, which is one of my holiday hobbies. 4) Monte Carlo - This trip was very nearly planned and booked a while back but we changed our minds and instead have nothing planned. I think for me the draw to Monte Carlo is the Grand Prix and seeing all the amazing yachts in the harbor. 5) Iceland - I really really really want to see the northern lights and would love to go around Christmas too. 6) Safari - Now this is one that I haven't done all that much research on but I would love to go to Africa and do a proper safari! I want to meet the Lions! 7) San Diego - I love the idea of this city it has everything Sun, Sand and entertainment such as Sea World and the Zoo what more can you ask for. 8) Santorini - A piece of heaven, and not even a long flight - even the pictures make me feel relaxed. 9) Rome - Who doesn't want to go to Rome, the food (mmm Pizza) the culture, I think it would be completely awe-inspiring and so different to our day to day lives. And last but not least - 10) Sydney - Obviously, as with most people I would love to go to Australia, I really want to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the whole country is a place than can offer so many different experiences too. Why not let me know what is at the top of your bucket list!

PitStop in New York

26 May 2015

I wanted to share with you what we did in our quick stopover in New York whilst touring the East Coast of America from Cape Cod to Philadelphia. What we did fit in in our one day in the City was not only amazing to see, but also considering the amount of time we were in the city a little bit crazy! We arrived in New York at about half ten in the morning and went straight to the W New York which is in Lower Manhattan close to the memorial site of 9/11. We did not actually stay in the hotel, but we did however have an amazing delicious lunch... Burger for me, and a tour of the hotel rooms, some have a view over the river which is really special especially considering the hotel is situated in the centre of lower Manhattan. After lunch and fully stuffed we headed off for a walking tour of wall street learning all about the rise and fall and also all about how it has changed from when it originally started to what it is now. From here we finished at the memorial site, it really is something that can't be explained. I don't think the magnitude of the events that took place that day can be fully realised until you have seen the memorial museum. I could have spent hours and hours in there taking in the details of the exhibits, it is completely heart-breaking and something everyone who visits the city should take a moment to see and reflect on. Unfortunately for us the One World Observatory has not been opened just yet it actually opens May 29th. Next on the to-do list was an evening boat trip to see the statue of liberty whilst the sun set. Isn't she incredible and to get to take pictures just in front of her as the sun sets is a definite must do! These are probably some of my favourite pictures of the whole trip! Not only the site of the statue of liberty, you also get to see the whole of Manhattan from the water which is just an incredible view. After an amazing meal at Fino Restaurant we decided to head to midtown and see Times Square. WOW, it's massive, the lights and everything, you see it in films and on the TV but it is still not what I expected at all. It is definitely something that needs to be seen to be believed... no street lights needed here! So at 1am when you think things should be quietening down, they are most definitely not, it really is the city that never sleeps. We headed to the Empire State building (tip the later you can go the better) there was no queue at all, and we headed up to see the Manhattan skyline in all its glory with the buildings lit up. A limo ride back to the Holiday Inn Lower Manhattan rounded off a manic day nicely, before a few hours sleep in a comfy bed ready for a trip on the Amtrak to Philadelphia... but more about that another time. So that is our quick tour of New York!

My customer stories

Sent by Jack Wilson

Fantastic service from Jade. This is the second time we’ve asked her to help her find the right holiday for us as she finds us exactly what we are looking for. Stress free as she sorts everything and any queries her response time is very quick before and after booking. Thanks Jade, we will definitely be using your services again. Jack & Leanna

Sent by Danae Larham

Jade Hawkins is excellent, I have already recommended her to several friends, family and colleagues.

Sent by Rachael Satchwell

Very knowledgeable, quick to reply and found a holiday which suited my requirement very quickly. Took the stress out of the booking a holiday!

Sent by KC Leyland

Jades the best! Gave us lots of options, listened to what we want and got us the best deal. We are so excited to go on our trip now and best part about it, we didn’t have to do any organising. Just turn up on the day!

Sent by Peter Crockford

I am so pleased I chose Jade to plan my recent trip to Peru . I can not imagine planning any more trips with out the very professional but personal service Jade delivers. From start to finish I was kept up to date with the ever changing rules and regulations which ensured my trip was the holiday It was intended to be.

Sent by Lorraine Pearce

Jade has been extremely helpful and kept us in the loop with our booking.

Sent by Kate Rimington

Helped with all my questions and requests. Made a normally stressful experience nice and easy.

Sent by Rebecca Inglis

Super quick response Friendly Easy!!

Sent by Valerie Faulconbridge

Jade was recommended to me as a Travel Consultant and she has been very helpful in getting our itinerary right on our upcoming tour of New Zealand.

Sent by Helen Riley

Extremely helpful, quick response, nothing too much trouble. Made booking my holiday for next year very simple & easy! Will definitely be using Jade again and have recommended her to a number of people already.

Sent by Nick Morley

This was the first summer holiday that we booked through Jade and I cannot say enough how impressed we were. Our family holiday on board the Princess Emerald and two nights in Rome were magical. Jade took care of all of the arrangements including: - flights at convenient times - all transfers to and from the airport to the ship/ hotel - high quality accommodation - all within our budget. It was the most stress free holiday that we have ever had and we will definitely be booking all future holidays through her! If you are looking for a well organised, high quality holiday, Jade is the person to go to.

Sent by Sharon McAnespie

Really lovely lady, super efficient nothing was to much trouble. Treated you like a person ,listening to our needs/ requirements. Made everything so easy, we will continue to use Jade for all our future holidays. And would definitely recommend her 100%

Sent by Paula Blake

Jade listens to what you want from a holiday and is always quick to respond. Jade understands budget constraints and gets the best she can within your budget to make it work.

Sent by Monika Todd

Great communication and service! Booking process was easy and straightforward. And the choices Jade have us initially were brilliant with one of those now booked.

Sent by Mark Oldrieve

Jade is incredibly helpful and removes all the strain from finding and booking a holiday.

Sent by Amanda Roulstone

Jade listened to what I needed and came up with the perfect solution in a very quick timespan. Excellent service.

Sent by Jeremy Broda

I very seldom give a perfect 10, but you are very close!

Sent by Paul Rogerson

Very helpful , and the network of travel counsellors particularly beneficial in sorting out booking challenges.

Sent by Gillian Sommers

Jade provides an excellent service. Very personal and extremely efficient. I have every confidence in Jade. Thank you.

Sent by Daniel Ellis

Jade is amazing, super efficient, very detailed and you feel really confident that she has your best interests at heart. I will never book another holiday without consulting Jade first, and I’ve told many friends and family already to seek Jade’s experience and recommendations when looking at their next break.

Sent by Susan Wilson

As always attention to detail and knowing her customer so well ensures that she knows exactly what accommodation and locations will suit me best.

Sent by Susan Frammingham

Jade was quick efficient and highly professional

Sent by Nicholas Morley

Superb service from start to finish. We will be using Jade every time we book a holiday!

Sent by Angela Allwood

Jade is extremely helpful, efficient and answers all my questions. I would highly recommend her to friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to book a holiday through her again!

Sent by Maxine Walker

Jade makes the booking of holidays, sometimes at very short notice, a breeze. She takes away the stress of searching for the best deals and always comes up with something great.

Sent by Andrew Wilson

Super friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help find every last piece of information you need for your trip

Sent by David Ohin

What I really appreciate is the fast replies as well as looking into additional extra information like visas. Excellent service! Well done!

Sent by Simon Cox

Amazing service and holidays made easy!

Sent by Lucy Stubley

Jade was really friendly and helpful, we are so excited for our honeymoon and it's made it a lot less stressful knowing we are in good hands!

Sent by Chris Ellum

Jade has been exceptional. It started as a trip for one person, that went to two, then three, then back to two, then up to three again. There were some issues along the way - of a guests making - which Jade helped to resolve very quickly. Tours were added, details were changed several times until we got it right for us. Jade kept good humour, her bright sunny disposition, her respect and politeness throughout. It is the first time I have used a Travel Counsellor and I will be sure to use Jade again for furture trips. I will be recommending her to my friends and family. Thank you so much Jade for being simply fantastic.

Sent by Christina Rogers

Absolutely fantastic, extremly polite, patient and so helpful! Jade makes booking holidays easy and stress free.

Sent by David Ohin

Jade was very patient and helpful focusing on the person more than just making her business. I was very impressed with her co-work and approach and certainly would consider Travel Counsellors again in the future. I ended up going with Travel Counsellors rather than with Thomas Cook because of the fast replies and the personal service. I didn’t feel I’m just another number in the queue. I would very much recommend Travel Counsellor especially with Jade.

Sent by Philip Adams

Jade has been most helpful. Looking forward to our holiday Jade has helped us plan. Would definitely recommend her to our friends and family.

Sent by Gregory Marsters

Excellent service as always. The only travel agent I use.

Sent by Gianni Bavetta

Jade was fantastic and so patient when helping us find hotels for our honeymoon, we had a very specific idea and with Jade's help was able to make it happen. Thank you :)

Sent by Alex Lane

Jade was of great help - have recommended her to a colleague as well.

Sent by Philip Tordoff

I have used Jade for several holidays and can highly recommend her services. With the multitude of travel companies and holiday options, having an expert to find the best deal is all the more important. I am short on time so having Jade to look through the options and present me with the most suitable ones is invaluable.

Sent by Marie Cook

First time I have booked with Jade but she proved to be very helpful and happily dealt with my copious requests!!

Sent by Danielle Whelan

You're a pleasure to deal with Jade!

Sent by Alex Fisher

Although we already knew what we wanted Jade was very accommodating in getting us the flights and accommodation at a very reasonable price. Jade has been very helpful and made booking our holiday a doddle.

Sent by Sue Scully

My husband and I would like to thank Jade for all her time, patience and care in putting together the most amazing itinerary. I'm sure it will be perfect and we're so looking forward to it. Once again thank you.

Sent by James Lawes

Jade has done a fantastic job with booking our honeymoon to the Maldives, she booked us a hotel at the airport and parking and all went well. The service she provides is excellent and I will be definitely booking my next holiday through her.

Sent by Rosie Foreman

I can't thank Jade enough for helping us find our perfect honeymoon! Nothing was too much trouble and she listened to exactly what we wanted while working to our budget. I will definitely book through her again!

Sent by Debbie Ross

Jade has helped us to book two lifetime trips, one to Lapland over New Year's with very specific requirements, the other an eight person multi centre trip with lots of tours and specific requests/requirements. Despite our constant mind changes, questions and date switches, she managed it with ultimate professionalism, courtesy and kindness. She's always on the end of the phone or email and nothing phased her at all. Standard of service - 5 star, and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of organising a small or huge trip. Thank you Jade

Sent by Melanie Smith

Jade was very professional in all aspects of our booking. She has extensive knowledge of the type of holiday we booked. She ensured we got exactly what we wanted. Very pleased with her service.

Sent by Pui Lee

Very prompt response, knowledgeable and personable. I have already recommended friends and family to Jade and will happily do so again.

Sent by Clare Johnson Smith

Thank you so much for the amazing personal service throughout. We have been blown away by your attention to detail with the reservation, tickets and travel vouchers, not to mention helping with the hiccup while away even though there was a +6 hour time difference, nothing has been too much trouble. Thank you so much for everything Jade - personal service above and beyond what we expected. :)

Sent by Charlotte Goodwin

100% she has been fab from start to finish! I have recommended her to everyone! I just hope the holiday is as good as she has been. Top service.

Sent by Tom Marsters

Excellent service.

Sent by Nicola Pepper

Efficient, helpful and friendly... What more could a beginner traveller ask for?!

Sent by Kirsty Gibson

Thank you very much for all your help! Me and my partner are so excited for Costa Rica! Excellent service the whole process!

Sent by Jo Hughes

Very pleased with everything. Efficient, helpful and patient but not pushy. l will recommend Jade in the future. She took the pressure off.

Sent by Gillian Tordoff

Jade was very patient and worked hard to find exactly what I was looking for within my budget.

Sent by Andy Masters

Thanks so much Jade, you have made choosing and arranging our honeymoon a joy. Recommend, absolutely. Thank you Jade. 5 Star!

Sent by Carol Rogers

Jade spent time getting the holiday just right. Jade was very patient, friendly and professional throughout.

Sent by Michelle Jude

Jade has been extremely helpful throughout the whole booking so far and answered any questions very promptly! Roll on May for our wedding now!! Thank you.

Sent by Joshua Adams

Jade works extremely hard to ensure she has happy customers, I could highly recommend her to anyone she answered all our questions and has helped us book our holiday of a lifetime, our honeymoon! Would definitely book through her again!

Sent by Paula Lawson

Jade was very attentive when listening to preferences in terms of locations, accommodation and board basis. This allowed us to book our ideal holiday with a minimum amount of deliberation.

Sent by Lauren Tyler

Thanks so much for your help booking our New York trip! I would highly recommend you to anyone with any future travel plans! Thanks again for your help and your amazing personal touches! I will be in contact soon with my next enquiry!